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Much of time and energy is spent attracting new customers. Brand awareness has to be increased, new connection have to be made and new customers have to be wooed to increase one’s sales. On the other hand it is also important to keep old customers happy and satisfied. But how to turn new customers into regular customers?

Here are some tips to so

  • Exclusive discounts should be offered

By offering special discounts to the customers encourages repetition in the business. By doing so the customers feel appreciated and it encourages the customer to continue the purchase with that same company. Special offers may include higher discounts, early access to sales prices and special attention in some way. Thus by these ways a customer feels that his loyalty is being valued and they feel acknowledged.

  • A mailing list should be started

This is a very good way to reach out to the customers again and again. Email list is a boon to small businessmen to be in touch with their customers either past or new. An email list can be used to update customers about various discounts being offered, about various promotions and events to get them back to the store and to share their business stories with their customers. Email marketing helps to create a personal and intimate rapport with the customers. This method shows that the customer really trust the brand and wants to be in relationship with that brand in future also.

  • Compelling experience should be created

Customers buy an item based on the brand as well as on experience. If a brand or a company wants the customers to back to their store and to keep running their business, they should create a fabulous experience for the customers. Some business owner do so by sending handwritten notes to their customers thanking them for making a purchase from their store while some handover small gifts. Some tend to create best experience while the customer is still shopping at their store. Thus this creates a remark on customer’s mind whether to shop from that brand in future again.

  • Return shopping discounts should be offered

Offering return shopping discounts to the customer can in way make customers look back to the store again for shopping. This can be done either by offering them discount coupons with their first purchase or can mail them their discount coupons two three weeks after their purchase. This method gives customers one more reason to shop again from that brand and thus they become repeat customers. But here one more thing should be taken care of by the company that the discounts offered to the customers should be sizable and unique, so that customers have a reason to use the coupons to shop again.

Thus by following some of the above tips one can turn new customers into regular customers.


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