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Pick up a Social Media Channel and begin with your battle!!

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Social Media and Battle?? A weird combination, most of you will be thinking that this girl has gone nuts. But believe me this has happened – Downfall of Mubarak (the famous Egypt Revolution) is an aftermath of a Social Media Movement.

We are all Khaled Said – Blogger’s Initiative

“We are all Khaled Said”- anonymously created facebook page was named after a blogger who was brutally beaten to death by Egyptian authorities was the conception of this Social Media Movement. By 2008, the Internet savvy Arab brigade broke out a new splinter by turning into bloggers and raising their voices.

Facebook- The Beginning Spark

Wael Ghonim, an Internet activist who became the inspiring voice and gave facebook as platform to Arab youth to raise their voices. The facebook interactions (on “We are all Khaled Said”) played a remarkable role in achieving thirty-year-old dream of Arabs. Be it raising voice against tortures and atrocities or strategizing protests these Gen X Arabs shared everything through this platform.

This Facebook community grabbed attention of millions and paved way for the Revolution. Day of silence – Jan 25 , Day of Rage- Jan 28 , for every Grand protest, impetus was facebook community .

Finally President of Egypt had to step down and now whole nation is thanking Facebook & Internet Media for being instrumental in actualizing one of biggest Revolutions in history without much bloodshed.

Egyptians have got their freedom, but what are you waiting for, pick up your Social Media baton and begin your campaign!!

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