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SciNet Claims To Fetch Better Search Results Than Google

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Whenever a new company come-up as competition openly in front of any big industry giant, there are always number of marketers and experts talking about the pros and cons of the same on their respective businesses.

2Today when we talk about Internet, Google is the first company which pop-up in our mind. Google don’t require any introduction rather it provides information on every topic you can think off. But what if you come across some other search engines which can help you in your searches in more efficient manner?

A new search engine, SciNet came into limelight due its unique contribution as a search mechanism with faster and relevant results and additional features of formulating user queries, especially when they are clueless about their searches. This search engine was developed at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, which is a research institute running jointly under Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, which work on basic and applied research on information technology.

As per Project’s Coordinator, Tuukka Ruotsalo, “The SciNet search engine solves these problems. It is easier for people to recognise what information they want from the options offered by the SciNet search engine than it is to type it themselves.”

SciNet is different because it reflects a complete set of keywords and subjects on topic radar, which further help users in finding out how their keyword is related to the topics available on search engine. The relevancy level of the keywords towards different topics can be judged from its distance from the center point of radar. The one which are close to the centre of radar come under the relevant results while the one which is far from the centre are considered to be less relevant.


SciNet is useful for the users who are doubtful for the topic they are searching for. It helps them in formulating their queries in more systematic manner and is very useful for the one who often find difficulty in placing correct keywords in search engines.

Hence, SciNet is getting considered to be a big time rival for Google due to its unique features and they claim to provide better relevant search results in comparison to Google.

Credit: Aalto University, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, The Hindu

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      That’s an amazing information. Google has definitely become an inevitable part of internet world. Be it search, documents, mailing, social networking etc. But having an another option would be definitely welcomed. Competition brings out lot of good things and it will benefit their users as each would be trying to outdo other. The features in SciNet are indeed unique and interesting. Change is always good !!!!

    • 4 years ago

      Sumit   /   Reply

      Its really an awesome info that has been shared. its also inevitable share of online virtual world

    • 4 years ago

      Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

      Considering the fact that Google has such a large database, It may prove a boon as well as a bane for Google depending on how effectively it manages such a large database and there depends the overall success of any competitor.

    • 4 years ago

      Dinesh Sirohi   /   Reply

      Good stuff..

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks Dinesh..

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