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Learn To Use Google Adword Keyword Planner Productively For Higher Profits

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keyword market researchThe Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a great tool for marketing your products and services online; however it is also a great tool to assist you in your Affiliate marketing efforts. If you are seriously thinking about entering the performance driven Affiliate marketing world, then content marketing is a skill which is indispensable. Content marketing does depend on thorough keyword research to determine the targeted keywords and optimizing the affiliate marketing website for these keywords. Keyword Research is an integral part of SEO which when used productively can drive organic and targeted traffic to your website. Thus learn to use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner productively to increase visibility, rankings, traffic, conversion rate and most importantly profits for your affiliate marketing business.

Begin with Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

The Keyword planner tool can be accessed from the AdWords account. Under the tools section in the AdWords account click on the Keyword Planner. There are 4 options for keyword research and the most productive and effective option is the first one, ‘Search for new keywords and ad group ideas’. Click on this option and enter your product or service term in the box provided. For example, let us type, ‘Anarkali suits”. The tool will show detailed results and give you many keyword and ad group ideas for this particular search term. Don’t try to look for only one appropriate keyword phrase but search and select atleast 5 suitable keyword phrases from the options, the tool provides.

Choosing keywords productively for high profits

Look for the exact match for Anarkali suits – there is high competition with atleast 49,500 average monthly searches. Do not automatically choose this keyword if you are setting up a new website as ranking high for this keyword can be challenging for a beginner. Choose the 5 keyword phrases which have atleast a1000 monthly searches. In order to select those prized 5 keywords make use of the features in the keyword planner. Sort the average monthly searches to find the keyword ideas arranged according to decreasing numbers of average monthly searches. This feature will help you to choose the keyword phrases with more than 1000 average monthly searches.  After sorting the keywords for the Anarkali suits, tool will still give you a lot of unrelated keywords with higher search volumes, it is better to discard these and search for more relevant results. Choose keywords which seem more logical and which have moderate competition. The tool provides you with 800 keyword ideas and the task of choosing the 5 relevant keywords becomes even more challenging. The solution for this challenge is to download the keywords in a CSV or excel format. This will help you become more productive in terms of segregating the keywords that will eventually give you higher profits.

Systematic keyword analysiskeyword gems

For a productive and systematic analysis start by downloading the 800 keywords in Excel CSV format. Open Google docs or MS Excel function. Import the downloaded file, open the spreadsheet, choose the separate character function and tab. After importing the file delete all the unwanted columns to de-clutter the spreadsheet. Once your spreadsheet is nice and compact, start using the sort function to search for the relevant keywords. Select keywords that don’t have very high search numbers like above 10,000+  and  low search numbers like below 50 levels. Chose keywords with moderate levels of search numbers and competition. Therefore keywords with 1000 average searches are more appropriate and can be easily identified with the sort function. Choose 15-20 keywords, prepare another spreadsheet and segregate them. Carefully analyse these keywords and then chose the top 5 keywords and optimize for the keywords in your affiliate marketing material.

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