Rooms ToGo Increased Accessory Sales By Implementing Google Analytics Premium

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Google analytics premium is designed for specific needs in analytics, which the standard Google Analytics cannot meet. With extra processing power, advanced options for analysis, better service and support, this version is giving better analysis to their customers.

This is a case study of how Room To Go increased their accessory sales by implementing Google Analytics Premium.

Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go is the largest home furnishing retailer in US, established in 1991. Rooms To Go has changed the way people opted to buy furniture. With stylish designs, wide variety at affordable price Rooms To Go has become the America‘s number one independent furniture company. They were the first in introducing the concept of displaying furniture in room settings. Rooms To Go always concentrated on giving better customer experience in their showrooms. They have made a strong online presence too. Apart from the usual furniture Rooms To Go have introduced exclusive furniture section for kids and teens. It was important that they provide a better online shopping experience to increase sales.

The primary goal of the company was to understand the purchase behaviour of their customers online. Online customization has to be streamlined to understand how the customers purchase its products with add-ons.

The Approach

LunaMetrics, an analytics agency who was assigned the job, integrated Google Analytics with BigQuery. BigQuery is the Google’s data analytics service to analyse big data in seconds. BigQuery can do querying of Big Data with the help of the advanced processing infrastructure of Google. Integrating Google Analytics with BigQuery has helped Rooms To Go to understand the purchasing behaviour of their customers. It was necessary to understand the behaviour of customers and their buying patterns, to optimize and plan the strategies. Often customers buy various products together. This method has helped Rooms To Go to extract this behaviour.

“BigQuery allowed to extract large quantities of data from Google analytics to use in analysis,” says Jonathan Weber data evangelist, LunaMetrics

The Result

Once, how the customer often choose the products together is identified, it was easy to optimize the page accordingly. The major accessories people brought were known. Now it was easy to offer the customers the products they wanted in one go thus giving them a better buying experience from Rooms To Go website. Rooms To Go could now offer advanced functionalities,  that customers can add accessories with their major purchase. With easier and intelligent customization, Rooms To Go could increase the sales of both accessories and add on products. More over the user experience was also improved.

What Rooms To Go said:

“Google Analytics Premium provided a statistical data analysis that was beyond our previous limitations. The data were quickly available and actionable” shared Rob Crigler, VP of digital marketing at Rooms To Go.

Image Credits: roomstogo

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