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How To Use Facebook Power Editor Tool

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Power Editor on Facebook:

Power Editor is an advanced tool that helps businesses efficiently manage multiple campaigns and advertisements on Facebook. One can create, edit, manage and optimize advertisements and campaigns in a huge amount across a large number of different advertisement accounts. Power Editor is a tool designed for large number of advertisers who need to create lots of advertisements at once and have definite control of their campaigns. To access Power Editor, we need to go to in the Chrome browser on a desktop computer or a laptop which is easier to access. To avoid creating hundreds of advertisements at scale, advertisement creation is recommended for using.



The advertisements will then be available to view from the Advertisement Manager. If one needs to make any changes to the features that are only available in Power Editor, one will have to re-download the advertisements, make the relevant changes and upload them again. However, if the change is something which one can adjust from the Advertisement Manager, one should feel free to adjust it there.

Advantages of using Power Editor:

Power Editor has a lot of interesting features. One of its benefits is that new features are added here first before they are transferred to the Ads Manager area, so one has early access to all of the coolest toys.

Here are some of the other benefits of setting up ads with Power Editor:

Running ads on a time zone in an independent schedule

If from prior it is known that the audience is only on Facebook at certain point of time on a particular day, improvement of ad performances by showing the ads on those specific local times.

av-ad-schedulingWhen a particular budget has been chosen, and has been scheduled in the ad set area, one can pick the number of times an ad can run in any time zone.

Controlled placement of ad

Usually recommended in case if one is an application developer. During these times, controlling the placement of the ads can be very useful because one can advertise to the people on the right mobile device. One can also choose to only show their ad to mobile devices when they’re connected to WiFi.


Better Optimization

In Power Editor we can optimize our ad for the same things available in the Ads Manager such as clicks, post engagement (depending on whether we are doing a boosted post ad) or impressions. But we can also select daily unique reach, which allows us to bid on impressions (bid per 1,000 people who gets to see our ad), but limits their views to once per day.av-optimization

Bulk Uploading

One who is running a lot of ads may be interested in the bulk uploading feature. It allows to upload excel spreadsheet of the ads and download them incase any edit is required.


Running of unpublished posts

An unpublished post looks similar to a regular page post in which it has longer text, but it also includes a call-to-action button and one can control what the link looks like.


Creating a campaign

Facebook ads consists of three elements: campaign, ad set and ad. The campaign is where we set the objective of the ad such as page post engagement or website clicks. The ad set is where we select the targeting, budget and schedule for the ad. And the ad is where we have the image and text for the ads.

Here are the instructions for creating an ad in Power Editor.

Name the Campaign, Ad Set and Ad.

Click the + symbol on the left side of the page to create a new ad.


In case of an existing campaign or ad set


Designing the ad

Design area solely depends on the objectives chosen for the campaign. It should be kept in mind that until everything gets over, errors will be seen.


Editing Ad set

Editing of Ad set can be done in the following ways :-

  • Budget and schedule for the ad.
  • Bidding for the ad (optimization and pricing).
  • Target audience.
  • Ad placement.
Upload the  Campaign, Ad Set and Ad

Now that the campaign, ad set and ad are complete and one can click the green Upload Changes button to send their ad in for review. If the ad passes Facebook’s review, he or she’ll get a notification that “your ad has been approved and it will either begin running right away or be set to run according to the schedule you configured”. 

When we click Upload Changes, we’ll get an upload preview to make sure we know exactly what’s being sent to the Ads Manager. We’ll receive an upload confirmation notification as well.


Access the Power Editor Ads

Power Editor is used only in the creation or editing phase of our ads. Once we’ve uploaded the Power Editor ads, we can access them and make changes to them from the Ads Manager. We also access the report information from the Ads Manager area.

Image Credits : blog.exilio, socialmediaexaminer

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