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SMS Ad Extension: New Change To Google AdWords

SMS Ad Extension: New Change To Google AdWords

Recently Google AdWords started testing a new SMS ad extension which helps in sending text messages or SMS to the advertiser.

How great would that be if you are able to connect with the advertiser by a text message?

By clicking on the icon, you can open the messaging app in your device with the advertiser’s contact number so that you can easily send a text message regarding the enquiry details or any other information. It allows you to send a quick enquiry message which is auto generated asking about the enquiry details. You can also customize your own message according to your specific enquiries. This marks the evolving steps of google towards their Adwords makeover with many major changes already gone alive.SMS ad extension

Last year Google had also released call ad button as an extension from where one can directly call the advertiser through their calling app on their device and have a voice conversation instantly, thus reducing the precious time which is required for the exchange of emails.

Benefit from SMS facility to Advertiser

It is a major change that has taken place in Adwords world. People who are keen of utilizing google’s AdWords will be able to enhance their communication experience with the advertiser who will be available at just a click of a finger. According to Google, it will lead to a better experience for the users as well as the advertisers. They further added,

” We’re always experimenting with new ways to connect our advertisers to customers but don’t have further details to share at this time.”

Although they did avoid sharing the expertise details regarding the enhancements in the AdWords progress, yet Google has shown clear signs of what is to come in the near future. It will lead not only lead to better connectivity and easier flow of communication but will provide a platform for many advertisers’ to bridge the gap between them and the global market.

Expectations from Text Ad Button

With the kind of progressive steps being taken regarding the advancements in the  world of AdWords, one can definitely expect a lot many more changes being observed in the near future. According to experts, adding text and call ad button to Google AdWords would lead to an approximate 12 percent increase in the clicks on the Google ads. Increasing the number of characters and longer headlines would also result in better clicks per advertisements in AdWords.

In addition to more clicks, Google said longer headlines will be more useful for  advertisers, and result in better-qualified traffic for advertisers. This change would be huge – literally. Particularly with so little space on the smartphone screen, this headline change will be great news for advertisers.

Major Changes In AdWords World To Know

New Local Search Ads to Appear on Google Maps

With this new ads format, Google changed the way businesses perform. With offers and brand logos appearing directly on the surface of the map and not alongside the map.

Expanded Text Ads Get Double Headlines & More Characters

By eliminating the right side ads from the desktop recently, Google has created a unification. There are now expanded ads and headlines which are now bigger and better. Advertisers now have two 30-character headlines. This is up from a single headline which was of 25 characters.

While the testing period, Google found the change in characters increased CTR as much as by 25%.

Better Measurement of In-Store Conversions

Knowing people are clicking on your AdWords ads is good. However, if you don’t know how much exactly then what’s the use? AdWords help businesses to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds by measuring in-store conversions.

This is done by Google by looking at the phone location history in order to determine whether the person who searched and clicked on your ad finally walked into the store or not.

New Responsive Display Ads

For responsive Display Ads, Google will create a responsive display ad for you. You will just have to provide them with a headline, URL, image, and description!

After that, you will be able to run ads that adapt to the content of the websites they are on and apps in the GND. Native ad inventory is a part of it.

Changes to Device Bidding

Google has bought some changes to the AdWords bidding process as well.

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Up until now, advertisers set a base desktop bid and then set mobile bids as a multiplier on the base bid. This was introduced with Enhanced Campaigns. Whereas the tablet is stuck with desktop, something a lot of PPC people have complained about, though tablet searches only account for about 5% of traffic and this is not growing.

These changes in the AdWords world is going to change the way we do our businesses.

As an advertiser, how SMS ad extension is going to increase your sales? 

As a customer, do you think it will prove useful?

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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