What is the Average SEO Salary in India

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What is SEO? 

SEO is the abbreviation for the term Search Engine Optimization. Now, what is that? Search engine optimization is an umbrella term which includes all the techniques implemented to generate traffic on a website. The SEO practices mainly aim at driving organic traffic to a website using content marketing, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, etc. In this blog, we aim to provide a detailed description of the SEO salary. 

SEO salary

Search Engine Optimization – A branch of Digital Marketing

To simplify, you must understand all the practices undertaken in the name of SEO are focused on increasing the search engine ranking of a website. A higher ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) brings higher traffic on the website.

Optimization refers to infusing elements that make the website rank higher. For example: If a blog is to be optimized in order to rank it higher, a set of most searched keywords are infused into content, backlinks, focus keywords, related title, description, etc.

One of the most frequently asked questions related to SEO is ‘SEO salary in India’. (Going to appear for an SEO interview? find the answers to top SEO interview questions). We will answer the questions related to SEO salary later in the blog. First, let’s take a glance at the various designations one can work at, in the SEO hierarchy. Like any other work domain, SEO profiles too vary in tasks from one level to the other. Each personnel at a given level has its own set of tasks that can be best done by him. Also, it must be noted.

An Infographic of the SEO hierarchy

SEO salary

Guide to SEO job profiles – Infographic by Digital Vidya

SEO Job Profiles

Take a look at the various SEO job profiles that may vary from organization to organization in terms of tasks and designation titles.

1.) SEO Trainee

The designation of an SEO trainee ranks for the lowest position in the hierarchal order of the SEO job profiles. An SEO trainee is usually a fresher in the field, thus, begins from the basic. He is made to learn the know-hows and the practical functionalities of how SEO works. A trainee is under the close guidance of a mentor, usually a senior employee i.e SEO executive. The SEO trainee’s functions may vary from organization to organization. However, major tasks are not performed by the SEO trainee. Brainstorming sessions and implementation of various SEO tools like off- page SEO (sharing, commenting, etc.), writing content.

Salary of SEO trainee:

The average salary of an SEO trainee may range from 8-12k (minimum) for freshers.

2.) SEO Executive

SEO executive is not a very influential position in the hierarchal order. In the absence of the SEO trainee, The SEO executive will be ranked the lowest. The tasks carried out by the SEO executive may depend on the nature of the organization they are working in. The described tasks may include Doing process-centric SEO, carry out individual SEO campaigns, optimization analysis of the content. Also, conduct On-page and off-page SEO. Write or rewrite the Title, description and meta description of the content that is to be marketed in order to increase the traffic. The code optimization is also listed as one of the tasks of the SEO executive.

Salary of SEO Executive:

The average salary of an SEO Executive may range from 15- 25k (minimum) for freshers.

3.) SEO Analyst

The SEO analyst stands ahead of the SEO executive in the hierarchal order. The job description of an SEO analyst may pronounce his functions as reviewing the work of the SEO executive, being well versed with the keyword finding and implementing techniques. The SEO analyst is supposed to analyze the performance of the SEO executives to match the required quality and time efficiency.  The task of finding the more searched keywords using keywords finding tools and further assigning those keywords to the executives to have the articles woven around them. These are basic functions of an SEO analyst, however, there is always room for variation.

Salary of SEO Analyst:

The salary for an SEO Analyst may range between 20- 27k (minimum) for freshers.

4.) SEO Strategist

As the name suggests, the task of the SEO strategist is to lay down strategies which will be implemented and followed to increase and enhance the SEO of the company’s website. An SEO strategist closely studies the SEO techniques and tools through the which the website ranking of the company and mass reach is increased for the purpose of communication with the audience. The strategies are further passed on to the analysts and executives. The analyst may suggest changes in the same after reviewing the strategies framed by the SEO Strategist.

Salary of SEO Strategist:

The salary for an SEO strategist may range between 25-30k (variable). 

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5.) SEO Specialist

The profile of an SEO specialist makes him accountable for maintaining and managing the organic search results of the company’s web pages. He is responsible for planning and carrying out the SEO campaigns. In the case of agencies, when the campaign is carried out for the third party, it is the SEO specialist who finds ways to increase the traffic on the website. Considering the various ranking factors the amendments in the campaign are also expected to be implemented.

Salary of SEO Specialist:

The salary for an SEO Specialist may range between 25- 35k (variable) for experienced candidates.

6.) SEO Consultant

The basic task of an SE consultant may be described as giving SEO related consultation to companies, corporates, brands or individual bloggers. The profile of an SEO consultant is more likely present in the Digital Marketing agencies which provide third party assistance. An SEO consultant may not visit office like a regular employee, instead provide assistance online. The primary task of a consultant is to provide business suggestions to the company they are working for, or to the clients of the company. The SEO consultant may be often referred as an SEO expert with comprehensive knowledge of the various tools used in search engine optimization to leverage the traffic on the website.

Salary of SEO Consultant:

The salary/fees for an SEO consultant may range between 30- 50k (Usually charge per project- variable fees). Experience is a must for this profile.

7.) SEO Technician

The term SEO technician is self-explanatory in accordance with the tasks related to this particular profile. The tasks undertaken by an SEO technician focus on assessing and analyzing the activities on the competitor’s website for comparison. The SEO technician is supposed to connect with the bloggers and pitch in for back linking. Also, optimizing and promoting the content originally prepared for the marketing purpose. The SEO technician fixes any kind of technical glitches in the functioning of SEO activities.

Salary of SEO Technician:

The salary for an SEO Technician may range between 25- 35k (variable) for experienced candidates.

8.) SEO Account Manager

The job description of an SEO account manager is solely responsible for suggesting and monitoring the performance of various activities undertaken to increase the SEO of the company’s website. He reviews the final results driven out of the social media campaigns, Google campaigns, and any other SEO activity. All these performance reviews help him to suggest the changes that can be made to improve the SEO. His primary task is to implement effective strategies to lay out successful campaigns.

Salary of SEO Account Manager:

The salary for an SEO Account Manager may range between 28-35k (variable)

9.) SEO Manager

The SEO manager stands ahead of many designations in an organization. The higher position comes with greater responsibility. Thus, the manager is supposed to analyze the reports of all the campaigns running at a particular time. Guide the subordinates with in-depth knowledge of keywords and successful Ad campaigns, which an SEO manager is expected to be equipped with. recommended the amendments in the campaigns that are going to be launched or are already live.  Develop content marketing strategy in accordance with SEO goals.

Salary of SEO Manager:

The  SEO salary of an SEO Manager may range between 30- 45k (variable) for experienced candidates. However, this is the beginning salary for this position.

10.) SEO Trainer

SEO trainer is an SEO expert who mentors the subordinate employees and teaches them hacks to master the SEO functioning and implementation. The SEO trainer’s primary functions include assessing the performance of the previous campaigns and launch controlling plans to bring back things in favor. The trainer is a profile which requires high-level knowledge and expertise to get the best results in terms of ranking and traffic on the website.

Salary of SEO Trainer:

The salary for an SEO  Trainer may range between 50-70k (variable salary) for candidates with relevant experience.

11.) SEO Director

The SEO Director is the head of the department and his task is to keep a check on the achievement of set goals. He is the one who lays down the foundation for the campaigns to be carried out, in relevance with objective and previous shortcomings. He carries out his functions after a proper assessment and analysis. The SEO Director looks after the overall functioning of the SEO department on a macro level.

These are the job profiles (designation) of the SEO hierarchy, however, it must be noted that the job description and job title may vary from company to company.

Salary of SEO Director-

The head of the department- SEO Director withdraws a salary of 80k -1.5 lakhs (minimum)

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What is the average SEO salary in India?

SEO salary

SEO salary graphic representation

Coming to this question on high demand, we must begin an answer to this with an understanding that no job profile pays you without you having the required skills and knowledge for the same. Provided you have what the company is looking for, the salary for an SEO profile further depends on company’s revenue to a great extent. If the company has a good revenue system, they will pay you well as per your caliber. Let’s take a look at the factors affecting SEO salary in India, in brief.

For an ‘n’ years of experience in a company, your salary will vary in the next company you join as per the company profile. If you go to a startup (let’s assume n to be 3 here) your salary will be 20- 25k, if you go to a company which is some 10 years old you will be offered 30-35k, whereas if you make your way an MNC you can mark a salary of 45-50k for yourself.

1. Qualifications and  knowledge

The knowledge is a permanent requisite in every profile. The clearer your concepts are, the more likely you are to perform the tasks assigned to you. Moreover, the greater your skills, the higher your salary. You may take into consideration a fact that knowledge and skills beat experience.

For example: let’s refer to a hypothetical situation where two candidates apply for an SEO job. One candidate has an experience of 1.5 years and the other candidate has an experience of approx. 3 months. who is more likely to get the job? Well, the scale tilts more towards 1.5 years. Obviously, the candidate must be aware of the know-hows of the working culture and also an on job experience of 1.5 years must have taught him a lot. But what if the candidate with merely 3 months of experience is a postgraduate in the same domain from one of the most reputed colleges of the nation. No, the college name won’t fetch him the job. Let’s add another criterion here, let’s assume the profile for which the two candidates are competing is the profile of an  SEO Analyst. The ones who are aware of the tasks undertaken by an SEO Analyst would know that this profile requires a thorough knowledge of the concepts.

Thus, it must be understood that for this profile knowledge is a priority. Now, whoever amongst the two has a better knowledge will get the job, irrespective of their experience. Another point to be noted here is that having knowledge is not enough, you must also inherit the skills to apply that knowledge. An individual could be a learned scholar but if he is not able to implement that knowledge to create something productive, such knowledge is of no use, neither to him or to anyone else.

So, coming back to the SEO Analyst profile and the two candidates competing for the same. The one with both knowledge and skills will get the job, irrespective of the duration of their experience.

2. Designation

The designation you are being hired has a major role to play in the SEO salary package. We have already introduced you to the various profiles you can work in. Thus, the designation you work on, depending upon the complexities and technicality of your profile, the SEO salary will be determined.

As you grow higher on the ladder of the SEO hierarchy, you will earn fairly higher SEO salary package.

3. Company’s revenue

This is a less considered factor by individuals but is actually one of the most important factors that must be brought into the light. Always remember, when you join a company, pay extra attention to the revenue of the company. If a company has a substantial amount of revenue, it will not only help you grow but also working in a company with a growing revenue is a sign of good internal growth.

Also, the company’s revenue determines what SEO salary package will they offer you. Further, the appraisals are also dependent on the revenue of the company only.

4. Probation

Several companies offer a minimal basic salary during the probation to assess the performance of an individual. As soon as the employment is confirmed, the salary is revised. However, not every company follows the approach of revising the salary after probation.  The probation period may vary from company to company, ideally, it may range from 3 months to one year.

5. Educational qualifications

It is an undeniable fact that one’s educational qualifications get them brownie points in the race of getting a job with a high salary. The more learned you are, the more you are preferred by the recruiters.  You comment for yourself, who would earn more? a person who has studied and acquired knowledge regarding a particular field or an individual who is applying for a job as a fresher and wants to learn via an on-job experience. Obviously, the one with an educational certificate in that profile will earn more. There is no second thought about it. If you are willing to work in the SEO profile, is suggested that you acquire the required knowledge first through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certificate Course. 

6. Demand and Supply

Salary and Supply are inversely proportional to each other. The higher the supply, the lower the salary. Digital Marketing having entered the market only a few years ago, does not have a supply. In fact, the supply is quite low. Hence, the salaries are high. This implies that SEO being a part of Digital Marketing, SEO salary package is relatively high. This is the main reason why masses are inclining towards Digital Marketing. It’s new, it’s booming and it provides good salary packages.

7. Past performance

Another factor that will have a strong influence on the salary package offered by the company is your past record. Good companies cross check with the previous companies to have a confirmation regarding the releasing and also to take an account of the past performance. As a sample of your work potential, you can submit a few past projects or target completion recognitions. If the recruiter is been realized your work potential, he will accordingly make an offer.

Your past performance is referred to as a benchmark for your next performance and you are expected to perform better than that. This factor could be a plus point for you if your past performance was good.

The above-mentioned factors play an important role in determining the salary package that will be offered for an SEO job profile.

The much-hyped SEO Salary Package in India

SEO Salary

The boom in SEO salary

It’s true, SEO is a branch of Digital Marketing which has gained much hype due to being new in the industry and offering a good enough salary package. SEO jobs have attracted the attention of huge masses with its fresh approach in terms of work skills, functioning, salary, working criteria, etc.

The average SEO salary package may vary from 1.8 to 4 Lakhs for freshers whereas, for experienced candidates, it may go up to 30 Lakh p.a.

SEO Profiles in Top Companies

You can social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc to reach the work profiles of some of the successful SEO professionals who are working in some of the top MNC’s like Cognizant, Deloitte, TCS, IBM, etc. These experts are working at top positions in these MNCs and are a core part of the Digital Revolution in India. Thus, getting guidance from the industry pro will help you see a clearer picture of what the industry has to offer you.

The Digital industry has SEO as one of its prime domains and also has it as one of the most important divisions of Digital Marketing. If you are aspirant of the SEO domain of Digital Marketing, all I would like to suggest is. Go for it and get the best SEO Salary!

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