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Irish Journalists Ranked As Top Social Media Users In World

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1Social media has become a very important part of our lives. There are various platforms which one uses daily to meet one’s various needs. There are many platforms which together constitute the world of social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc are mainly used by people to stay in touch with family and friends, share videos and photos, update status, follow people of similar interests and likings, become part of groups which have common interests, so on and so forth. There are also platforms like LinkedIn which are used mainly be professionals to network with their colleagues and other professionals in the industry to stay connected with the latest events and happenings. A lot of branks now focus on using these platforms to engage with their customers and reach out to their target audience. They have used the various features provided by these platforms to run campaigns, contests, surveys, etc to build their presence in the social media world. They now see a lot of meaning in investing their time, effort and money to advertising on social media. With the passing of time, it has now become more evident that without the social media connect, communication becomes incomplete and hollow. A void is felt and seen in the entire process of trying to reach out to the end customer and create a strong sense of engagement. This is not just seen in the developed countries but all the countries across the globe. Also, now the usage of social media is seen more for business propaganda as compared to personal networking.

2A lot of surveys have shown that not just business, fields like medicine, education, journalism, etc also use social media in some way or the other for their normal functioning. For instance, at NUI Galway, the Insight Centre for Data Analytics conducted a study which revealed astounding facts. It was seen that in Ireland, around 99 percent of journalists in some way or the other made use of social media platforms in their area of work.

Some other key findings of this research study are as follows:

It was found that Twitter platform was used by a large number of journalists on a daily basis. This social media platform had a very popularity quotient amongst the Irish journalists. The percent of such journalists using the Twitter platform at least once daily was as high as 92%. Their main use of social media platform was to source information. This kind of behaviour was not seen as much with journalists of other countries. A significant percentage of these journalists, around 58% were seen to be using social media to get new leads while 49% of the journalists were found to be using social media for the purpose of discovering new content.

There were many such surveys conducted at different times to study the use of social media among journalists in various countries. In a particular survey wherein Ireland was not considered, it was found that UK featured at the top of the list of countries where journalists were found to be keen users of various social media platforms. Of all the social media platforms, Twitter stood out to be the winner and as high as 92% of the journalists in UK were found to be using Twitter once a week for their work. Other countries closely trailing behind UK were France, Canada, Australia, USA and Sweden at 91%, 89%, 85%, 79% and 77% respectively.

Many such similar surveys and research conducted confirmed that journalists made use of the social media platforms for more than one reasons. They were able to source information and news quickly and with a lot of ease with the help of these platforms. They were also able to spread the news and other regular updates to their audience in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner. On platforms like Instagram, Google+, Facebook, etc they could also give updates in the form of audio, videos and photos. On Twitter, they were able to target a very large number of followers and audience and send the required update and information at the click of a button. Hence, it can be concluded that communication through the social media platform has become unavoidable in today’s busy and fast paced life. The same is used by personnel in all fields of work.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Well written article!!! Yes Social media has the greatest impact on our day to day life. It is really interesting to know that Journalist are using social media in such a great extent. Only thing is, it should be used carefully and in a constructive way.

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