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How to increase your email subscribers list?

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Email subscribers are considered to be the lifeline of online business and each business integrate their own ideas on how to increase this list. Studies have shown that case studies, white papers, free eBooks are considered to be the reasons for increasing subscribers. However, if you are looking for extremely good conversion rates, it is important for you to look a bit deeper at the minds of these subscribers.

It is important for you to research on things that can attract them to provide their email address to a stranger from whom they are expecting to receive future emails. Today in this blog post, we will understand some important factors that can help you to get into the heads of your potential email subscribers.

Traffic is certainly an important aspect for online businesses, but at the same time if you are not able to convert that traffic, it would be of no use for your business. Therefore, your focus should also be on getting sign-ups rather than concentrating on the traffic that you receive.

Move in a balanced manner and do not get obsessed with just capturing email addresses of people and think about factors that can help you to grow your existing list.

Mindset of email subscriber

Have you ever thought to understand that what exactly goes on a person’s mind before signing up for something they have been asked to?

More importantly what can be the logics or emotions that prevent them from signing up?

Therefore, it is important for you to understand the mindset of the subscriber. Some things that you need to know are:

Create reasons for subscribers to sign-up

When a person lands up on your website or the blog page, before they think about handing over their email address they think whether they are doing or alone or others would have also followed a similar procedure. This phenomenon is usually termed as social proof and is considered to be a very powerful tool.

Therefore, some of the organizations also mention the number of subscribers to their blogs, which simply encourages the potential buyers to sign up. However, chances might be that you do not have a good number to display. Well, in that case you can use testimonials in the sign up area, show exclusivity that how signing up can make them a part of exclusive community or even make use of social media to show them the content that you have for them in future.

Face objections head-on

Whenever a person is faced to make decision in life, their brain cells usually starts calculating messages on whether or not this can be a course of action for them.

If they find something irrelevant or confusing, chances are that they might not proceed. So, what do you think are the kind of messages that cause email subscriber’s brain cells to fire off those messages?

Some of them could be:

  • Worries that their email address would be sold to spammers
  • Messages are not in line with what was originally promised
  • Looking at the complications involved in unsubscribing.

If you interested in converting your visitors to subscribers, you will have to give them reasons and encourage them to sign up. Moreover, addressing their concerns will make these visitors happy and convinced.

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