Interview with Dravid S. Sundaram, Data Science Participant

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Dravid is a B. Tech graduate in the department of chemical engineering from IIT Kanpur. He hails from  Anparasonebhadra, UP. He did his schooling from St. Francis School, Anpara. 

What prompted you to learn Data Science &why?

Dravid S. Sundaram: I am a lot active online be it reading articles from top companies such as McKinsey or BCG or searching through pages related to most engaging trends. I was impressed by the kind of work Data science allows us to be a part of. I was self-motivated to learn Data science which further motivated to learn it online by myself.

What are the top benefits of learning Data Science Online from the comfort of your home?

Dravid S. Sundaram: It’s better if we start learning it during our college days and obviously if one gets the comfort of learning it from home, nothing else can be more rewarding.

At home, we can easily dedicate time to data science in thinking of possible ways of tackling specific problems and solve challenging problems.

The online platform helps us in getting our problems solved quickly and saves our time from getting stuck at a particular point during the course of study. The online platform does a tremendous job as it contains all the necessary and essential contents at a single place.

I am impressed by the ways content is delivered through your platform and regular emails to keep track of the progress.

Data Analytics Course by Digital Vidya

Free Data Analytics Webinar

Date: 13th Feb, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (IST/GMT +5:30)
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Why did you choose DigitalVidya?

Dravid S. Sundaram: After going through a lot of rigorous searches on Quora and looking at its rating, I was motivated to opt for Digital Vidya. Once I was connected with the training consultants at Digital Vidya, it was much easier to know the process and I was very well taken care of in terms of any problem I would have faced while joining this course.

Employees at Digital Vidya are really helpful and supportive which makes it a step ahead of most of the platforms available online these days.

How smooth was the delivery process?

Dravid S. Sundaram: The Delivery process was really smooth as it was based on regular reminders and emails. Training website had everything needed at one place which made it a lot easier to get content and follow it religiously.

Did the online lab style of teaching where you are asked to work live in the class help you in your understanding?

Dravid S. Sundaram: Yes it certainly did. I cleared most of my doubts through your online classes or through Q&A platform on the website.

What kind of help did you receive in doing your assignments?

Dravid S. Sundaram: I was given help in almost any doubt I faced during solving assignments. I was motivated to solve doubts myself in the first place but teachers at Digital Vidya were always there and solved my doubts in one go, be it a theoretical or a practical doubt.

Data Analytics Course by Digital Vidya

Free Data Analytics Webinar

Date: 13th Feb, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (IST/GMT +5:30)
interview-with-dravid-s-sundaram, CCBot/2.0 (

How good was your experience in doing the project?

Dravid S. Sundaram: Project given by Digital Vidya is one of the most trending topics in machine learning and of great benefit if you want to join a well-reputed organization.

I found it really engaging and interesting. The content given for NLP was enough to learn it and apply it in day to day lives for once own purpose or at an industrial scale. It helped me in cracking my interview at IIT Kanpur and I was placed at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Would you recommend Digital Vidya to your friend?

Dravid S. Sundaram: Yes, I will recommend it to anyone who aims at learning Data Science/machine learning

Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at DigitalVidya?

Dravid S. Sundaram: You guys are doing a fantastic job and your platform is smooth. I would suggest you introduce the in-depth mathematical foundation for machine learning. Rest everything is really great. I see a promising future for our youth and India as well with Digital Vidya working in the right direction.

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