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Panel Discussion On ‘Personalizing Or Going General’ At Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015

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The Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015 which is being held at Kuala Lumpur from 21st-25th April is running in its 4th year this time. With great enthusiasm amongst the speakers, panelists, session moderators, social media partners, organizers as well as the attendees of the event, the event is running at a highly interactive pace.

The event which has been happening over the last 3 years, currently in its 4th year is quite an enthralling event that is being sponsored by the media partners that are renowned companies, brands and names viz. GrabCar, SocialMediaBeez, Amongst these names, Digital Vidya, which is acclaimed as Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company has also been associated with Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) not only as the media partners but the CEO of the company, Pradeep Chopra and the Co-founder, Kapil Nakra have been amongst the influential and eminent speakers at several sessions happening at the event. This year, Kapil Nakra is going to be a part of one of the panel discussions at the event.

Enlisted below are the pointers on which the panelists including Kapil shared their views and opinions about:

• Social media optimization means to know where to personalize and where to go general
• Corrupt personalization – know the end results of corrupt personalization and how to avoid it at the planning stage
• Personalization v/s Going General- outlining its advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons)

The influential speakers from across the globe shared their side of the experience on what will work best and in what kind of situation. Here is what each one of them had to say.

Kapil Nakra, Co-founder, Digital Vidya

Hailing from a digital marketing background, Kapil is in the industry for over 14 years now. He started off with his side of the discussion by quoting the example of one of the Indian dishes, that is particular to Rajasthan in India viz. Daal Bhaati Churma. He quoted this example to emphasis the relevance of going personal than being going general, based on the set of audience to whom it is being targeted. He also stated that if this dish if being named in Malaysia will be a fact like going general only as the people there might not know about the same. However, if an ad is created based on this dish from all the people in Rajasthan who know about it then, going personal is the apt term for them. Here are the key pointers that Kapil highlighted upon:

• To keep the content personalized at a large scale is the phenomenal. For the same, relevancy is the key to personalization.
• Personalization gives visibility on Facebook, it is based on following key parameters:

1. Past interactions on content from same source
2. Past interactions on content from same type
3. Trending topics of my interest

• Besides, he quoted one of the examples from his personal experience that while searching for a table on, he yet again was targeted through a concept called retargeting. This was a clear instance of going personal.
• He gave an example of Twitter handles and hashtags that are simply being personal. So, to go personal with the audience, use of hashtags and twitter handles is the prime focus.
• Besides there was an example of NJS (Not Just Score) wherein via use of Twitter 500 mentions, 19 Retweets and 181 visits were gained, thus solving the purpose of the campaign.
• He also shared the example of Rahul Gandhi’s Campaign on Twitter that went viral as the promotions were being demanded through the campaign and that gave hundreds of tweets through multiple accounts. It however went against. Kapil shared his unbiased views on the same.
He concluded by stating that personalization is needed and a must on Social Media platforms but it is crucial as to how to use it.

Kevin Eugene Ong, Chief Marketing Officer, 7inchez, Malaysia

• Kevin stated that generalization does not work for every kind of brand. It is difficult to keep pace with the same in this stiff competition.
• For a brand to create its image, going personal is the core key factor to adhere to. For instance: if a company launches a new campaign on the occasion of Women’s Day then this is being going personal and reaching out to the women, thus making direct connect with them. Such things affect the marketing conceptualization to a great extent.
• Focusing on the Facebook pages with ‘Likes’, ‘Shared posts and Pages’ provide access to the database so as to go personal from being just remaining general.
• E-books are a great way to get personalized and sharing them with the specific set of audience.

Andrew Chow, Founder, Ideas & Concepts, Singapore

• He stated that the topic of ‘Personalization or Going General’ might bring the questions in mind as to what this topic is going to be all about? It can be any of the concepts, branding, marketing etc.?
• He then stated that there are 5 things to decide in case of going P or Going General?

1. The objective of the same should be defined precisely for the same.
2. Top management
3. Knowledge
4. Customer engagement for personalizing is crucial
5. Strong personal branding is crucial for better branding

• To be precise, the term personalizing is speaking the language of your niche audience.
• Besides, personalization is essential if blogging is your primary avenue of engagement.
• Personalizing is the doorway to social media insights
• Going general is the father of personalizing
• Going general is excellent for building Brand Architecture
• Going general is a strategy while personalization is a tactic

Thus, ‘Going Hybrid’ i.e. the condition of Going General or Personalizing both co-existing can work really well.

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