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The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) along with netCORE organized yet another enthralling and captivating event viz. the 3rd Email Marketing Summit 2015 at the country’s capital city -New Delhi. Since the core crux of the event revolved around ‘Email Marketing’, experts from digital marketing fraternity, industry leaders and renowned names turned up to discuss the expectations that they have from email marketing not only as a channel for communication but also a means to thoroughly leverage upon it for customer acquisition, engagement and retention as well.

3rd Email Marketing Summit

Moving on the same lines, one of the renowned names in the e-commerce fraternity was primarily highlighted upon whose success story on enhanced customer engagement through emails was captured very precisely.

Bhavneet Sekhon, Marketing & Client Experience Leader, Experian started off with the one-one-session to describe the journey of and how it leveraged upon email marketing as the medium to reach out to more customers and eventually gain higher ROI for the brand.

How as a brand evolved its strategical moves and implications through email marketing. Even though email marketing was considered dead, the brand’s Senior Director-Marketing, Mr. Nitin Agarwal stood strong with the opinion that email marketing if experimented well shall result in optimal benefit to the company not only from customer acquisition but also from customer engagement and retention purpose as well.

Nitin started off by introducing his brand and the statistics related to it from email marketing perspective. He stated that has 50 million visits every month, which is more than other travel e-commerce portals. Besides this, they have more than 50k brands on their catalogue.

Looking at these whooping numbers, that is where bulk email marketing came into account and he stated that Gmail is one of the major areas amongst them. He said that the scaling volume is increasing at a very fast pace. So, that is to be managed. Moreover, another concept that was of utmost importance was how to get back the deactivated set of customer base. It is here that Email Marketing drives through indepth analysis at

Yet another key challenge was whether the emails were landing in the inbox or not. Also, whether the emails are landing at the last phase of getting the conversion done with the brand. Even though there are new customers pouring in but still there still is some proportion that goes unoptimized.

So, Bhavneet then took over the conversation to state that Cheetahmail worked in close association with to work upon the subject line testing with the basics, consistently did this and continously tested that hypothesis. Also, even if the open rates were higher but the CTR mattered.

Thus, Heatmap analysis was conducted and then the subscribers were put into different buckets to segment and target them accordingly. Also, mobile was also focused upon for customer interactions, as they wanted interactions on mobile more often. So, they worked on its responsiveness, to make it easier for to reach and make the payments.

Another concept was based on the data being an ESP for e-commerce, so should be on the lines of hardcore data which should be organised data divided into the type and size of data.If there are laggards then as per Bhavneet, it does not make sense to bombard them with emails every now and then.

Besides this, one of the most crucial challenges was to re-engage with deactivated users, so Cheetahmail worked on how to get them back either through mobile or social media platforms etc. and then make them into good campaigns and not standalones.


The results were tremendously far better than before. The results were in terms of:

  • consistent inbox changes
  • via upgrading the algorithm
  • giving good quality content and much more
  • maintaining inbox management rate for
  • 200% increase within 7 months of implementing email marketing effectively

She stated that the entire credit goes to for regular basis of sharing the responsibility of ESP and co-owning it with them. This showcased in the type of feedback- which is in terms of healthy interactions. Also, they were able to deliver the right message at the right time to the subscribers, thus turning the laggards into active base of users.

People started to engage more through emails and make the transactions. Also, mobile experience was made much better then yielding better results. So, there is no need to check the analytics for the campaigns, thanks to Heatmap analysis.

Nitin then stated that the key learnings were experimentation and numbers spoke rather than gut thinking and then that worked the best. Also, making sure to increase in active base month by month. Apart from this, maintaining brand reputation, optimizing campaigns and giving more quality content stays of importance as well.

So, a fruitful partnership altogether that a brand got associated with the another one to reflect better results through email marketing.

Image Credits: IAMAI

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