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Search Engine Giant Google’s SEO Trends In 2016

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Google SEO Trends 2016

As we head in to final quarter of 2015, its time to get ready for Google SEO Trends for 2016. As the largest search engine in the world, Google keeping us on our toes. Search engine optimization looks so different today then it looked 5 years ago. With its algorithm updates and other changes over the years, staying on top of what is shaping the future of Google SEO is an absolute must. Technology changes so fast these days, so we have got few important updates for Google trends in 2015 for you to pay attention to and get prepared for.

  • Mobile Optimization:

First is mobile optimization, back in march we did talked little bit about google’s newest algorithm which really favours mobile friendly websites. And it penalizes those that are not.

So , that is still true more than ever. So make sure that you do check your website out at the mobile friendly test and get complied.

In 2016, the searches on the mobile devices are going to outnumber the searches from desktop devices so get started with that.

  • Voice Search and Long tailed keywords:

Voice search is becoming really popular now. With Google now, Apple Siri and windows Cortana, searching for your search term using your voice is very common and typically when people searching using voice they are asking a question. So if you are typing you can type Starbucks but with voice search you ask question “where is the nearest Starbucks?”. Voice search on mobile devices is really changing the way that we search and the patterns that we use. So as the part of your SEO keyword research Long Tailed keywords are becoming more important than ever so be sure to include that in your plan. And that’s a good thing anyway because long-tailed keywords are very targeted.

  • Video Search Engine Optimization:

As the number 2 search engine in the world, YouTube video consumption is increasing by leaps and bounds. With mobile as forefront of video viewing its expected to reach at 57% in 2016. So with that in mind it’s really important to add a strong video marketing strategy in your marketing plan. YouTube is expected to account over half of search traffic and by embedding videos in your blog posts, visitors are going to stay on your website longer. So it’s definitely a win-win situation.

It’s also going to help you to expand your audience to people who prefer video over reading. And make sure you use SEO video techniques so that your videos rank well in search.

  • Visual Content:

Paying a lot more attention to Visual content is also gonna be important for your SEO trends of 2016. You can also increase your website traffic with visual content like images that you have optimized really well and info graphics. These elements are gonna keep visitors on your website longer but they also rank high in google, so be sure to optimize those images. Google’s main objective is always to serve their searchers and as google SEO search continues to transition with changing search patterns. You have also got to tweak a few things in what you are doing so that you can get found in search.

  • Page speed:

Page speed being one of the important ranking factors even in 2015, is even more important this year. It not only helps for a better user experience, it also helps in better page indexing by google. Don’t postpone your  page optimization for tomorrow. Remember

  1. 40% of your visitors will abandon a site if loading takes longer than 3 seconds;
  2. Half of your visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less;
  3. 1 second in loading time decreases conversion by 7%.
  • Importance of deep links in Apps

App indexing is no new phenomena and now as we see a shift of users to mobile devices google is anticipating the overtaking of traditional webpages by various Apps and you can take its advantage. From this year onward “Deep links” ( links that point towards a specific page or section of the app) will start to carry more meaning and weightage. And importance of app optimization will also grow meaning if you are a medium-sized business and do not have any app, it’s time to get one now. In case you don’t see feasibility of app with your business at least try to get your business registered across as many apps as possible.

  • The importance of digital assistants

Already modern search engines are receiving more and more queries from digital assistants, thus adding a new layer and new dimension to the search complexity out there. And the difference in spoken queries to those of typed queries is quite huge, thus we can see a need for new long tailed keywords mimicking local language.

Google SEO trends in 2016 are all about adapting to change, it’s all about focusing on how useful your content is as well. SEO is much more than keywords and tricks to get on that first page of search.

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