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Know About Your Twitter Performance With Twitter Grader Tool

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When somebody thinks of social networking sites and social media marketing, there are few platforms which immediately strike our mind and it is impossible to miss out the social networking giant, Twitter. Twitter has become a hub and an important part of social media marketing. Though it started as a platform to share short messages, but slowly and steadily it has gained everybody’s attention as a widely popular medium to network with people and a huge marketing paradise. Twitter has come up with a wonderful measuring tool called Twitter Grader.

Twitter helps to reach out to a large population. The restriction on the length of posts is its biggest advantage as it does not allow publishers to post long and time consuming contents which may dilute the purpose. These small posts ensure that  the visitors click on the link provided to read through further which in turn helps to increase the web traffic. Using appropriate words and designing structured sentences as a tweet becomes very important to increase the readership. Organizations and individuals have started using Twitter extensively to connect with their followers.

Any activity on a social networking site can be considered successful only if its results could be analysed on a regular basis. The marketing campaign will not lead anywhere if we are not able to measure the results. In order to solve this issue, many analytical tools have been developed. Each has got its own unique features and advantages. The ultimate aim is to get a clear picture of the performance and this will in turn help to rework on the strategies employed.

What is Twitter Grader?

Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader Tool

Twitter Grader is used in order to compare self with other Twitter users. This application has been developed by HubSpot which is an online marketing firm. The years of experience acquired by HubSpot induced them to come up with such a measuring tool. Marketing people use internet as their main source of revenue. People who are successful on internet and its other associated features are able to mint money. There are many factors that influence the performance of a product or service in the online world because there are thousands of people who are able to access the information at the same time. These factors should be carefully analysed so that organizations can work towards them. Twitter Grader is the new application in the block which is gaining huge popularity among avid Twitter users. The scores given by Twitter Grader are found to be really worth. If a page scores more than others then it is indicative that this micro-blogging platform is being used in an optimised way. The success of a page depends on various factors like the number of followers, how frequently the page is updated and how well the page is engaging its visitors etc. Twitter Grader helps to recognise the authority and influence of a page.

The following are some of the advantages of using Twitter Grader:

  1. Twitter Use:

    The number of followers of your Twitter account is one important factor that is taken into consideration while measuring the popularity. It would be very surprising to know that this number alone will not serve the purpose. It is also considered important to analyse the number of followers your followers have got. Twitter Grader enables to measure this quantity. This would in turn help to enhance the profile ranking.

  1. Frequency And Quality Of Posts:

    On Twitter, emphasis is given on the frequency and the quality of posts. These are the two major factors that determine the success of a Twitter page. The frequency of the posts on the Twitter page has huge influence on scores on a rating system. Twitter Grader considers these two important aspects along with usage of certain marketing concepts and keywords, to measure the performance of a page.

  1. Marketing Tool:

    Marketing is the core motive of any social media presence. Twitter Grader helps not only to analyse the performance of a profile, but also acts as an important marketing tool. If an organization is using Twitter as their medium to market, then this tool helps them to gather lot of information about the campaign, like its reach and influence. The rate and rank of a Twitter profile could also be measured against other graded profiles. As a result, the figures available would be able to give a clear picture which will in turn help the marketer to amend the strategies, if required. This could be really helpful to save lot of time. 

  1. Real Position:

    Any online presence will go waste if it cannot be measured. Human being is a social animal. We need people around us to share our views, discuss with them and to compete in a healthy way. Twitter Grader helps to project the exact numerals which will tell the users about their ability to influence and where do they stand exactly when compared to other Twitter users. Once the Twitter profile is graded, it will help you to understand the kind of Twitter user you are. One may publish the same score to generate curiosity among people or one may ask the followers to take the grading test to compare the outcomes. The whole process should be fun-filled rather than making it a competitive urge. Taking a grading test would benefit everybody. It will help in identifying the weak points and working on them. One should neither get elated by positive results nor should one get demotivated. Either way it will affect the performance of a page. People would simply unfollow you if they find you being really snobbish about the whole affair. Thus, one should be careful while using Twitter Grader. It should be used as a tool to measure the performance rather than using it to annoy others. 

Twitter is an amazing marketing medium and it has done wonders in changing the fate of an organization or an individual’s Twitter page and as a result the traffic to their website. Success will follow those who believe in carrying out calculative risks. Gathering sufficient data about the performance of a page, understanding the trends prevailing on social media marketing and implementing appropriate marketing strategies will help marketers in attaining their objectives. Twitter Grader is catching up fast as a popular tool and marketers should utilize its features to the fullest to succeed.

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