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Panel Discussion on Local- The New Focal Point (New Frontiers Of Growth) At Mobile Internet Conference

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Panelists from different avenues turned up at the Mobile Internet Conference to discuss and share their views on how locals can turn out to be the new focal point and frontiers of growth. Thus by covering the whole spectrum, the influencers will throw light upon the prospects of the new focal point. With the current base of more than 240 million users and it is anticipated to add 300 millions user base by the end of 2017, which is an exponential growth that they are looking at.

Abhishek Nag, Growth Manager – India , Facebook

One of the panelist, Abhishek Nag said that since the country comes in layers so after doing the socio-economic classification of the Indian community, the first 50 million are the top 1 percent of any other country in the world. Now that we have around 240 million on the internet, the next 300 million people in our view look very different. The common things are of course that they consume content, they like to connect with their friends through social networking platforms like Facebook, they travel by booking tickets on MakeMyTrip etc., those things remain the same. However, he said that it is important to understand the differences to be able to address them and bring them on to these platforms. Moreover, most of the people have probably studied second language and their first language would be Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc. and at the same time they have also studied English as their secondary language, so the primary language was the local language.

The other key difference is that they are used to a very physical economy for instance. For instance, if they have to get a recharge done, they have someone around them and probably that person is also telling them how to use Facebook, how to watch the latest videos etc., they probably have people in their family or neighbourhood to tell them about how to get that video on their phone and watch it. So, these are some of the differences in the first 50 or 100 million users versus the 300 or 400 millions who are yet to come online. He said that understanding these would enable all of them to become participants in the online economy.

Sukirti Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, MMI Online

In her opinion, the user landscape has been shifting as last couple of years has shown tremendous growth. The user base has increased by 50-60% and it has been reflected that the mobile consumption has been increasing and it has been seen that it is also affecting the language economy. So, at present they are witnessing 36-38% of traffic even on the language sites on the mobiles which is a combination of smart phones and feature phones. So, if the data is broken down then 40% of the traffic is from mobile phones itself.

Moreover, in terms of geography, there has been an update especially in terms of their core consuming belts including UP, Bihar and other states. Furthermore, they have been witnessing the level of content picking up in these new bases that are young and much younger to their traditional base which is 18-24 years old, for whom Dainik Jagran creates and prints the online content for.

Pranav Bhasin, Vice President – Online Products, MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is the largest online travel agency and it has been witnessed that lot of their growth has been shifting towards Tier-II and Tier-III cities. On deeply noticing the mobile trend, it was actually found that the number of mobile users in India will actually surpass the English speaking population by 2015. So, in the upcoming 2-3 years, there will be people who will be looking to travel and MakeMyTrip would love to be the chosen travel destination site.

Recently, around 2 months back MakeMyTrip launched its Hindi app and at present they have been noticing that a lot of users are trickling from metro cities, the products that they sell are slightly higher ticket price. Moreover, it has been found that the users typically belong to the age group of around 35-40 years. Earlier, since they were not comfortable with English language so they used to approach their family members to book their tickets but with this Hindi app, they feel more comfortable as they can understand the product that is being sold to them.

Arvind Pani, CEO & Co – Founder, Reverie Technologies

Arvind Pani said that “to me these 300 million users are not going to be different from the existing 200 million users as their social and emotional needs will exactly be the same as these 200 million users and they would like to have similar experience as was provided to these 200 million users.”

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