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Social media monitoring is something executive need in order to be effective in their job. The parallelism here is that: if an office contains a room where many customers and prospects are talking about what’s going on in their lives, what they’re up to with their businesses and what they’re interested in at the moment and suddenly the sales executive pops in the room.

It would be pretty valuable if the sales executive spend his five minutes in between meetings or travel to go to that room, listen to conversations and gauge what’s being discussed. All sales executive should agree that this would extremely beneficial and valuable for their work.

But numerous sales executives ask- when to do this all along with their crazy busy schedule?

Despite their busy schedule there are techniques they can use to capitalize on this opportunity during their little free time, like for example when they are at a board meeting, waiting for their lunch and travelling in taxi. They can tap into social media spectrum where they can for five minutes get in to the various conversation occurring there.

Listed below are few guidelines that sales executive should monitor when he thinks to use social media. Basically social media is designated into three specific points:

  • Critical things that should be known

If a customer or enterprise prospect mentions sales executive or even about his business or competitor, then this is a big deal.

These activities should be configured so that whenever someone mention about them, sales executive gets an email that alerts him. He should make a concerted effort to continually get better at recognizing those mentions, as they can be important in understanding current and prospective customer’s needs.

  • Activities that a sales executive want to know but somehow he misses them

Sometimes it happens that a sales executive wants to know many thing but if there’s too much to monitor in addition to critical events, then it’s okay on checking mentions of the company on social network.

  • Posts that sales executive can afford to miss

It’s not like that he misses all such type of mentions despite of having free time. But if they are missed then it’s not the end of the world. If a lead tweets then it appears on a separate feed. Though he can’t view all this activity, but he can try take out few minutes to just see some worthwhile post or mention that he should know. Later in the day he can read all these tweets and retweet ones that really stand out, or a salesperson can be assigned this work of this retweeting and responding to such activities.

Hopefully this type of set up can give sales executive an idea on how he can prioritize which social media activity to monitor on a day to day basis.



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