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How To Increase Your Facebook Pages Likes?

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Facebook is a trend in digital world which many of us follow. Most of us are quite acquainted with it. This social media platform has made us virtual beings. We do make sure to share our opinions and thoughts in form of status or post. We show are agreement and disagreement in the form of like and unlike. Tagging near and dear ones in our photos is a ritual we religiously follow on Facebook. Most of us are quite familiar with the importance of Facebook in this internet era. Facebook has made us virtually social. It’s important to understand the format and importance of a platform before using it for our required purpose. While applying social media marketing strategies one can’t just ignore the importance of Facebook in marketing, in creating fan base and in advancing business.  How to understand that our purpose of being on Facebook is served? Well through comments and likes on our page. Attracting as much as audiences towards our page not only this but keeping them engaged on our page.

Here are five fundamental strategies in attracting audiences to our Facebook page.

Strategy no 1: Recognize your respective audience.

  • It’s important to understand our audience, what they are looking for because understanding their need can easily cater our need.
  • People connect to people not brands
  • Understanding audience by connecting with them, Yes connecting with them by introducing yourself to them.
  • Let your audience know you as a person not just a brand.
  • Create personalized images and write a brief intro about yourself and your business. Introduce yourself to your audience for better communication

 Strategy no 2: Ask for audience opinions/conduct polls.

  • Involve your audience. Ask their suggestions. Try to be visual and simple here.
  • Involving them, will keep them engage.
  • It would be communication between you and your respective audience.

 Strategy no 3: Have a fan of the week every week.

  • Non-expensive idea would be having a follower as fan of the week for your respective Facebook page.
  • Add a term that fan of the week is supposed to hit most likes and comment as well.
  • In return you reward them by making them fan of the week for the page. Write about them on your page. Put their picture. Make them feel famous on your page.

Strategy no 4: Keep updating your status and keep on sharing posts.

  • Try to be active as much as possible in updating status and posts. Show your audience that you are quite well aware of what’s going on the page.
  • Write about trending topics. Share news or tips on the about particular tending stuff.
  • Once again try involving them.

 Strategy no 5: Be more visual than usual.

  • Add more of visual stuff related to your topic. Add videos and images. Even adding caption to your images can be more of descriptive in nature.
  • Add infographics they are efficient in conveying messages.
  • Just don’t be visual about your business but also your personal life too. Share your pictures, visual aid about your hobbies also.


Webination station is such a page on Facebook which applied these core strategies for audience engagement and they were able to achieve their aim on Facebook. Webination station used opinion poll and more visual than usual strategy. Webination station conducted opinion poll regarding their logo and replying format for poll was really simple. In context to visual they added image of the admin with a caption on it. This strategy helped them connect with audience. Please watch the video for in-depth content.

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    • 4 years ago

      Akshay Mangla   /   Reply

      I Really Appreciate This Point:

      Strategy no 4: Keep updating your status and keep on sharing posts

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks for appreciating!

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