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Learn How Content Marketing Is Done Effectively Through Google+ Hangouts

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Learn How Content Marketing Is Done Effectively Through Google+ HangoutsAlmost everyone uses one or other product from Google group these days. All Google products are interlinked with each other and they are widely used in all social media marketing campaigns and promotional activities.

Google Plus is one of the most popular social media channels. Google Plus Hangouts On Air, an additional feature offered on Google Plus, is widely used to engage with people online via video chat. Interactions through a live video commands high prospects in SEO ranking and thereby a chance to appear in more search results because the video content offers the most effective engagement levels.

Generally, there are two ways that people watch videos:

  • Steaming through the live broadcast: Google+ Hangout allows us to broadcast our live video session on air for free. When more  people watch videos online, we get better engagement in live conversation.
  • Watch a video that was already published somewhere.

In Google+ Hangouts, we can broadcast our video chat to many people in our circle. If required, we can go live on YouTube or our site and from there we can record our chat as well. Watch the video shown below to understand the  basics:

Google+ Hangouts is used very effectively in one to one interactions, Q&A sessions, product promotions, interviews, meetings and many other applications by companies in different sectors.  Here are few ways to use Google+ Hangouts On Air in a business:

Product Demonstration

Google+ Hangouts is a perfect place to demonstrate a product that is due for its release. Here the product managers could interact with their audience and get instant reviews about the product from them. This is a great medium to interact with people and thereby offer quality service and solution to them.

Demonstration given on product features can be an important source for a video product review. We can upload such demonstration on YouTube and then share the same with many other users online.

Learn How Content Marketing Is Done Effectively Through Google+ Hangouts

Customer Service

Many companies use various communication tools to interact with their customers online. A large section of companies uses ‘Skype’ to communicate with the employees and customers. However, this network can be cumbersome as it is most ideal when we need to interact with a group or want to address more number of people. In Google+ Hangouts, we can have one on one interaction with our customers and thereby provide the best reliable and quality service. What’s more, we can even repackage our Google Hangouts on Air as our product video testimonials.

Conduct meetings with employees and customers

This is another great application of Google Hangouts. We can conduct meetings with our employees and customers who are located at different regions or states. This application is largely used by start up companies as they normally hire developers and support staffs who work from remote areas. Employers can easily connect with these remotely located staffs via Google Hangouts at no expense.

We can edit the meetings happen through Google Hangouts. Omit any private details from Google Hangouts show and then include it as a meeting summary in the company blogs. Such updates would make our customers familiar with our team and our work pattern.

Use Google+ Hangouts on Air to broadcast PodcastsLearn How Content Marketing Is Done Effectively Through Google+ Hangouts

In Google+Hangouts on Air, we can create quality audio and video Podcasts using its built in features and then broadcast those podcasts to people. When a Podcast broadcasted through Google+ Hangout on Air, that Podcast would get better SEO rating because the events hosted on Google+ would simultaneously get recorded on the YouTube channel. We can embed this Google+ Hangout On Air video on our company blog with a show note. A show note is added here so that our podcast listeners would know a place to look for its resources.

If we are using WordPress, we can further enhance the show note’s search ratings by following few tips. Install the Yoast Video SEO Plugin to include Google authorship and then tag the post as a rich media source. As there are very less number of people create podcasts from their Google+ Hangouts on Air these days, there are a lot of scope for us to use this opportunity and expand our audience base.

YouTube record the entire Hangout on Air show. To download this recorded video, click on ‘Video Manager’ link. Locate the recorded video from the list and then choose ‘Download MP4 from the menu list. Use some audio tool to export this video as MP3 file for podcasting. There are many free tools available to do this conversion and Audacity is one such app. When the MP3 file is ready, upload the same to a host and then distribute to all podcast directories from there.

Learn How Content Marketing Is Done Effectively Through Google+ HangoutsOrganize a Q&A Session

We can organize an informative Q&A session on normal Google+ Hangouts as well as Google+ Hangout on Air and then make perfect podcasts from them. In this application, there will be a panel of experts/people answering questions from an audience. Though this application is similar to Tweetchat on Twitter accounts, Tweetchat is best suitable for connecting with large number of unknown people. Tweetchat is not a preferred channel for one on one session such as a personal interview or something of that sort. Google+ hangout’s Q&A Session is the best choice for such cases.

Conduct Interview with Media people

Use Google+ Hangout on Air extensively when we really want to gain some media attention to our brand. In case of a product release or any such big event, it will be a good idea to invite some of the well known blogs or other news sources who are active in the same niche to take part in a hangout where we announce our product news and stories. We can make perfect podcasts from interviews and Q&A sessions on Google Hanouts On The Air.

The above mentioned points brief some of the applications that we can try on Google+ hangouts on Air. These days, Google Hangouts becomes the popular social channel just because of its awesome features. Predominantly, people find this social media channel very essential for their marketing activities. Innovative business owners and professionals identify some of the best and creative ways to use Google+ Hangouts and making this channel suitable to their business.

Image and Video Sources: Google

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