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Now Bookmark Links On Facebook & Read Them Later

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Facebook is amongst the no. 1 Social player. What makes it the most loved social networking site is the varied options which it gives to its users. It always brings out the new tools and functionalities which makes the user who use the Facebook application more interested. Facebook always keep itself upgrading to make it easy to use application. This is the reason that users like to use Facebook amongst all available social networking sites. We have a lot of things on Facebook to look at, to read, like news feeds, status updates, uploaded images, uploaded videos, stories shared. Looking to the huge data exchanged it sometimes possible that we do not get enough time to read all the stuff posted or shared. To ease out this situation Facebook has provided an option to bookmark links on Facebook and read them later whenever you have free time. In the year 2014 Facebook had launched the Bookmark tool known as “Save on Facebook”. It is very handy tool. With this feature you have an option to flag things on Facebook which you like. It ensures that users are not missing on the important things which are published on the Facebook. Now you know that you have a save feature you must be having some questions in your mind like how it works, what it provides and so on. Here are the answers to it:

On which all devices you can bookmark?

You can bookmark on mobile devices – IOS, Android and on the Web through laptop, desktop, tab.

How do you Bookmark or save on Facebook?

Saving on Mobile IOS device:

Mobile save link

On Mobile you need to slide across the post from right to left to make the save button appear, once you see the save button click on it and your post will be saved.

Below is a full video which will show you the steps for saving the content on Facebook on Mobile:

Saving on web:

Go to your timeline, on the right side select the down arrow and you will have an option of save, click on that option and your post will be saved.

Facbook Bookmark

 Once you will save the link, it will give you the following message

Added to saved link

What all you can Bookmark?

You can bookmark almost anything that you view on Facebook like links, images, videos, posts, events, Places, Books, Movies, TV Shows. It is interesting to note that you cannot save the photos or posts without links.

On which all devices you can bookmark?

You can bookmark on IOS & Android operated mobiles and on Web through laptop, desktop & tab.

How can you view your saved contents and read it

Viewing saved content through Mobile –

Click on the more options and post clicking on more you will get an option saved, click on that option and you will get to view all your saved content.

mobile view save link

Viewing saved content through web-

Save pages

Go to the Facebook home and on the left side you will find an option called saved, click on that and you will view saved option click on that and you can view your saved content.You can also view your saved content by visiting –

saved post

What features does the Save on Facebook provide?

It provides an option which tells you how many total content you have saved and from that how many link, places, music, video, books, TV shows and events content you have saved. It also provides an option to share the save content with your friends in your network. You can also unsave the link if you want. It also randomly provides you an alert of your saved link, It will also let you know that which person post you have saved and it also provides you an option to archive the save content.

Share save content 

Share save link

Alert received for save content

Reminder for save link

Unsave option

Go to the timeline and select down arrow and than click on unsave link option

unsave link

What is the benefit of Bookmarking?

If you have a large group of friend’s network, if you are a member of communities/ groups on Facebook, you follow pages or people you like, then everyday people will do some sort of posting and you will receive lots of posts on your news feed. News feed will only show you the most relevant post and not all the posts. You have to scroll manually, go through all the post featured on your timeline; hence it becomes very tedious as well as time-consuming job. In this case there is a definite possibility that you can miss on to read some important post especially if time is the constraint for you. For example if you have a meeting to attend or going to office then you may not be able to read all the posts. It may also become difficult for you to remember which post you have missed on reading. Now, think of the scenario if you have an option to save the content which you want to read on a later stage, according to your convenience whenever you have enough time. The answer to all your worries is bookmark links on Facebook. Hence if you bookmark the content or post then you will not miss out on any of your important posts you really wanted to go through on Facebook. The Facebook has provided save feature wherein you can easily save almost everything and also easily refer at the later stage of what all you have saved. This is a great tool which will ensure that you do not have a burden to remember everything of what you have not viewed.

The most loved benefit of the Bookmark links on Facebook feature is, you can access the saved post or content any no of times you need. Some memorable moment, some recurring event on regular interval, all this can be viewed or referred again through bookmarking.

Image Credit: FB news room

Video Source: fox news, Facebook

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