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Instagram Introduces Layout App, Fits Ideal For Social Media Marketers

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Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platform for sharing the pictures and videos. Within merely a shirt span of 5 years of its existence, this social media sharing platform has gain popularity amongst the masses at large, immensely.  instagram-logo

Until now, this social media sharing platform was catering to the needs of the individuals for building and enhancing their social networks merely for their personal connections. However quite recently, Instagram has introduced a new app by the name “Layout” that will easily enable the users to create persuasive photo collages, thus enabling the social media marketers to reap the benefits of the same. Interestingly, biggies such as GE and Victoria’s Secret are amongst the names that have already began to reap the benefits of this latest tool put forth by Instagram.

Here is a screenshot of Victoria Secret’s Instagram page that leveraged upon the new ‘Layout’ app.


According to Instagram, one in five active users have experimented with this photo collage application at least once. Hence, it was clearly evident from company’s perspective that Layout app for iOS shall be released undoubtedly! The beauty of this app is that it is pretty easy to create photos collages and then share them on Instagram.

Although, Layout is a fresh entrant in the league, but it is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, such that the user shall feel extremely familiar when it comes to its usage. Layout’s Photo Booth feature allows you to take up to four selfies in a row and then enable you to align the position in the collages. It is fun feature for the selfie maniacs.

After installing Layout and giving it access to your Camera Roll, you see your pictures all lined up, ready for collaging. Three buttons are available for organizing Camera Roll images: “All,” which shows all photos; “Faces,” for pictures with people in them; and “Recents.”

You tap the images you want to collage, up to a total of nine, and you can choose from 16 different layouts. Once you select a layout, you can easily replace any of the included images with others from your Camera Roll. The “Mirror” feature lets you reorient images vertically, and “Flip” lets you turn them upside down. You can tap images to drag and reposition them, and pinch to zoom or shrink them.

You simply click “Done” to save finished collages to your Camera Roll or click “Share.” The buttons for sharing on Instagram, Facebook and more are prominent. Tapping the Instagram button bumps you into the Instagram app, where you can apply filters before sharing your collages. The “More” button lets you share the image via text message, email, iCloud, or from other apps or services you may have installed, such as Evernote, Gmail and Hootsuite.

So all you social media marketers out there who wish to grab the attention of not only the targeted set of audience and catch their eyes, do not miss out on using the Layout app to create amazing eye catching images.

Image Credits: Instagram, CIO

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      People always want something new. As these new features of Instagram are user friendly and interesting marketers can use them to attract customers.

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