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New Sports Based Social Media Platform – – Why Watch Cricket Alone?

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Founders of Digital Vidya along with fellow IITian Manas have recently ventured into new sports based social media platform (pronounced as a single word: Sochla). The idea behind conceptualizing this platform in short term is to fill the need of cricket fans in India to share their comments, views or rants online with their friends. And the long term vision is to extend Soch.Ia to all kinds of sports. So, ultimately it will be big social network for fans of all kinds of sports. It’s an interesting platform where users can actually watch the matches live on TV & simultaneously share their opinions, generate polls, ask questions & do many other things. In short a total entertainment while expressing yourself. Many more possibilities will unfold with time.

One interesting aspect about is that it was conceptualized, designed & launched in a single month! Which tells of the passion & effort involved in bringing this idea into life. Continuous coding & dedication of the team for days & nights made this possible. The initial reaction has been fantastic looking at the blazing speed at which the score is updated along with ball by ball updates, not to forget the flash animations that appear for few seconds when some action like boundary, six, out, etc happens on the field which spices up the experience of the users. Users can even check the details by clicking the players’ names which opens a small graph determining their scoring pattern or the bowling performance.

Another interesting aspect regarding is that the ongoing development of the platform is being done fully based upon the feedback from the users. It’s a kind of “FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE” formula which is being applied. Further details regarding the features can be found in this official post on’s Blog. Initial reaction has been very positive & encouraging and some of the testimonials can be found below. So, what’s your opinion about Where can it go? What are the further possibilities?

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