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Practice To Sing To Your Doctor, Says Practo

Practice To Sing To Your Doctor, Says Practo


Practo is an online both web as well as mobile-based platform, from where a consumer can find a doctor and also book an appointment for a particular specialty near their respective areas. This particular platform provides all the customers with a filter, which is determined on the listing of doctors based on the distance, gender, recommendations, availability and consultation that includes not just fees but also the information regarding their working days and hours. The company offers a non-chargeable practice by neither charging doctors to get listed on Practo nor customers to book an appointment with any of the doctors listed.

Recently, the doctor discovery platform has claimed to receive over ten million hits via Practo every month. Also, the list of healthcare practitioners has reached 2,00,000, which is a remarkable growth.

Practo’s Digital Campaign: ‘If You could sing to your doctor’ is back with a follow-up called “If your doctor could sing to you”.


 The campaign is successful in achieving various entries from users across the nation – “Chup Chup Khade Ho Zarur Koi Baat Hai” (Speech Therapist),  ‘tip tip barsa paani, paani mein aag lagayi’ (urologist), “Tune Mari Entriyan Dil Me Baji Ghantiya” (Cardiologist), “gore gore mukhde pe kala kala chashma” (Ophthalmologist) and many more. The basic idea of the campaign is to create a conversational content for all the users and also it should be capable of bringing a smile on everyone’s faces. Both the campaigns were created and executed internally by Practo.


Talking about the agenda behind the campaigns, Shashank ND, CEO and founder, Practo Technologies, says,

“As a brand, we never ever want to be alarmist or use ‘fear’ to convey our message. Far too often, people resort to fear and anxiety to convey a message in this sector. We think that there is already a lot of fear and anxiety that consumers have when they think of healthcare. Our products help simplify their healthcare decisions and reduce this anxiety. Adding a hint of humour to our communication can further alleviate some of the anxiety that consumers face.”


Just after the uploading of some funny creative images by Practo, many of the users started participating actively on the platform. “We got thousands of responses from consumers and many of them were just so amazing that we couldn’t help but do a second series using this content – that’s when it really became crowdsourced. We published the best responses on our Facebook page, along with creatives and credited the person who submitted the idea when we ran the first campaign,” shares Shashank.

The statistics by Practo reveals that approximately 700 entries were registered and also the content was liked and shared by more than 3000 people on social media networking sites. Users actively participated and enjoyed the entire event thoroughly by sharing the funny phrases r images created by them. The campaign was a great success.

Shashank confirms that Practo is a perfect platform for both doctors and consumers, as it connect with both parties and brings out the best. “This is evident with our hugely successful #ThankYouDoctor campaign where we tried to bring out the doctor side of the story,” he adds.

As per Brand Equity Foundation, the value of entire Indian healthcare market is US $65 billion. From the overall market private sector solely accounts 72 percent of the country’s total healthcare expenditure.

Practo is a leading name in online medical practice management, which provides a list of renowned doctors with an appointment scheduler, doctors with remarkable electronic medical record services, also Practo provides prescriptions along with complete billing information, IVR telephony, and other important healthcare management services that are essential for a patient.

Practo helps you make better healthcare decisions, as it is an intelligent healthcare account for the complete family. Practo believes in its desire for excellence, by providing improved health care access by all the people.

Pradeep Chopra CEO, Digital Vidya along with Dr. Som Singh, Chief Marketing Advisor, Unspun Consulting Group spoke on  ‘Copywriting In The World Of Shrinking Screen Sizes’ at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015. The concept of Practo is available in the following presentation. You can have a glimpse of the same here:


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