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Pushing the Boundaries – Innovative Ways To Tackle The Major Blocks At India Internet Day, 2014

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India Internet Day, 2014 is a platform for bringing all the internet players from different arenas to one place and share their views and strategies so as to bring a revolution in the industry.

Pushing the Boundries – Innovative Ways to Tackle The Major Blocks was one session, which gave a twist to the whole of the event. Some key speakers shared their views on how various innovative ways can help one to tackle the major blocks of a particular industry.

Few prominent key speakers of this session were:

  • Antony Lewis, Business Development, itBit, with six years of experience in diverse fields helped in flourishing itBit by his business development, product development, and client relationship management skills.
  • Yashish Dahiya, Co founder & CEO, Policy Bazaar, an IITian and IIM from qualification and currently an entrepreneur of one of the leading Indian online life insurance and general insurance comparison portal, by profession makes him one of the prominent leaders of the market.
  • Bhavish Aggarwal, Co founder & CEO, Olacabs, one of the successful and the youngest entrepreneurs with an Engineering background from IIT took the company to the heights of success.
  • Saket Modi, Co founder & CEO, Lucideus, is an Indian Entrepreneur and ethical hacker by profession who gave inspiration to new entrepreneurs struggling with online cyber security.
  • Monica Halan, Editor, Mint Money, is termed to be one of the most prominent editors in the industry of financial newspapers. Her constant dedication and knowledge took her to position where she is termed to be one of the best editors in this arena.

This session on Pushing the Boundries – Innovative Ways to Tackle The Major Blocks helped in giving a thought on how an innovative blend of ideas leads to the successful individual and also the respective growth of the company.

Some key elements / statements mentioned in the session, which had an impact on the audience and internet players present were:

Antony Lewis, Business Development, itBit:

  • itBit is 2 years old and have five and half million $ funding.
  • 70 % said they will go to dentist than listening to bank manager, survey said.

Saket Modi, Co founder & CEO, Lucideus:

  • Our job is to put vulnebirility in the most secured job.
  • Cyber security is a very funny field compared to any other field.
  • Sadly, in government today, there is always receiving.
  • Formulation of policy becoming from a team is a good part.
  • There is no option but to engage with the government
  • There is a very fine line between ethical hacking and hacking.
  • You need to have to professional hackers so as to safeguard you.
  • Whatever we do, we try to do with authorization.
  • When I told my parents that I wanted to be ethical hacker it was shock for them.

Bhavish Aggarwal, Co founder & CEO, Olacabs:

  • We are not taxi company and we are technology company.
  • Technology always boosts up ahead revolutions.
  • If you are building a company you have to get engaged with the government.
  • The right thing is to go and engage with regulatory systems.

Yashish Dahiya, Co founder & CEO, Policy Bazaar

  • The entire distribution is based on face to face transaction for insurance which has lesser trust and it has no recording.
  • Engaging with  regulations at various levels is important.
  • Whenever regulations come out, we a get lot of grey answers.
  • Used with existing legal system is the smart way to do.
  • We never show vulnerability and say that please shut us down if we are wrong.

Hence, it would be right to say that this session brought a lot of clear vision on entrepreneur’s part about regulatory engagement.

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