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Live Google Hangouts- A New Way To Do Business

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images3About Google Hangout

Google Hangout is an instant video and messaging platform developed by Google in 2013. The purpose of Hangout is to make group conversations far more convenient and hassle free. It is like having real-life conversations either with someone special or with a whole lot of friends. Users can instantaneously share photographs, videos and feelings with the help of Emoji. The conversations are alive and therefore, all the more engaging. Even when a few friends are not available at the moment and out of the conversation, they will be alerted of what they have missed. Also, going back to previous hangouts is even easier as the user can re-live the previous conversations just by clicking on them. Live face-to-face video calls wherein up to 10 people can join is another valuable feature of Google Hangout. The user can catch up with family or friends even on the go and all for free. Another valuable feature is to invite the family member or the friend for video call. Thus, even if the friend is not available on his computer, his phone bell rings informing him about the invite. The friend can join wherever he might be and be a part of the live conversation and the best part is that friends irrespective of their devices viz. phone, laptop, desktop or tablet can access the Google Hangout and nobody is left out. Another fact about the Google Hangout is that it works inside the Gmail, where chats exists already. The user just by clicking on the icon of image can upgrade the chat to the Hangout. Even Apple’s devices like the ipad, iphone or the ipod are integrated with Google Hangout.

  • Public display of the brand online– It is a public platform for displaying the brand online, where the marketer will find his target customer.
  • Meet Face-to-Face With Boss and Coworkers– In the globalized world that we live in, where offices are spread throughout the world, Hangout provides an opportunity to meet face-to-face with coworkers residing in the same country but a different city or different countries. Similarly, meeting boss is no longer like hassle of booking air ticket and reaching the far-flung office. Thus, one saves time, money and of course energy & still reap the benefits of face-to-face meeting.
  • HD Video Meetings With Entire Team– Live hangouts with a maximum of 15 people either within or outside of your organisation can be efficiently organized, brilliant muting system keeps background noise to the minimum levels and the monitor automatically displays whoever is speaking.
  • Easy To Use From Anywhere– Irrespective of the location and irrespective of the device, the participants might be using, hangouts provide the identical easy to use experience.
  • Built-in Screen Building- Discuss the presentation, slides or give a tutorial with easy to use instructions about the product, send useful links or simply chat with the awe inspiring built-in screen.
  • Integrated With Calender– Since hangouts are integrated with Google calender, so when a user creates a meeting in the calender, the user can also automatically add a hangout and joining the hangout can be as easy as one click.
  • Custom Control for Admin– Admin can use advanced settings and limit the number of participants to a live event, turn chat history off, and can even send out participants for security reasons.
  • Live Streaming- Scheduled broadcasts can go live on Google Plus, YouTube and automatically be saved on YouTube channel.
  • Live Conversations- Host can initiate conversations with people around the world, can invite questions in advance and answer the questions which are most popular and live.
  • Live Apps- The host can control which participants are visible, adjust their video and audio, decide on the screen space and add banners & more.


Hangouts can be successfully leveraged to enhance leads for small businesses as well as the large ones.

  • Event- Businesses can organize events to mark their presence felt with potential and existing customers. The event may range from as simple as organizing FAQ sessions to solving queries about the product to providing tips and tricks of using the product or the service. The service indirectly increases the trust factor and hence, increases conversion rate among the potential customers. The event may be private or it may be public depending on the requirement of the user. Besides, the host can choose from the multiple themes which suits his requirement and further customize his event. Apart from this, photographs and videos can be shared alongside.
  •  Local- Restaurants with exotic menus can attract people by people’s reviews about their food and therefore, attract first time users as well as repeat users. Similarly, for academy’s looking for students to teach them some new skill can influence people to look at them as a viable option. Spas, amusement centres can also leverage the local feature of Google Hangout.
  • Hangouts on Air- This is an excellent way of connecting to the people who have previously shown interest in your organisation and invite them to join. Even if that does not happen and people are unable to join the live conversation, they can always be a part of the group and see all previous conversations. Once the Hangout on Air is done, the video automatically appears on the organisation’s YouTube channel and even on websites which are embedded. Conversations enables users to quickly resolve their queries and get some additional tips and since it is a live video, the participants won’t be expecting a polished presentation from the host and there are possibilities of it being more inclined towards real picture.
  • Example– Aam Admi Party leader Yogendra Yadav used Google Hangout on 26 Jan 2014, to mark 65th Republic Day of India and celebrate swaraj campaign, wherein a total of Rs. 18 lakhs was raised through the live session. The hangout was held in 17 cities of the world including London, Washington DC, Chicago and Boston. Even Sheila Dikshit, former CM of Delhi used Google Hangout just 3 days before the assembly elections on 30th Nov 2013.

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