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Simple strategies to target Twitter users

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Today in this post, we will discuss various methods through which you can target Twitter users that will help you in saving a lot of time and effort. Moreover, we will also discuss various tools that will help you in achieving the same and further encourage users to share your content.

We all are aware that Twitter is an extremely powerful platform, but can only be important if you are able to target the right people. It has been found that when you launch a website, getting traffic is not really difficult, but getting the right people on your website can sometimes be quite challenging.

There are many businesses that believe getting a good number of followers would help them in achieving an influential name in their industry, but what if I say you can create the same influence even with a fraction of that number, which would also take a fraction of time to nurture them.

The strategies that we are going to discuss in this post will help you in bringing more social shares, traffic and finally more number of leads for your business.

Let’s begin with methods through which you can target the right people on Twitter

When targeting the right users, it is important for you to think out of regular confines that you had been searching for. Its not just you in the industry that might be looking for traffic, but there might be similar businesses in a certain demographic that might be searching for the right traffic. In fact there might also be businesses that would already have an established audience and this is where you need to start.

You can basically target two distinct type of users:

  1. Industry Influencers – These are the people in your industry that carry a certain reputation and should be categorized as the highest priority in your list. They can help you in sending the right traffic to your site and further influence people in their decision making process. This is basically because of the reason that they have large followers on social media and have clear signs of engagement on their blogs such as comments and shares.

    To search for the right influencer in your industry, you need to think it in a way of the people whose opinion you value the most in the industry and even go ahead to subscribe to their blogs. It is as easy as if you value someone’s opinion in the industry, there is a good chance that other people will too.

    In order to begin with the same, you can make a list of the blogs that you read the most and then connect with these influencers on twitter. This will give you a great opportunity of your content being shared and your brand going viral.

  2. Target Audience – Instead of reaching your target audience through influencers, you can also create a direct route to them. It is important for you to put customer personas together and figure out the exact phrase that you can use to search for your target audience on Twitter. This will also help you to ensure that your content is laser targeted and answers the questions that your target audience had been searching for.

Influencing people to share your content

Some simple ways through which you can connect with your audience are:

  • You can mention them
  • Retweet their updates
  • Comment on something they tweeted
  • Sharing some of the blog post with them
  • Offer them an opportunity to guest post on their blog
  • Connecting with them on other social networks
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