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Meet Narendra Modi: India’s ‘Social Prime Minister’

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No-qualms about it that Narendra Modi is India’s first ever social media savvy prime minister or say ‘Social Prime Minister’. It’s definitely worth contemplating that he just doesn’t have a social media presence but he is also interactive with his followers too. These attribute of his make him stand out from former prime ministers. During election campaigns Narendra Modi spoke about his humble background. After becoming prime minister of India he kept his humbleness intact by interacting with people through social media. It’s apparent how Narendra Modi used various social media platform productively.


Narendra Modi has over 21 million Twitter followers and thus he is second most-followed world political leader on Twitter after U.S President Barack Obama, according to San Francisco-based Twitter Inc. Narendra Modi has rapidly acquired a fan base on the social media network. His social media success is not simply because of India’s population but due to excellent digital marketing strategy by his team. In India an estimated 200 million people are active online. This online population is of young and urban Indians. These population provide an electoral backbone to any candidate or party that secures their support. Narendra Modi’s overall digital strategy is managed by a network of party officials, volunteers and technology experts. Modi’s use of social media to impress supporters is skillfully executed. All this campaigning was not just for the show. He actually engaged online and interacted with his follower which was very unique to India’s prime minister. He assertively replied to his well-wishers through tweets. His tweet included David Cameron the British prime minister to India’s aam janta. In several countries, leaders are striving to convey their message to a generation absorbed on Twitter and Facebook.

The talented team behind Narendra Modi’s magnificent success on social platforms is chosen enthusiastic youngsters and database of massive online volunteers. At BJP’s headquarters is situated a digital operations center dedicated for Narendra Modi’s flourishing online presence. This group converts outdated press releases into trending online posts, tweets, coordinates WhatsApp campaigns. Online volunteers play a crucial role in promoting NaMo and re-tweeting Narendra Modi’s message. Studying online response is significant too as these data can be used to decide if messages needs to change , if a sound bite needs to be given to shape the ecosystem. Netizens sentiment definetly decides success of individual online campaign.

Here is the tweet from Narendra Modi as soon as BJP won 2014 elections.


This tweet received overwhelming response from his supporters on the micro blogging site. This exhilaration was quite expected as Narendra Modi’s online marketing team has used innovative ways to reach young netizens during campaign. Several publications around the world said that 2014 marked “India’s first social media elections”. Social media presence of Narendra Modi benefited him a lot. There was no looking back and a year later our prime minister strengthened his social media presence with accounts on Instagram, China’s Twitter-like service Weibo and Viber chat forum.

Our very own prime ministerji tweeted about Dubmash video on one of his speeches.


Twitter ‘bromance’ trended as our prime minister established “good personal relations” with world leaders on foreign policy matters through Twitter diplomacy. He congratulated British PM David Cameron after he won the elections, tagged US President Barack Obama in tweets.


When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won re-election in December, Mr. Modi tweeted: “Congratulations @AbeShinzo on your victory in the elections. Japan will scale newer heights of progress under your able leadership.”

Mr. Abe, who follows only six people including his wife and Mr. Modi, tweeted in response: “Thank you so much for your warm message! Abenomics will never stop advancing. Excited to continue working with you & India!”

Twitter Bromance as our prime minister tweeted his close friendly relation with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Well CNBC gets the credit of naming this friendship on Twitter as “Twitter Bromance”.


“Selfie time” our prime ministerji and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sharing same frame. We Indians just loved this Selfie of our NaMo.


Narendra Modi’s tweets are not just limited to selfies but he religiously share his good wishes on each festival.


Twitter says Mr. Modi is also the first political leader to use a Twitter Mirror, an exclusive app, usually the province of pop stars and red-carpet types that produces autographed selfies and posts them to twitter on his tours.

Speaking at an event in Seoul, Narendra Modi recently said Indians liked migrating abroad because they were not happy with their own country. These tweet of his created a furor among his followers who all definitely didn’t abide to his tweet. Thus Narendra Modi received quite negative response for the tweet. Hence well-balanced and level-headed tweets are important for no negative sentiments.


In global history hardly any election campaigner might have leveraged online presence as our prime ministerji did. It’s evident from our NaMo experience that certainly social media is an effective tool in creating a brand.

Image credit: BBC, Narendra

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    • 4 years ago

      saurabhralhan2   /   Reply

      Well articulated article 🙂

    • 4 years ago

      Hrucha Mehta   /   Reply

      I like the way our PM, Narendra Modi has leveraged the use of social media. It shows he is ready to embrace this technology and use it to his advantage.

    • 1 year ago

      Suraj   /   Reply

      He has millions of twitter followers. However, a few tools suggested otherwise. I think, he is the first PM having active on social media.

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