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Just Follow 2 Good Tips To Succeed With Email Marketing

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Email is one of the best marketing channel which can give you a huge ROI if employed in the right way. To succeed with email marketing, it is necessary to adopt different strategies consistently to grab the attention of prospective customers and hit high conversion rates. Below are 2 good tips to succeed with email marketing

  • Follow up messages

In online or offline marketing, follow up with customers is an important criteria in the success of the business, without which the whole  marketing effort will turn futile. Similarly, in email marketing follow up messages plays an important role in the success of the campaign. Follow up emails are automated messages regarding the company’s business or newsletter with the objective of familiarizing the customers on product ranges/services. This ensures that when the prospects intends to make a purchase, they have that particular range of product or services in their mind.

The follow up messages should be well written so that it interest the customers and it should vary between 7-10 messages in a week if the line of business is product centric or online business. If it is small business viz. automotive showroom, real estate etc, the follow up messages should contain call to action (CTA) like presentation registration, enrollment forms on fair/exhibition etc.

  • Segmentation of customer database

This tip is very important since it is based upon the segmentation marketers will be able to personalize and target the customers. The primary step involved in segmentation is to send the subscribers a generic enrollment form which understand their interests and personal information. Based upon this the marketer will be able send only emails with messages that interest the customers. The net result, will be high click through rates, open rates and conversions. Also this will improve relation with the Internet service provider (ISP), which will in turn ensure better deliverability of the emails and  more people will be seeing the mails in their inbox.

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  • There are 3 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Karun Takkar   /   Reply

      A nicely presented post…..short , to the point and written in very easy language…..A key message is ‘Pursuation is the key to success in Online business’. I think e-commerce entrepreneurs are trying to make their brand ‘daily need of the consumer’.

      • 5 years ago

        John Abraham   /   Reply

        Thank you Karun for the remarks!

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The question of ‘follow-up’ arises when a lead responds to your first e-mail or download some material from ‘call-to-action’ button. In case of off-line marketing, how would you assure that all the mails you send to prospective customers will be responded so that the marketers can follow up later?

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