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How to Effectively Market through Social Media

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Small businesses are in a do or die situation due to the power and solicitation given to social media in today’s world. This power is due to the extent of social media- millions and millions users- and the ability to communicate with that many people! You need to get to all of these people to market your business. Some facts about the social platforms include the following:

  • The number of users has reached a billion who actively use it on monthly basis.
  • Every hour “adds” and “shares” estimated five million photographs on Instagram.
  • Twitter is accessed by an estimated “half million” people every month.
  • Every hour provides an addition of video of three thousand hours to You Tube.
  • Each day the “Plus One” button on Google+ receives two billion and over clicks.

Although most of the “Fortune 500” companies are making full use of this platform, its use is not restricted to these companies only. Any small or big company can access this marketing strategy. However, you cannot expect this marketing strategy to give instant results. It takes proper planning and strategy to execute the plans effectively. It is not a button which you can push to have all the clothes in your store sold out!

The Right Start:

It is no doubt true that not all businesses are suitably placed. For your company, you must be able to find out how to use the social media efficiently. List out your goals. Plan it out instead of randomly signing up on any social website, awaiting consequences.

Some of the points which you must remember include:

  • Is your company willing to provide “customer support” through the social platform?
  • Is it your intention to drive “traffic” to any particular store?
  • Is it your intention to give direction to the “traffic” to any particular blog?
  • Is your company willing to provide products and services through the social website directly?
  • Do you have any intention of increasing the number of subscribers through giveaways and contests?

Do not forget to look at the strategies keeping the audience perspective on mind.

  • Is there any interaction between the audience and the brands/businesses on the website?
  • The number of website users.
  • What content of the site which is normally shared and what you are willing to provide to the audience?

The Most Effective Social Media to Kick Start:

Choose either one or two websites which you think will suit your business types. You must know that one social platform with following is a much better option than signing up on each and every social site without experiencing actual results. In case you have no idea how to begin, the following ideas might be helpful.

  • Competitive Sites- Do your homework on what platforms your competitors use. Which social media is providing them more interactions and followers? Take such sites into consideration while building your social platform.
  • Sourcing it- The second option which is more effective is to reach out to the source directly. Conduct a poll to find out from the audience the social platform they access mostly or the social site they would prefer to have you visible for news and ads (on discounts and offers).

How to Plan Campaigns:

The first thing you have to do while planning any campaign is to make a schedule. In case you do not take up the responsibility personally, assign the work to someone who has a fairly good idea of how to go about the entire process which would include having knowledge about the posting schedule as well as rules and regulations.

Your representative must also have the ability to understand the user’s mentality-whether they are formal, professional, informal or chatty. Find out if the user prefers more businesslike or professional tone online. The rep should also have the patience to deal with unpleasant comments and negative remarks. All of this will contribute to more benefit for the company.

Also, you need to have knowledge of the contest of the post and the time in which they will be posted. Plan in advance what promotions or contests you will be running. Keep a close watch on how your social media approach is working and change as soon as you know it is not effective.

Tools for Monitoring Social Media:

  • Google Analytics- for measuring “social media conversions”
  • Insight (for Facebook)
  • Sendible
  • MySEOTool- integrating “social media channels” with Google Analytics to provide a single platform for monitoring.
  • ViralHeat- to find out if specific products/campaigns or actions are working efficiently.
  • Refollow- this tool gauges Twitter relationship.
  • SproutSocial


It could be that your present strategies are not exactly working for your existing social media marketing. You might have to reexamine from grass root level as to where the problem lies. Most importantly, you need to find out if you actually have picked the right business and if you are pursuing the right track. Once you know what you want, it will be much easier to implement proper strategies to help in the growth of your company.

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