Top Industries Generating high ROI with Digital Marketing

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Businesses make hundreds of decisions every day and digital marketing for industries influences most of them, either consciously or unconsciously.

In today’s time, we cannot deny the power of Digital Marketing in industries, converting the most ROI.

As per statistics, around 92% of consumers report that they trust digital media and word of mouth on different digital channels above all other forms of advertising. In addition, digital marketing helps to build relationships, channelize marketing campaigns, optimize online branding, target customers, measure effectiveness of each online marketing campaign, and hence, let industries be more target-oriented and reap more profits.

How Digital Marketing empowers Industries

Gone are the times of traditional marketing methods comprising face-to-face interactions via conventional media channels. Rather, interaction and outreach through email and other digital communities are currently significant to the success of industry’s marketing endeavors.

It’s an ‘adjust or pass on’ kind of circumstance, and that is why, most of the industries have adjusted and taken care of their businesses for these new digital advertising channels. As per a current review by Smart Insights, 80+ percent of industries have a characterized procedure for advanced digital marketing.

As buyers, all of us have been the objective of such digital marketing efforts. Our mailboxes are filled day by day with messages from organizations, and our web-based social networking channels are peppered with photographs and recordings urging us to attempt the items and administrations of organizations we either follow or have some kinds of longing to follow or use. Digital Marketing for industry helps industry professionals know their target audiences and hence they understand our liking and disliking- And then they target us accordingly.

In such booming prevalence of Digital Marketing in Industries, the central issue that looms is-

  • Is Digital Marketing worth it?
  • Are industries getting a noticeable ROI from their digital marketing endeavors? – The numbers say yes, as most of the industries are seeing in any event $8 in income for each $1 spent on digital marketing campaigns. However, the ROI on Digital Marketing is more for a few industries than for others. Let’s delve into those industries-

Here are 10 businesses that are getting high ROI from their digital marketing endeavors

10 Top Industries using Digital Marketing

  1. Law Industry

  • It may seem a bit surprising but it is true that Law Industry is using digital marketing campaigns quite successfully and topping the charts of industries using digital marketing. As indicated by Greentarget’s State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey, 1 in 4 law offices has a well targeted content marketing system.
  • Law offices are emerging more powerfully  in blogging. Law Experts are smart people who spend significant time in communication. In particular, they’re great at clarifying how the law functions and how to manipulate your way through a contention. On their individual firms’ web journals, on LinkedIn, and on popular sites like Medium and Huffington Post, these lawyers are composing useful blog entries on different legal matters and topics.
  • Individuals who seek information on legal matters discover them and read such blogs, and thus such legal firms pick up their customers. It’s a methodology that gives a strong ROI in light of the fact that, for these law offices, they’re not contributing lots of money, yet they’re receiving good ROI- thanks to conversion oriented digital marketing for industries.
  1. Marketing Industry

  • Fundamentally, everything an industry does via web-based networking media to interface with clients is a type of digital marketing. Consequently, it follows that the marketing industry would be more capable at utilizing digital network of their target audiences and potential buyers via digital frameworks.
  • Different channels of digital marketing offer variety of marketing tactics that help marketing industry reap great profits. As you most likely know, video advertising has rapidly turned out to be one of the most astounding types of online networking content and more than 60 percent of advertisers are as of now utilizing it.
  • According to stats:
  • 95+ % of marketers utilize social media marketing to market their products and services
  • 90+ % of marketers trust online networking is imperative to their industry
  • More than 80 percent of marketers have blended digital marketing for Industry along with their traditional marketing exercises.
  1. Health Industry

  • Whenever we have a question about our well being or an health issue, what’s the main thing we do? – We look at online health portals to find valuable information.
  • As per the Pew Research Center’s Health Online 2013 study, 77 percent internet users go online and check for solutions that can resolve their health related problems.
  • While specialists are unmistakably still a critical part of the medical system, the plain truth is that they’re not the primary spot individuals go to get to know the health information. That is the reason a digital marketing approach for health industry is so essential.
  • A decent site befitting for digital marketing for health industry, a strong web-based social networking, simple to understand infographics and health-related information that has been advanced for SEO all make a decent impression and acquire more number of patients.
  • To know more about how health industry uses Digital Marketing, read our post- Why SEO for Doctors is important to improve their Practice

  1. Retail Industry

  • The retail industry will dependably be close to the highest point of the top industries using Digital Marketing.
  • Bigger retail industries – like Reliance Fresh, Fabindia, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd– are for sure quite effective in using digital marketing for retail industry, however it’s more fascinating to watch small retailers succeed, as well.
  • The greatest advantages for these industries incorporate having the capacity to get input on new items and settle customer complaints before they end up being a major issue.
  • India Retailing is a main site for data, examination, analysis and news on Retail Business in India and Indian Retail Industry.

  • India Retailing is an initiative of Images Groups, and as one of the top rated digital marketing platforms for retail-industry, company says-

 “Images Groups is a retail intelligence organization that is trusted globally as the catalyst for profitable growth of modern Indian retail through knowledge platform leadership. Headquartered in New Delhi, it has offices across Indian metro’s and the Middle East. It is a unique knowledge platform that provides suppliers, investors, and retailers with critical insights that create competitive advantage.”

  1. Automobile Industry

  • Marketing has dependably been an immensely critical part of automotive industries. From TV ads, magazine ads to daily paper promotions, all have been the powerful ways of promoting automobile companies. Of late, digital marketing has turned out to be one of the automotive industries’ most imperative channels for achieving potential clients and converting them.
  • According to eMarketer, monetary expenditure on promoting in conventional media by major automotive companies is taking after a descending pattern, while spending on digital marketing is expanding each year. Truth be told, from 2016 to 2017, it climbed right around 35 percent.
  • An essential purpose behind this development is that digital marketing enables automakers to tailor-fit the marketing strategies for target audiences of particular demographics – on account of personal information collected via different analytical tools of digital marketing.
  • By using digital marketing for automobile industry, automakers are conveying the advertising directly to their potential buyers instead of waiting for prospects to come to their advertisements.

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  1. Education and Training Industry

  • One of the most astounding industries using digital marketing is education and training.
  • Different social media channels like Facebook let students, instructors, institutions, trainers and consultants interact with each other in ways that were never conceivable before.
  • Universities and schools, specifically, have aced the utilization of digital marketing. Many of them utilize organic and paid publicizing on digital channels to reinforce the participation of students in different academic programs.
  • Same colleges utilize social media platforms as stages for publicizing on-going occasions, new educational modules, and so on. After graduation, these web-based social networking has also become an instrument of alumni fundraising.
  • Truth be told, another review demonstrates that 57 percent of schools utilized online networking as a key part of their fundraising events.

“We’re seeing a steady growth in the use of social media by practitioners who work in educational advancements, especially fundraising and alumni relations, who see these tools as increasingly important to their work.” -William Walker, the interim VP of Advancement Resources for CASE

  1. Entertainment Industry

  • Digital Media has turned into the best place for entertainment industry to share a wide range of data and related information such as- teasers, trailers, photographs, behind the scenes, and live recordings. In addition, digital channels are the places where marketers plant thoughts in the heads of the followers e.g. be ready to DVR this show, go see this film, review movie online and educate your companions how much you enjoyed the movie.
  • Digital channels provide a platform where personal data of your followers are easily available which is further combined with analytics to advertise particular entertainment item to specific target audiences. ROI for entertainment organizations using digital marketing is higher than with conventional media.
  • As indicated by a current announcement on TrackMaven- “this is all thanks to improved engagement with fans, better segmentation of the market and improved marketing metrics for retargeting specific demographics”.
  • Cinemaholic is one of the best entertainment industry blogs, and according to its Founder & Editor in Chief Gautam Anand– “The Cinemaholic is one of the web’s fastest growing entertainment websites. We cover cinema.. but with a difference. We make lists, review movies, express opinions like most other entertainment websites out there, but what separates us from them is that we cover cinema as a way of life.”
  • He further adds, “So, on The Cinemaholic, you will also find tips for better movie-viewing experience and explanation of the nuances of filmmaking. Our team of die-hard cinema lovers (“cinemaholics”) make sure that you get the most engaging and informative content from the world of cinema. In a nutshell, The Cinemaholic is the place to be for everything you ever need to know about cinema.
  1. Food and Restaurant Industry

  • We have a genuine enthusiastic association with the food we adore, and that is why food and restaurant industry is prominently using digital channels to let people know how they can get their best food at best prices in the most convenient manner possible. Food and restaurant industry professionals have responded enthusiastically to these digital channels with picture loaded online networking campaigns containing huge amounts of emotional connection that enhances customer engagement.

“The food industry is no longer dependent on boring recipe cards, or words in a book. Consumers now go online, they check out social feeds and watch amazing videos that share in just a few seconds how to prepare almost anything you can imagine.” said Mat Siltala, President of Avalaunch Media.


  • Digital Marketing strategies enable clients to be attracted as they are made to feel that the organizations really think about their eating inclinations, and the outcomes are really noteworthy.
  • There are substantial numbers of restaurants that run profoundly effective web-based social networking profiles and conversion-oriented websites. Actually, a current study recommends that more than 8 out of 10 restaurants either as of now utilize online networking or plan on utilizing it as a key marketing tactics.
  • Restaurants utilizing social media marketing are concentrating on making viral campaigns by using visually attractive posts. The real advantage for these restaurant owners is that they can rapidly construct a positive branding with a huge popularity within a few days, something that otherwise may take months or years.

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  1. Fashion Industry

  • Digital Marketing channels are amazingly profitable assets for the fashion industry in view of the quick speed at which content goes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other digital platforms . New fashion trends and styles can be shared to a huge number of individuals in a fraction of seconds.
  • The best fashion brands via web-based networking media are the ones that have aced the task of making visually appealing pictures that develop an emotional connection with clients to resonate a favorable response from the clients.
  • Fashion brands observe social media marketing to be an intense research instrument. They utilize it to discover what styles their target audiences appreciate and what they’re wearing.
  • About her online portal for fashion industry, Delhi-based Anshita Juneja, editor and founder of the blog ‘Vanity No Apologies’ says-

“Vanity No Apologies is not just a beauty website but a global reference and resource for beauty enthusiasts featuring in-depth reviews, beauty news, photos, DIYs, tutorials, beauty tips along with popular features such as Top 10 and Indian Bridal Diaries. After more than five years online, VNA is still going strong! Now one of the most respected and awarded beauty blogs in India, it’s a fixture in the niche, receiving more than 800,000 visits/month. On top of everything else, you’ll find a vibrant community and some of the nicest people online.”

  1. Real Estate Industry

  • Real Estate industry is the last one in my list of industries using digital marketing. Brokers, Specialists, Agents, developers, engineers, and property dealers all use digital network to get their properties before their prospects. Digital marketing for real estate industry seems more profitable than traditional marketing methods.
  • Real Estate Marketers can utilize Facebook to make exceptionally focused ads, or can request companions to share properties on their profiles. This is a simple approach to get individuals discuss about your listings and properties. Facebook is right now the most favorable web-based social networking stage for real estate marketing, yet Instagram could also be effectively utilized.
  • The real estate industry in India has sufficiently developed where purchasers are doing broad research online before really making their final decision. In addition, purchasers in the market are scanning for the property dealers and brokers on the web, which make the digital marketing considerably more lucrative for real estate industry.
  • is an online real estate portal that was established in 2006 to make the process of buying and selling properties easier.  Founded by Ganesh Vasudevan, says-

 “Founded in 2006, with the objective of simplifying property buying & selling, is India’s No.1 property portal. We help: 1. Property seekers discover properties & make an informed choice through a wealth of market information. 2. Property sellers by making property selling online simple, fast & easy through innovative marketing solutions”

  • Online portals of real estate companies include interesting blogs that cover the latest trends in the real estate industry, interesting interior décor tips and city-centric real estate information. For instance, cities covered by the are Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Nagpur and so on.


On the concluding note, I’d like to say that Digital Marketing alleviates the process of targeting potential customers and converting them into loyal customers.

DM also helps you know, measure and optimize efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

I hope aforestated details of top industries using digital marketing will let you understand the real potential of digital marketing in today’s time. In case you wish to know best digital marketing tips for any particular industry- Feel free to ask us in comments.

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