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Make An Ad Copy Notice Worthy With 4 SEM Tips

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Search engine marketing is a marketing strategy adopted by many business persons to beat the competition in a smart way. The businesses that want to stay visible online often trust this marketing style and invest their time, energy and money in the same. This blog discusses 4 PPC tips to make sure the ad copy is not just noticed by the readers online but is also clicked instantly.

  1. Ad extensions are good

It is an idea that is implemented by the smart businesses to spice up the ad copy with ad extensions. An ad extension can be anything such as links to the business website, images or information in the ad. This not only enhances a business ranking on SERPs but also put down the competitors to lower ranks as Google has now started to give considerable weightage to ad copies with ad extensions to give it a higher rank.

  1. Test the ad copies

To test an ad copy is actually setting up the stage for the optimisation of the same by determining the low or non-performing areas and making amendments at the right time. Set up a calendar for the same so as to ensure that you do not miss out on this important exercise of testing an ad copy and learn about its efficacy accurately. A/B testing is one form of testing an ad copy that is quite prevalent in the present day business world.

  1. Monitor the campaign performance

Does the idea of driving a car blindfolded appeals to you? Perhaps, the answer is no! Isn’t it? Then why does it happen that a PPC campaign runs without any performance tracking? It is a very risky idea not to monitor the performance of a PPC campaign and let it run at its own without making the necessary changes at the right time. There might be some difficulty in measuring the performance of a PPC campaign launched to sell a service vs a product that is having a bigger sales cycle. Google analytics, Bing Ads and Adwords conversion codes are the options that can be used for the purpose. In case of ecommerce sites also, one can track the revenue generation from the same set of tools mentioned above.

  1. Learn different match types

If you wish to succeed with SEM learn the various match types such as exact match, broad match, modified broad match and phrase match. The exact match type is for the keywords that are just one or two words for a query. Though there is nothing like exact match for the keywords as the similar words with some spelling differences also pop in when a user searches for something. The phrase match type is suitable for long tail keywords whereas the broad match type is an answer to controlling the web traffic with negative keywords. Hope these 4 SEM tips will serve your purpose well and helped you gain some insight into the secrets of the success of a PPC ad campaign.

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