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Learn To Use SEMRush To Improve Organic Keyword Ranking

Learn To Use SEMRush To Improve Organic Keyword Ranking


SEMrush is a search engine marketing tool that helps in offering you important metrics about your competition on search engine result page. It gives you an enormous amount of data about any website on the internet that has been around for a specific amount of time. One can obtain any type of data using SEMrush like website traffic, backlinks, competitors, advertising competition, paid search traffic, organic search traffic and even a lot more. Enter your competitor URL or domain as a search query SEMrush and you would be flooded with great information such as:

•Important Backlinks Reports
•The expected search volume for their targeted keywords
•Complete picture about your site’s inbound links
•Their expenditure on Google Adwords Ads
•Thorough view about your competition’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising Prospects

Competitor Keyword Research

This tool is the Gold standard in the keyword research. There is nothing better than SEMrush for online marketers and also there is nothing that can even come close to this. Almost all bloggers who start content writing may be clueless as to where to start that keyword research and what kind of keywords to employ, SEMrush comes to their rescue. With the help of SEMrush, you are going to get someone else’s keyword that you have never thought of. You will also be able to see what is working for other people. This is something we always want to try to do and SEMrush let us do that.


Just enter URL of any website for which you want to check ranking of its keywords and under the organic search, click the number of keywords to see them. You can filter them based on traffic volume, CPC, competiotion, trend etc

Analyzing Search Positions with SEMrush

The positions or ranking of your site pages is also very useful information. You can check these for your own site or a competitor’s by again clicking search ‘Positions’. You will find the same graph as previously and also data presented in the following format:


  • Keyword: the keyword that brings users to the website from a Google search using the chosen Google region.
  • Pos: The position the domain holds in Google SERPs for the period stated – the previous position is in brackets.
  • Volume: The average volume of monthly search queries for that keyword over the past 12 months.
  • CPC: The average price paid by advertisers for each click in Google AdWords.
  • URL: The landing page URL on the stated domain shown in the search results for that keyword.
  • Traffic %: The percent of total traffic to the stated site provided by that keyword.
  • Costs %: The estimated proportion of the total site advertising cost for that keyword. So 40% would indicate that – that keyword is estimated to take up 40% of the total advertising cost if all keywords were used in AdWords.
  • Com.: Competitive density for the keyword – how much competition is there for each keyword, with 1 being the highest possible competing sites using that keyword in AdWords.
  • Results: The Google results in organic search for that keyword – the number of URLs listed for a search using that keyword.
  • Trend: The trend of popularity for use of that keyword in search.
  • SERP source: A snapshot of the search engine results page for that keyword.
  • Last update: The date when the results for that keyword were last updated.

Competitor’s Backlink Analysis

As is the case with the keywords, you can also get to know about your competitors’ backlinks as well. By clicking on the number of backlinks, the tool will show you the whole amount of data about your competitor’s backlink profile.

fbThat is how you can find your competitors backlinks. Later on, you can sort out the sources to build quality backlinks for your blog as well.

Boost Your Organic Rankings

SEMrush will not only help your keyword analysis work a lot easier, but it will also boost your organic ranking as well. SEMrush provides some great tools such as keywords position tracking and complete site audit.

Why Should You Use SEMrush?

This hand on review had showed you the power of SEMrush, how this tool can help you in your online marketing efforts. To sum up the things, here are some best reason to use it:

•It helps you in spying your competitors to steal their keywords and backlinks
•You can find high search volume keywords with ease
•It helps you to find the perfect niche for your blog
•It brings you a collection of great tools for competition analysis
•Finding high CPC keywords is super easy with SEMrush
•You can do a complete SEO Audit of your blog

SEMrush gives the whole report to PRO account users only. If you have just started in online business, then you should first test out the things. Once you feel comfortable using the free account, you should upgrade to the PRO account for taking your website or blog to the greater heights. SEMrush provides limited information to free account users but once when you upgrade it to the PRO account, the tool will provide you the full report of your competition analysis.


Well to conclude, SEMrush is very important if you are planning to do anything serious with your website/blog particularly in digital marketing. Keep watching tutorials around SEMrush so that you can learn how to use it in an efficient way order to increase your popularity and continual growth for your website/blog.

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  • 4 years ago

    Suresh   /   Reply

    It’s more than that.

    You can digg more long tail high volume keywords which you never heard of or even imageined they exist 🙂 The adwords PLA feature is amazing, you get a clear ad copy and bidding etc.

    Once you started, you keep finding so many long tail keywords for the ecommerce site or your blog or business website.

    I enjoy browsing the semrush and laser target with the ads and SEO.


  • 1 year ago

    Marco Diversi   /   Reply

    analyzing facebook is definitely not the best idea to analyze the powers of semrush because it is a too complicated website.

    But still thanks!

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