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How To Choose The Right Social Media Channel For Your Business

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Social Media Platforms have become a medium to connect with people around the world, People share their skills, interest, and information through it. It has also become a medium for brands to promote its business. With millions of people spending time on the internet every day, out of these 80% spend time on accessing social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It helps brands and its customers engage to an extent of resolving customer queries through social media. If you are a business owner and you want to promote your business online then think for the scope you have to promote your business using social media channel, According to the survey compare to outbound marketing, people earn more revenue through social media promotions these days. Social Media has the higher leads compare to outbound marketing.

social mediaWith so many options available , it is difficult to Choose a Right channel, You tend to get confuse as you know that it is utmost important for you to select the right social media channels for your business to boost your business to a great extent, increase the brand visibility, brand awareness and brand engagements. So here is an answer for all your doubts which will tell you how to choose the right social media channel for your business and creating your own strategy.

First and foremost step in doing this is to ask these questions to you:

What is your Business Type?

What is the business about, is it e-commerce, Education Industry, Retail Manufacturing company? According to your Business Type you can choose your social media channel, for example if your company is dealing with B2B, then you might think of creating your profile on LinkedIn to publish relevant content. If your company is dealing with B2C then you might think of promoting brand in broad way by creating your profile on Facebook or Twitter. If you have an product image to display then you might choose to create a profile on Pinterest or Instagram which are the good platform for product image uploads and display in good quality resolution. If you want to list your business than Google Plus is a good option.

Which Social Media Channel will help you in achieving your Business goal?

social media businessLike each individual is different, with it own attributes and strength, each Social Media channel is different in terms of providing you the utilities and resources for achieving your business goals. So first decide on your main objective for promoting on social sites and study what resources are available in the social sites which will be useful for my business. Using which social media channel will help in accomplishing your business marketing goal.  Once you are clear with these two points then only proceed to the next steps.

How you can decide on Resources which Social Media channel will provide you?

Always take into consideration of what social media channel offer in terms of your Audiences and competitors.It is very important to know before publishing any content to social media channels that you are targeting the right set of audiences. Target right kind of customers is the key to get the sure shot success in marketing your brands in social media channels. Before choosing the social media channels you need to do your homework in terms of defining on which social media channel will you get your audiences, where your customers are, who is your competitor on Social channel and where are they. To find out these insights you have to do research in the terms of demographics like age, gender, location, interest and even their online behaviours. Most of the Social media channels will provide you this type of insights, so before signing on any of your account, do a research and survey so that you can get valuable information to target your potential customers.

Quality Matters and not the quantity on social media channel

Before creating social media channels keep in mind that it is not necessary to create an account on all the social media channels it is OK even if you create one or two accounts but keep in mind for the following things to be taken into consideration that is you publish a quality and interesting post, post often.

Dedicate Resources and Time for your Social Media Channel

Once you have chosen your Social Media channel, it is important to dedicate a resource that will manage your social media accounts and manage it effectively. Should have a fair knowledge of utilising best from the social media channel provides and apply it for its companies marketing strategy. Also if you don’t have enough time to be on social media channels keep in mind that you create account on  only one or two social media channels which is the most relevant to your business and keep the account lively.

Now the final step is to work on the strategy to follow on promoting on social media channel should be:

Social Media presenceMaintain your Social Media Presence

Your resource should be someone who is friendly and good at engaging the customers frequently. Maintain your social media presence in such a way that you engage your customers such that your online presence is felt all the time. Decide on engagement metrics Decide on the type of content you will post, and highlight in your calendar the important date to publish it. In short it will be like you need to decide in terms of percentage you want to increase a share of your content on social media channels, you need to then decide on various tactics you should apply to promote, market and schedule your post. One example – If you own a Jewellery shop and If there is a marriage season then there is probability that people might be interested in buying jewellery more and a great marketing tactics can boost your business, hence you need to work your promotional offer, design a content for that and schedule to publish it on a right time. You should also design variety of contents like blog post, new products arrival, informative posts relevant to your business, thought of the day etc. and decide a plan to publish these types of post and publish in variation, don’t post the same type of post. It is good tactic if you keep a ratio of 80% of informative post and only 20% of promotional post. In this way you will be able to engage more and also you will have content to share frequently, people will always see you online on your social media channels and your presence will be felt among your audience.

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      Thank You for sharing information about how to choose right social media,I have read Your blog ,I plan to use my Social Media platforms.

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        Hi Manoj, Thanks for your feedback. I am delighted to know that my blog is helping you in your social media.

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