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Is Google’s Twitter Deal Beneficial To You?

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The search engine giant Google and the micro-blogging site Twitter that have been into talks for having stuck a deal yet again. Yes, that’s right! The two have not joined hands for the first time. They struck a similar deal previously in the year 2009 that enabled Google direct access to their date.twitter-google-deal

This undoubtedly is the most intriguing and sensational news that has created a stir in the social media fraternity. Ever since Facebook has acquired Instagram, the tech fraternity is witnessing the occurrence of such major deals.

Google and Twitter have struck this new deal with a view to put real-time tweet back into the Google search index. Even though the two biggies did not disclose about the details of the deal, however, it is confirmed from their end and also that it will come into being in a few months.

Study shows tweets from users with more followers more likely to show up in Google.


twitter-google-deal-show-tweetsIt has been anticipated that this deal will see more than 280 million social media networking site’s users’ 140-character messages being featured faster and more significantly with the help of the search engine. The sheer objective of coming together yet again is to fetch more traffic on Twitter that could help the micro-blogging social networking website from the advertising perspective.

This deal will surely leave a great impact on most of the people relying heavily on social media. Even though as of now, Google displays the tweets in its search results however, it does hook the site for the content. This has been witnessed after the latest research agreement that clearly states that Twitter content could feature in Google’s search results in real-time in the first half of the year 2015. This ultimately turned out to be true.

Here are the implications of the deal and how it could turn out to be beneficial:

  • First and foremost, if you are a retailer who primarily operates online then, this deal should bring good news to you. This is so because with both Twitter and Google having come together in agreement, it can be expected that the results will be far better now. Not only this, as a retailer, you can also expect to reap advertising benefits each time Google will pick-up your tweet to be indexed.
  • Moving on further, this initiative might turn out to be beneficial to bring about the non-Twitter using people to have an access to the tweets you make. This will completely fall in sync with Twitter’s priorly made decision to sell ads out of its own platform out of its very own platform and that too for the very first time ever.
  • Under this new deal between Twitter and Google, as per a study it is anticipated that a lot more brands will be reflecting their brand new tweets which will appear high in the search engine giant’s result page. Besides this, as per a study, it is more likely expected that it is not only the tweets that Google’s search result will crawl but also the quality content Google really values the most.

Eric Enge who is a recognized industry thought leader stated that: “Google still loves links. 26% of the tweets with an inbound link from sites other than Twitter got indexed. That is nearly 4 times as much as the overall average rate of indexation”

Adding on to this, he said that the link quality correlates highly with a tweet getting indexed.

Do you think this deal will turn out to be beneficial to you? Tell us your views in the comments section below.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Real-time data can do wonders to businesses. Twitter and Google, coming together will definitely benefit masses and indeed a news to celebrate for. Tweets indexed by Google will generate more traffic which is very important to a marketer. Lets gear up to reap the benefits for both !!

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