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Session On Social Media Marketing For Schools At BVIMR

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Situated in the capital city of the country, New Delhi, Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research (BVIMR) came into being in the year 1992.

At this point of time when anybody to everybody is so much engrossed in social media platforms to share their thoughts, views and comments, the thought of conducting an event on ‘Social Media In Educational Institutions’ was coined at the BVIMR. Moreover, with the pre-dominance of social media in almost every sphere, it was the right time to bring the focus on how to leverage this platform for engaging the customers as well as acquiring them, from the admissions point of view.


The event titled “Social Media In Educational Institutions” was held at the Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research, New Delhi on 28th of November wherein Mrs. Anjali Sharma, BVIMR, Karan Khanna, Chief Guest, Dr. Vikas Nath, Director, BVIMR amongst other influential speakers shared their opinions and experience on the need for social media marketing in educational institutions.

Amongst other eminent speakers at the event, CEO & Co-founder, Pradeep Chopra also marked his presence to grace the occasion. The prime objective of this session was to inspire and empower Principals and other Stakeholders of various Schools in Delhi/NCR about the opportunity of Social Media Marketing for Engagement and Customer Acquisition (here the reference is to the admissions).

The key takeaways of this insightful session are enumerated as follows:

  • Pradeep shared various examples and case studies about the organizations including academic institutions that have been successfully able to leverage Social Media to engage with various target audiences including Students, Teachers, Parents and Alumni. Besides this, he also shared examples of organizations which leveraged Social Media including Facebook Advertisement to generate admissions.
  • Apart from this, Pradeep also talked about the future of Social Media and the fact that Schools have no choice but to embrace this revolutionary medium for their own benefits. While speaking on the topic, he also highlighted some interesting examples of social media platforms such as YouTube for Schools and applications such as Duolingo, which are making a significant impact when it comes to leveraging Social Media for Schools.

If you too wish to explore the details of how social media marketing can turn out to be a boon in engaging customers and fetching more admissions, then have a look at the presentation shared.

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