Interview with Digital Vidyarthi: Nishant Bhushan, Product & Pricing Senior Manager, Nissan-Renault

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Nishant Bhushan is working as a Product and Pricing Senior Manager for Nissan-Renault at (BIGH), Oman. He has worked for over 14+ years in various managerial capacities, associated with the automotive and telecom Industry both in India and abroad, in MNC’s such as Denso, Exide, TI Automotive and the likes. His profile has been mainly related to Marketing and Financial analysis for Business Strategy, Product planning, Competitive Intelligence, SAS analytics, Forecasting and Sales planning. Nishant holds an MBA degree in Finance from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He also has an MBA in IT & Mktg. from Indian Institute of Technology- Roorkee and a degree in Industrial Engineering from BIT-Sindri. As a father to two kids and presently based out of Muscat, Nishant engages in learning Data Science, loves reading books, listening to music, playing sports, spending time with family and friends, travel and exclusive dining. He strongly believes in the path of continuous improvement.

What prompted you to learn Data Science & why?

Nishant Bhushan: Data Science is the new crowning glory of the scientific domain of knowledge and a new revolutionary phase after the Internet. Data is ubiquitous but instead of just hobnobbing with data we need to assimilate, filter, compile, transform, analyze and render data in a usable form where we can derive meaningful information from the data. I have a penchant for mathematics and for finding patterns within noise and randomness. Due to my interest in domains such as statistics, probability theory, combinatorics and linear algebra; I discovered that Data science has several practical applications of the mathematical techniques and is the window to AI and the myriad 21st century scientific paradigms of predicting the unknown in the face of the known.

Moreover, in the Industry generally 50% of management that comprise of people with less exposure to the powerful applications of mathematical sciences to informed decision making; are averse to data collection for obvious reasons of redundancy, non-transparency, corporate politics and they seek quick fix solutions, cursory analysis for reporting and tactical planning. However, in most cases it does not reveal a long-term strategy with impact. Data Science merges human intuition with mathematical precision, to the universe of related parameters and variables of interest and enables informed decision making for the current and future course of actions. Armed with the data science approach one can engender better management planning using dynamic aspects of Power BI and Excel.

The above two major facts have been a guiding beacon in deciding to go for a data science course.

What are the top benefits of learning Data Science Online from the comfort of your home?

Nishant Bhushan: Learning Data Science online from home or a location of choice has immense benefits. Learning has become independent of location, age, costly resources and other retrogressive factors. It is the next Big thing. Learning online gives lifetime access to online and offline videos and texts for the course modules. It provides access to leading Industry trainers across the globe, a channel to voice queries and seek resolutions both during and after class hours and round the clock. Coupled with flexibility of class hours and unlimited access to module tutorials, the online courses can be customized to be a guided or self-paced one. Home based learning allows us to devote more time to actual learning and opens the expanse to cover more areas of the related knowledge.

Online course enables synergy of resources, optimizes cost and reduces loss of precious time to unproductive drudgery and rote traffic. It accords the classroom rigour of learning, via sharing of views, doubts, queries with cohorts and one to one mentor student personalized approach in real time. The Q&A platforms provide a medium to seek resolution to pertinent questions and stay in touch with the batch members. Finally, the certificate awarded has Industry-wide acceptance.

Why did you choose Digital Vidya?

Nishant Bhushan: Digital Vidya is at the forefront of Digital based learning in India and the company trains Microsoft’s and Google’s partners in India. It also partners with the Indian government in support of the Vskills certification and testing program. After having compared DV with several leading providers such as Jigsaw academy, Edvancer, Talentedge- XLRI, Simplilearn, Edupristine, MISB Bocconi and others,

I discovered that Digital Vidya provides a comprehensive instructor led or self-paced programs at a reasonable budget. Thus, the brand equity of Digital Vidya is strong and the training provides a solid foundation to delve deep into the territory of data science. The recommendations of DV alumni also played an important part in selecting Digital Vidya as my first choice for data science learning.

Though I am fully aware of the marketing gimmicks, paid reviews, rankings and blogs, prevalent in the market, all this has little bearing when it comes to harvesting basic knowledge. What matters is the desire to commence and then build upon, remaining within the budget and other plausible constraints. DV fitted into that frame perfectly as the harbinger of perspicuous knowledge.

How smooth was the delivery process?

Nishant Bhushan: The delivery process was seamless with incessant support from the instructors, sales consultants and tele-support executives, both during and pre or post sessions. The transparency shown in relation to providing course details, charting the expense roster or the support given to students on the course agenda and delivery plan was phenomenal.

Digital Vidya has shown care in terms of providing immediate response to doubts and concerns, sending reminders for in-process modules, bestowing encouragement during learning and the capstone project, and resolving all issues pertaining to the course modules.

Data Analytics Course by Digital Vidya

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Did the online lab style of teaching where you are asked to work live in the class help you in your understanding?

Nishant Bhushan: The online lab style of teaching was very practical. It helped me in understanding the elements in real time. It helped bolster my understanding further and practically apply the concepts to live situations that we encounter in the Industry. It also helped imbibe the nitty gritty of the concepts. The experience simulated a classroom perfectly, with discussions, one to one or one to many, doubt clarifications on the spot, pace and time adjusted teaching methodology to suit individual student requirements, a planned and laid out agenda for the session, sharing of information and et all.

However, case studies should be incorporated and solved fully by the mentors to further elucidate real world Industry offtake.

What kind of help did you receive in doing your assignments?

Nishant Bhushan: Frankly, the classes were enough for me to take care of my assignments and I devoted 4-5 hours of self-sought weekly learning. Since, I have enough grueling on the IT topics already from my University days, I found it interesting to recapitulate and rejuvenate my knowledge base. I did not seek any help for my assignments. But for a rookie, it could foretell more work during the week for the assignments and self-study tasks.

How good was your experience in doing the project?

Nishant Bhushan: The capstone project was the pinnacle or cul-de-sac for the course on Excel/SQL/Statistics and Power BI. It facilitated applying the whole domain of knowledge garnered throughout the course. Importantly, it provided a holistic view of the techniques to enable us to make decisions from the available data suitably; to maximize revenues, enhance profits, arrest losses and mitigate risks in a real-world scenario. The project encompassed the entire domain of the knowledge imparted. Though it did not touch upon deeper aspects, but it was a good foundational exercise.

Would you recommend Digital Vidya to your friend?

Nishant Bhushan: I would recommend Digital Vidya to anyone seriously interested in Data Science.

Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya?

Nishant Bhushan: I had a wonderful time learning at Digital Vidya. I feel proud to be associated with Digital Vidya.

The course structure is well designed to suit the entire range of students who are from diverse backgrounds. What I liked best about the course was the support from the mentors, who are knowledgeable and very helpful. It is very easy for a beginner to get started. The LMS system where you can find all the course material has a very smooth access.

The key USP of Training at Digital Vidya is the faculty addressing each issue. As soon as we post on the Q&A forum there is a quick turnaround support. Also, when asked for additional support, apart from the course, they were more than happy to support us, which according to me is a great learning experience.

Digital Vidya is a launch pad to the digital science universe.

To know more about Nishant Bhushan, you can check out his LinkedIn profile.

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