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Leverage Pinterest To Increase Blog Traffic

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Ever wondered how a social media marketing platform can be used to leverage or pull traffic to your website? Social media marketing platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter etc. still allow the space to put forth some amount of content along with videos and images to be shared and circulated amongst the social network. While there is one social media marketing viz. Pinterest which even though is not much popularized as compared to other social media marketing platforms but does hold a lot of importance in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value.

Herein, the concepts pertaining to Pinterest can be leveraged upon as not only the social media platform but also as a way to bring in more traffic to the blogs. Here is how to do it:

  • Primarily, it is suggested to select the best blogs from amongst the lot to be linked to the Pins on the board. This calls for the research work on Pinterest with respect to the fact whether people are pinning those items on your blog post topics or not.
  • Secondly, the prime motive should be to focus on selecting or creating your pin image. For the same, you can use the blog post image as the background and customize it with the blog post name or contents. This is feasible to as it can increase the level of effectiveness doubles the effectiveness of the blog post image.
  • Write your pin description such that it is crisp yet self-explanatory. The focus keywords should be adequately used as it provides additional information about your blog post. Moreover, the description always appears every-time someone pins your post. So, the pin description should be written properly.
  • Do not miss out on adding the Pin It button to your blog post. This is an ultimate way in the form of a call-to-ck-about-menuaction button also that readily allows the blog visitors to pin your blog post. For the same, adhere to the following manner:
    1. Log into Pinterest (if necessary).
    2. In the top right menu, choose About | Pin It Button.
    3. Pinterest displays the Goodies area.
    4. Scroll down to the Pin It Button for Web Sites area.
    5. Provide the blog post web address for “URL of the page the pin is on.”
    6. Provide the web address for your chosen pin image for “URL of the image to be pinned.”
    7. Provide the pin description.
    8. Choose your pin count format (horizontal, vertical or no count).
    9. Copy the top code box contents. Open your blog post and add this code where you want the Pin It button (top, bottom or both).
      Tip: You must insert the code from steps 9 and 10 into the HTML view of your blog post. Consult the help for your blogging software if you are not sure how to do this.
    10. Copy the bottom code box contents and paste at the bottom of your blog post.
    11. Save and publish your blog post. The Pin It button appears where you pasted the code in step 9.
    12. For WordPress users, Phil Derksen has an excellent plugin called Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button.
  • Besides, Pinning your blog post is also crucial.
  • Lastly, it is of utmost importance to track the traffic to your blog post from this social media marketing platform –Pinterest. There are several ways you can track the traffic to your blog post from Pinterest. Use whatever traffic monitoring tools you have in place on your blog. For example, Google Analytics is an easy way. While for tracking it for a WordPress Blog, JetPack can also be used.

Credits & References: wchingya, socialmediaexaminer

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