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How to identify a good email list?

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Even with several inbound outlets at disposal, email marketing has always been an important component of a solid marketing strategy. It is the most preferred marketing tool when you want to communicate with individuals about your products, services and offers, and generate the right business leads.

But in order to organise a successful email campaign, it is necessary to ensure that you send emails only to the right people. The quality of your leads is equally important as the quantity.

Here are some of the ways to ensure that your emails are being received by people who are actually interested in them:

Do not buy or rent email lists
Purchasing or renting email lists from a third party provider is always tempting when you want to grow your email list quickly. But renting and purchasing lists comes with several risks as they are somewhat expensive and mostly comprise of false email addresses that are undeliverable.

Customers who open your emails
Have you wondered how many people on your list haven’t opened you emails since months? A high number of inactive users negatively impact your email reputation scores from the ISPs.
In order to encourage high open and click-through rates and ensure fewer spam complaints, remove all erroneous emails and send content that is more engaging. Try to re-engage inactive users by sending them a special message and offering discounts or coupons.

Customers who make purchases
Customers who purchase your goods and services are more valuable than those who just visit your websites but don’t undertake any transactions. They are the ones who love your products and services and read your emails. Providing such customers an opportunity to opt-in to your email program will help you build a high performing email list.

Use social media
Another way to grow your email list is to combine your email communication with your social media activities. Write interesting and catchy blogs, invite people to comment and get them involved. Find out the most popular sites and interact with people, sell your products and services and expand your reach. Pair social media with an email list to turn your fans and followers into new subscribers.

Building a quality email list helps you to develop a marketing channel to reach out to your current and potential customers with targeted messages. Developing a solid email lead recruitment process provides your company additional revenue opportunities and enhances your overall valuation.

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