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Pinterest To Roll Out Video Ads

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social media site for sharing photos of same interest which is known as pins, and collection of photo’s known as pin board, it allows its users to upload photos and pin it on the board, user can choose to share the pins, if that pin is public others can also share  known as repin. But now it will no more restrict to act as a social media gallery site, There is  Buzz in Social Media market of Pinterest to roll out Video Ads known as “Cinematic pins


Pinterest has 4.7 million users but is not so much profit generating company as compare to Facebook, to double down its earning Pinterest has come out with an innovative idea of rolling out sponsored video Ads, On 19th May 2015 Pinterest declared that it is launching new Video ad product known “Cinematic pins”, what make this product unique from Facebook is that Cinematic pins will be motion based ads on the other hand Facebook video Ads usually start automatically without the sound on the screen through, but Cinematic pins moves in a relation as and when user scrolls the pin, thus matches the user scrolling speed

Some Highlights of Cinematic Pins are:

  1. Cinematic pins can be described as new age mobile ad product that will enable enhanced storytelling of the brands with looping of video ads in  motion
  2. These pins are exactly like seen on the feed of Pinterest page the only difference is that they will be moving images
  3. It is a motion based ad Format similar to the speed of animation
  4. This video will be played according to the user speed of scrolling, when the user will scroll down the images will move and when the user will stop scrolling images will stop moving, hence it will be totally in control of user, which will be very interesting to see
  5. The full video will only be played when user select to expand the pins
  6. One more important thing to take into the consideration is that the Cinematic Ads won’t be served to Desktop users it is specially designed for Mobile users as major Pinterest activity i.e. about 80% of activity takes on mobile devices.
  7. When the ads will be run on mobile device users can take the control via scrolling the ads by scrolling the screen on mobile device up and down. As soon as the cinematic pins will come into the picture they will start moving
  8. The Cinematic Ads will run on Pinterest homepage and category feeds.
Pinterest also shared a video of how Cinematic Pins will look like

Pinterest has also set guidelines to create a cinematic Ads, i.e. the entire video should be set in 50 frames from which 10 frames will be shown on user feeds.

Cinematic pins feature seems to be interesting and have already created excitement to observe and eagerness in marketers to display this type of ads on Pinterest and engage the target audiences.

pin ad

Along with this feature it has also launched new advertising tools for marketers that will allow them to know who their target audience is based on their interest, channels and to the user groups such as travellers or foodies.

In the previous year company had launched Promotional ads, it has not disclosed till now how much successful they were in their attempt but this shows that they are very serious about monetization and they are keeping up stand with the social media networking Companies competition. Many of the social media sites like Facebook, YouTube have already monetized by introducing Paid Advertising concept Pinterest have taken a very innovative step to involve the users in using their Platform for displaying ads.

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Tim Kendall – Pinterest General Manager for Monetization explains that what makes their Cinematic pins distinct compare to other video Ads is that the Autoplay of video ads which exist today is very interrupting and annoying but in cinematic pins user will be excited to see that the things will be under their control.

Pinterest being already so popular among the  People to share DIY  (Do-It-Yourself)  ideas, Quotes, Hobby ideas – Arts and crafts all in form of images, apart from that it is also used by Companies as a business page, especially for those companies who have to sell its product online, they choose Pinterest as the social medium to showcase their products and engage the users to know about their products and have an opportunities to sell,  and now with this new Features many brands will be benefited to gain attraction towards the target audience in a different way, they can showcase their products in short clips  as well as they can also track the performance of their ad-based on various analytics reports available and how users are interacting with their set of products.

Previously the social media were restricted to engage audiences in social media networks but in the recent years social media sites have expand its wings to the Social Media Marketing arena and to be popular in this new age market and to earn revenue one has to keep on bringing new ideas so that people use their social networking site to advertise so Pinterest did by rolling out video ads.

Pinterest with an introduction of Cinematic Pins has set a new twist in the social media advertising market and will be like keeping finger crossed about how it will work to catch the enough users attention and gain profitability.

image courtesy : Google Image
Video courtesy : Pinterest YouTube Video
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