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Manage Facebook Pages Effectively With 7 Easy To Follow Tips

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There are many social networking sites and these days holding accounts in different social networking sites is very common. Every social networking site has got its advantages and unique features.

An individual or an organization uses various social networking sites to promote themselves or their product. It is a huge platform which gives enormous reach and helps to tap a large group of people.

Promoting a product, a service, an offer or even someone’s personal musings have started happening over social networking sites. It gives access to a variety of information instantaneously. The most important feature of social networking sites is their ability to provide an interactive platform. One can post images, messages and videos. One can expect a response almost immediately. People can post their comments and share their opinions thereby making the whole affair interactive. This is where the concept of social media marketing germinates and it plays huge role in online marketing.

There are many social networking giants available and each has their own fan following. Holding an account in these social networking sites alone will not help. It is also very important to use these sites in an optimized way and extract the best out of all.


Facebook is one social networking giant which has got a huge fan pool. It was founded in the year 2004 and since then it has been the most popularly used social networking site. Facebook gives an amazing platform to share anything and everything. It helps people to stay connected all the time. It is a revolution in the field of communication.

Easy access to a Facebook account and its unique features has made it the most sought after social networking sites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one concept which is spreading like a wildfire. Organizations are trying their level best to use social media marketing to leverage their fan base which will in turn help to market them better. The older concepts like direct marketing or face to face marketing have taken a back seat because of the advent of social media marketing.

Social media marketing helps to increase the website traffic. The content posted over various social networking sites attracts readers. Apart from posting a catchy content, there are many social media marketing strategies which should be followed to succeed.

The following are some of the important tips to be kept in mind while managing your account on social networking giant, Facebook:

  • Do Not Mix Your Personal And Professional Id

When you want to be active on any social networking site like Facebook, it is very important to maintain separate ids for your professional and personal requirements. People in your professional network would not want to see your picnic photos or kids pictures. Similarly, if you will post your professional stuff over your personal page, others may not like it or they may sense a business motive behind your messaging which can spoil the relationship. So, avoid mixing!!!

  • Keywords In The Title

Keywords are very important for any online presence. The page is more likely to pop-up during a search result, if the keywords are used appropriately. Keywords in the body of the posts are very important. But not many of us would be aware that including the keyword on the title of the page, will give an additional boost and it is more likely that the page would appear in the search results. So, while creating a page for your organization, include the keyword in the title of the page to get that additional leverage.

  • Images Speaks Better Than Text

The visual impact of any content is more than its text. There should always be a correct mix of picture as well as text on a page to grab immediate attention. Images are able to capture that first impression about a page. The images would be able to express better the real purpose of the page.

Facebook facilitates posting of an image on the page. The maximum size of the image could be 200 X 600. One should ensure that this maximum limit is utilized. The quality and relevance of the image is very important when it is going to give the first impression about your Facebook page.

  • Vanity URL

Not many would be aware of this feature with Facebook. A vanity URL means a unique URL on your name or on your business name. Unlike the usual URL provided by the Facebook, one can customize how your page could be referred to. It would make easier for the visitors or fans to remember the URL.

Vanity URL can be acquired after your page crosses 25 likes. It is very important for an individual or a business to have their vanity URL in order to make it simpler to remember rather than making people search for it.

  • Using Apps to Feed content and Landing Page

It is very important to use an app to post content on the page. This helps to regulate the frequency of the post and to schedule it at an appropriate time. One can connect their blog to the Facebook account. There are many apps like NetworkedBlogs apps and Constant Contact’s apps, which could be used to analyze what readers are interested in and what they write about. These apps also help to manage your contacts on your Facebook page.

Similarly, landing page is an important aspect which plays an important role with regard to your Facebook page. Landing page is a single page that appears when a search result or an online advertisement is clicked upon. Landing pages can be of two types. The first one is reference landing page, which provides information about the service. The second one is transactional landing page, which will persuade the visitor to take an action. So, landing page in your post would help the visitors to get the exact information about the product or service and to take necessary action immediately. One can design their own landing page or avail the option of buying them from website like tweet, which provides well designed templates for a landing page.

  • Content Management

Managing the content of the Facebook page is one of the most interesting, yet the most difficult part too. Merely posting the content on your Facebook page is not sufficient. It is also important to interact with the visitors of your page. Responding to their posts, comments and queries should be the part of your strategy. This needs an effective management wherein you do not miss out certain messages or comments. There are desktop dashboards like MarketMeSuite or Tweetdeck, which help to manage the queries or comments.

  • Engaging Your Fans

The most important concept of any social media marketing strategy is to keep your fans engaged. Success of a page depends on how promptly we respond to the visitor’s queries and comments. The visitors would want something extra from your side to keep them hooked to your page. One could use discount coupons, messages appreciating the query etc to make fans to visit your page again and again which will in turn enhance the popularity of the page.

These tips must form part of our social media marketing strategy while using facebook and similar social networking sites for best results.

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