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Not Going Digital? Invest In Digital Marketing Now!

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In the past few years, we have seen the world changing dramatically. There is no doubt that people are shifting from analogue to digital at a rate faster than ever imagined. We all have mobiles, desktops and/or laptops always in our hands. Nowadays, we are consuming more of digital content on a daily basis. Many companies have not yet recognised this in their marketing strategies.

Well, those who are not inculcating digital marketing into their company’s strategies are on the losing end. Why? The answer is simple. Digital marketing is a growing force in the marketing field. It is the present and future of marketing and it has replaced the traditional marketing strategies to a great extent.



Reasons why you need Digital Marketing

  1. With digital marketing, you can narrow the focus of your marketing efforts along with broadening your horizons at the same time.
  2. If you don’t have digital marketing as your marketing strategy, then you lack strategic direction. This will hamper you from gaining new customers and building more profitable relationships with their existing ones.
  3. If you aren’t leveraging on digital marketing, then you are definitely behind your competitors. You are just wasting your resources in traditional marketing strategies and falling behind your competitors.
  4. If your dream is to dominate the digital landscape then it is important to integrate digital marketing strategy.
  5. If you aren’t using digital marketing then your marketing is not integrated. Leveraging only upon traditional marketing strategies purpose will not bring out the desired result. So it is suggestible to integrate both the methods of marketing.

The aforementioned are few handful of benefits. There are many more benefits of leveraging upon digital marketing too.

According to Millward Brown’s annual Digital and Media Predictions report, the ROI defining measurements are getting serious and marketing on the digital platforms are going to a whole new level. His reports discuss the challenges before marketers and the importance of tailored content. In an interview with BrandWagon’s Shinmin Bali, Mark Henning of Millward Brown speaks about the challenges of digital marketing.

Shift in brands reaching consumers via mobile

There is a growing shift towards brands reaching out the consumer via mobile. In countries like India where mobile internet penetration is still getting worked upon. Still we are seeing mobile and digital advertising growing at a good rate and this will continue both in India as well as globally. There were many markets that have gone PC based internet first. However, the scenario is a little different when it comes to India or other markets throughout Asia and Africa. They will likely to skip straight to mobile. This seems to be a great opportunity and innovations from India and other markets could be expected.

Connected TV won’t be a threat for TV advertising: Implications on agency structures

As per the reports, connected TV won’t pose a threat for TV advertising. Does this mean agency structures would change? Well, in most of the countries around the world, agency structures segregated into specialisations in order to focus on various elements of digital. This change was rapid and gross. However, that phase is over now. The trend of integration is coming back as digital now spans across all media and brands need their agencies to be fully equipped in every form of communication. Therefore, the major trend is towards integration.

Focus on consumers on mobile: Development of content accordingly

With the increasing focus on targeting consumers on mobile, are brands developing the content in order to match that? According to the Digital Trends report, 2016, the best marketers are the ones that recognise that different platforms require different content in order to maximise engagement along with effectiveness. It is important to take into consideration that how the platform is consumed, who are the consumers and what format the content will be displayed in.

However, there is a hurdle. A lot of replicated content can be seen across devices which limit the potential of that content and might not provide the best user experience. One of the global trends that can be seen in India as well is that marketers waste money by not incorporating their video content for the digital purposes.

Tackling the challenges posed by mobile platform

There are challenges posed by mobile platforms as well. But which markets can tackle them? Well, everyone. Since there is rapid growth in penetration of mobile throughout the world markets, this signals that everyone will be tackling the challenges posed by mobile. This means those who take the time out to experiment and innovate along with clear objectives and measurements in mind will succeed.

Trends in markets to reach internet dark areas

Since India remains limited to tier 1 and tier 2 cities, but the trends are bound to increase and reaching the internet dark areas can be explained. Internet connectivity brings benefits to mobile marketing along with some great features such as callback marketing programme that have occurred in India. Therefore, spends on digital as well as mobile advertising will continue to increase.

Measuring ROI

The report throws light on qualitative analysis of the impact of an impression, ROI and development of a robust system in order to measure ROI. The question in here is how to reach different markets on digital? The answer lies in company’s objective and working out the right metrics in order to succeed. One can measure the ROI by choosing the right metrics that match their organisation’s objectives.

Market focus in 2016

Think, and then act. One piece of advice for everyone is to think what you are trying to achieve for your brand after that use the right method of communication with the audience.  Along with this, you will have to take care of the context and content that suits your goals. In the digital environment, the consumer has much more control. So it is important to tailor the content for that purpose and then measure the impact. The ways of execution in different elements of digital media needs to be considered.



Digital marketing is growing and if you are not leveraging upon that then you know what you might be losing. You can get yourself registered here for Webinars and get the benefits of what’s trending in digital marketing! Share with us your experience or query if you may have.

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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