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Rank High On Google Local Search With 3 SEO Tips

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Search Engine Optimization refers to all the processes that are involved in pushing up the rank of a web page or a website on the search results of Google or any other search engine. The experts keep experimenting with the process but there are few simple steps that you can follow to enjoy greater visibility online and earn more revenue. The following are 3 simple to follow tips that can prove to be miraculous for your SEO success.

1. Use long term keywords

The main thing which plays a key role in escalating the rank of a web page or website is the appropriate usage of the keywords. What are long term keywords? These are nothing but the keywords that are long and can be better classified as phrases. For example – ‘locate your dream house in your city’ or ‘visit the store for an unbelievable discount’. Such keywords make the agenda of communication quite clear and hence, are capable of attracting more traffic to your site.

2. Use keywords before the main body of the content

This is a smart trick to rank high on Google search results and grab the position on the first page of Google. Use the keyword(s) or the phrase in the introductory paragraph of your write-up. This calls for formulating a sentence that smartly involves the keyword while being grammatically correct as well. The keywords must be used in the main body of the content as well but using it in the first paragraph pushes up the rank dramatically.

3. Call your readers to take action

This can be done through the keywords probably placed at the end of the content. You should make it a point to insert a call to take action so that the very purpose of your write-up gets fulfilled. This will be a wonderful conclusion to your content as the readers will not just take the main point home but will also be compelled to take some concrete action or at least think about it.

So, adopt these SEO tips now and experience sweet success on Google!

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      First sub-heading confused me. I thought key words which will be used on Search Engines for a longer period. However, doubt is clear after I read.

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