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Knowing how SEO works is amongst the ideal ways that aid you earn web-traffic directed and redirected to your website in a conversion-oriented manner.

At whatever point somebody needs to discover any information about anything from the Internet, it’s simply a question of placing the keywords in a web search to get the rundown of sites that contain data about the coveted topic. The vast majority for the most part visit the top search outcomes that they get from their search engines in light of the fact that those are typically the most significant to the asked term that incorporates the coveted information- SEO aids businesses to rank high in the search results for keywords, searched by their target audiences.

However, while optimizing a site, a novice SEO marketer can be appalled because of the amount of information available online-

The universe of SEO is brimming with such a variety of various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Along with them, there are so many firms, experts, assessments, forums, and so on. Google prescribes one thing, then Bing recommends something else, additionally, there are SERPS, algorithm updates, search marketing, organic ranks, backlinks, penalties, and I may imagine the sky is the limit from there…- That is why, it can get overpowering to comprehend how SEO works exactly and how to learn SEO that can ensure expected results!

Here at Digital Vidya, we incorporate well-updated strategies to let search professional learn and know how SEO works in the most comprehensive yet easiest possible manner.

And that is why, today, I thought to give you glimpse of some of the most powerful techniques you can do to begin your site’s SEO on the correct foot in 5 Simple Steps. So, let us learn SEO step-by-step:

5 Steps to Know How SEO Works

Here are the following steps that will help you to know how the search engine works.

1. Know the On-Site Search Engine Optimization Elements

On-site optimization is probably the most imperative components of how SEO Works on your website. You may have found experts who talk a considerable measure about link building (which I will discuss later), yet link building without befitting on-Site Search Engine Optimization, will not be as compelling. Let us delve into minimum on-site SEO components you ought to put on each of your site’s main pages, including home page, landing pages, etc.

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On-Site SEO Elements to know How SEO Works

a. Role of Title Tag- The title tag updates search engines what truly matters to the page. It ought to be 70 characters or less and incorporate your business or brand name and related keywords that identify with that particular page as it were. This tag is put between the <HEAD> </HEAD> labels close to the top point of the HTML code for a particular page.

How SEO Works

SEO title tag

b. Role of Meta Description– The Meta description of your site gives search engines somewhat more knowledge into what truly matters to your page. There may still be a civil argument about whether Meta description can help with keyword rankings. In any case, you need to compose your Meta description in view of your target audiences that incorporates the page’s fundamental keywords, as this would be shown in search results of search engines.

Title Tag and Meta Description in Search Results

How SEO Works

SEO title and meta description

The above picture indicates how search results have title tag and Meta description appears in Google search results. To know what is Search Engine Optimization, how SEO works and how a search engine works, it is important to know right use of title tag and Meta description. You can see that the keywords looked by a client (for this situation, the keyword was SEO) are emboldened by Google in both the title tag and the Meta description. This is the reason you need to utilize your business or brand name and keywords in both the title and Meta description – it helps your query items emerge to the searcher when they are seeking those terms.

c. Role of WordPress use- On the off chance that you utilize WordPress, it is going to be more helpful. Including title labels and Meta description to your pages is simple in WP by utilizing free plugins such as- All in One SEO, SEO by Yoast, Scribe SEO and Platinum SEO.

Along with title tags and the Meta descriptions, which are the most essential SEO components, there are some others as well. If you wish to know what is SEO and how it works – make sure to comprehend and fuse the below given on site elements as well into your site’s page content for effective search engine optimization-

Some other on Site Elements to understand how SEO works

a. Role of Header Tags – Generally, an SEO friendly blog entry uses three distinct levels of HTML header labels that help break the content into different section and additionally let search engines find out about what really matters to each segment of a content.

The <H1></H1> labels encompass the post title – there ought to just be one arrangement of <H1></H1> tags              for each page.

The <H2></H2> and <H3></H3> tags encompass subheadings on the page – there can be numerous occasions         of both. Utilizing header labels helps both site-visitors and web search engines separate your content.

b. Role of Internal Links – Internal link building is not only the opposite of external links. You can influence web crawlers take in more about your site by internally connecting to different pages on your site, via links within your own content.

c. Role of Emboldened Text – You would prefer not to get excessively insane with this one, however, at times bolding a choice of content to stand out enough to be noticed can likewise help search engines recognize other imperative data and keyword related data in the content of a particular page.

d. Role of Image Name and ALT Tags – If you utilize pictures on your site, you ought to consider befitting keywords for both the picture name and the alt tag. This aids search engines discover great pictures for their image-search for any specific keywords.

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Basic “How SEO Works” rule of on-Site Optimization

Before we begin, one thing you need to remember when utilizing any of the aforestated SEO components is, not to try too hard and overdo them.

You may be enticed to push a great deal of keywords onto your pages, but that is not the correct way how SEO works. Even, Google has unleashed a penalty, which targets sites that have an excessive number of keywords stuffed onto one page. So concerning keyword use, keep it basic – consider up to five keywords for each page on your site and then optimize your site for them.

In case you do not know what keywords to utilize, try to get some preparatory thoughts on Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool to get some best suggestions about right keywords.

2. Learn Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (otherwise known as Link Building)

How SEO Works

Off page SEO

Link Building is presumably a standout amongst the most discussed SEO topics covered in “How SEO Works” Guides. The fundamental objective of third-party referencing is to get different sites to link to yours to increase traffic and search ranking.

In the event that you consider positioning at the top results of SERPs as your SEO challenge, then link building is like votes, saying your site should be positioned at top spots. Having befitting links with Keyword Anchor text will help you rank particularly for the keywords that are connected via link building.

So how would you get links? There are parts and heaps of approaches to do it rightly – some great, and some not all that great. In the event that you read enough about external link building, you will hear eventually around three sorts of link building systems-

a. Organic Links – These are the natural links that you do not need to request, and that is why they are the best kind of links. Particularly in the event that you can get them on sites with high authority scores, they would be more effective.

b. Whitehat Links – This essentially remains for Quality Link Building Services that you ought to make progress toward.

c. Blackhat Links – These are the spammy links, which are of low quality and the kind you ought to stay away from.

Most of the sites experience considerable difficulties generating enough natural links to increase their rankings in search engines. This maybe possible without having proper information about the working of search engine. This is the reason off-site optimization is such a well-known administrations. Nevertheless, you can begin your off-site optimization by paying heed upon following practices & know the working of search engine.

  • Try to submitting infographics on various infographic submitting sites or guest blog entries to prominent online journals and popular blogs in your industry. By and large, you will get a link related to your site in top or bottom of your post. You may also create local search profiles and online networking profiles on different social media channels. While the external links do not generally number towards search rankings in SERPs, they can pull in clicks, which will produce more traffic to your site.
  • Try to ask related organizations/businesses/entrepreneurs to check whether they will like to link to you. A decent approach to do this is to check whether the organizations you work with, have link pages on their site for accomplices, sellers, vendors, partners and so forth. This is how SEO works more effectively by using result-oriented link building.
  • You can also submit your site to pertinent industry directories or, you can purchase advertising. For instance, anybody in the Digital Marketing Training could get listings with a link back to their site on Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Career, and other comparable sites. Try to avoid low-quality directories that have nothing to do with your industry. You should also avoid a site that connects to shady sites in the pharmaceutical, adult or casino businesses.
  • Creating content that is Link-Worthy is another way how SEO works in a link-oriented fashion. Infographics are an extraordinary illustration – you can make an excellent image highlighting imperative data and enable others to utilize the infographic on their site in return for linking back to your site as a credit.
  • For more information about correct link building practices, don’t miss our post on Techniques for Link Building

3. Content is Important for both- Site Visitors & Search Engines

How SEO Works

how to write seo content

  • In the event that you stay aware of the most recent internet marketing news, then you’d have likely learned a lot about content marketing and importance of highly engaging content. Having interactive, unique and engaging content is extraordinary for bot-h your site guests and search engines.
  • The more effective, informative and interesting content you have, the more probable that your guests will stick around on your site. Furthermore, it influences the working of the search engine to put a greater numbers of your site’s pages in their search indexes.
  • The best way to satisfying both visitors and search engines is to have quality content on your site. Different kinds of quality content that you may offer on your site are-
  1. Blog Posts
  2. Industry Articles
  3. E-Books
  4. Tutorials and How To Guides
  5. Infographics
  6. Slides
  7. Videos
  8. Podcasts, etc.
  • Composing quality content for your site can be a tremendous venture, yet it is justified despite all the troubles. Web indexes will love it, and guests will value it so much that they will share it via web-based social networking channels, prompting considerably more guests to your sites.
  • To know how SEO works, it is must to know how to use content marketing in SEO-friendly manner. To do so, you may begin by just making blog posts on your site, and as your audiences develop, you can grow your content stock to other kinds of content that suit your business.

4. Learn How Google SEO Works via Google+

  • If you want to know how the search engine works & how SEO works, and wish to dominate Google’s SERPs, then you ought to join Google+. Google’s own informal organization can help you rank better in list items for individuals you are associated with. For instance, when I’m signed into Google+ and scan for ‘SEO’ in Google search, I get below-given five search results that are also customized as per my friend list (a little person icon is there for 2 of my friends).
How SEO Works

How Google SEO Works via Google+

  • In another example, when I’m not signed into Google+, two customized results of my friends are not in the top five search results for same keyword i.e. SEO.
How SEO works

Learn how SEO Algorithm works

  • To use Google+ for improving your search ranking, you need to create a Google+ profile and business page.
  • Recommend the site you need to rank well in SERPs by giving it a +1.
  • Share the site on your profile as status update, and link it to your profile details under suggested sites.
  • Fill out your profile details accurately, check your settings, and ensure that your profile data is public.
  • Share other fascinating reports, interesting news on your profile so it does not look excessively self-oriented.
  • Start associating with individuals who you need to see your site in SERPs.
  • Utilize the search box given on Google+ to discover individuals to connect with. You should add them to your circles and it is almost sure that most of them will add you back.
  • Actually, the more famous you are on Google+, the more probable you are to influence customized search lists with the individuals who are tailing you. Henceforth, you should explore Google+ community to its fullest degree to receive the great rewards.

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5. Monitor your Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

How SEO works

Track SEO improvements with Google Analytics

The last point of every “What is SEO and How does it Work Guide” is the tips to track or monitor your SEO campaigns and related outcomes. The two most critical tools you can use to screen these outcomes are-

  • Google Analytics- To know how SEO works, you need to learn Google Analytics to track visitors of your site. Specifically, screen your organic traffic sources to perceive what keywords individuals are utilizing to discover your site in their queries. By setting up objectives, you can see which keywords prompt visits where guests do what you need them to do on your site. This aids you realize what keywords you ought to focus in your SEO campaign.
  • Authority Labs- You can utilize this tool to track keyword rankings for your site so you can check whether they are climbing in search results.


In the event that you can take after the aforestated suggestions in this “How does SEO Work Guide”, you can definitely channelize your SEO campaign on the correct foot and optimize ranking of your site in search engine result pages.

After knowing the working of the search engine, you will begin receiving the rewards of getting more guests through search engines as well.

Take the SEO Certification Course to become an SEO expert and start a career in Digital Marketing.

In case of any doubts regarding how the search engine works, or you wish to know how SEO works in more comprehensive manner? -Feel free to update us in comments.

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