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Snapchat being the fastest growing Social Media App enjoys 150+ million-user-base. Young people love it, celebrities enjoy its reach, and, A-listed brands like Coca-Cola, National Geographic, Acura, CNN etc. preferably use it to target their audiences. Video Marketing is one of the most popular Snapchat Trends and around 61% of Snapchat content is video. The remaining 39% is utilized by interesting, engaging and highly creative images.

In this post, we will understand the top Snapchat Trends that you should incorporate into your Snapchat Marketing Campaigns, but first, let us go through these interesting Snapchat facts-

Around 50% of Snapchat audiences are 18-30 year-olds, which is the most active age group that enjoys online shopping

Around 54.8 % of Snapchat users who follow any brands on Snapchat enjoy viewing a story

Snapchat enjoys 88% Story Completion Rate which means around 88 percent audiences on Snapchat enjoy viewing the entire story

We all know that visual marketing is the latest Digital Marketing Trend and Snapchat is surely the best platform to do this in the most effective and conversion driven way possible.

Below given Snapchat Trends will help businesses and brands widen their customer base with the help of most relevant Snapchat Marketing Campaigns. So, without any further ado, let us dig deep into them-

Best Snapchat Trends to look For

1. Give Audience the direct Exposure of Live Events

  • Snapchat is perfect for continuous Social networking as it can give the group-of-onlookers direct presentation of any live occasions
  • You can utilize such Snapchat Trends for special events like the 1,000th customer shopping in your store or for item dispatches and exchange offers
  • Snapchat draws in your audiences via direct exposure of live events and you can use it to give unique point of view of what’s occurring at your events

2. Tell a Story on Snapchat via a Series of Snaps

Snapchat Trends

Tell a Story on Snapchat via a Series of Snaps

  • This Snapchat Trend is ideal for posting to your ‘My Story’ section on Snapchat
  • When your event unfolds, you should capture that in a series of snaps and make your entire event interesting and engaging
  • You can add captions for describing what’s going on, and then can use  a selfie or two for showing all your reactions

3. Share Promo Codes for your Products & Services

  • Since Snapchat is highly popular amongst the youngsters, one of the best Snapchat Trends is offering promo codes to your products and services
  • It is advisable to share Snapchat promo codes at regular intervals to create a continuous rage about your brand
  • You can use this Snapchat Trend right now to gain the audience

4. Take Selfies via Snapchat Lenses that Warp your Face

Snapchat Trends

Warp Face

  • Use of Warped lenses is one of the latest Snapchat Trends which is quite a fun that giggles your audiences and influences them to try something like that as well
  • You should shove all your insecurities aside while taking selfies via Warped lenses, as this will help you fully embrace these lenses that will ultimately turn you look crazy and sometimes even ugly, but in a funny way
  • Adding a funny caption with your pic would be a bonus point in making your campaign trendy

5. Go with a fixed number of Stories/Month

  • As per stats, around 13 stories per month are posted by brands on Snapchat that is around 3 stories per week
  • Around 60% of businesses prefer posting just twice a week and the best days for you to post stories would be Wednesday to Saturday
  • Using a fixed number of Stories/Month helps you create a credible audience base who waits for your stories regularly

6. Flaunt your Drawing Skills

Snapchat Trends

Flaunt your Drawing Skills

  • Earlier we used to use drawing tool for making our snaps more creative but now you can use lenses as well to flaunt your creative side effectively
  • You can choose the correct colors and swipe your finger across the screen that will help you create some highly appealing and trendsetting masterpieces
  • This will help you create some rage about your creative skills amongst your audiences and can motivate them to try this as well

7. Use fix number of Snaps/Story

  • On an average, 11 Snaps per Story is one of the Snapchat Trends that successful brands on Snapchat follow
  • Around 50% of all stories that brands post generally have six snaps or less
  • Again, offering a fixed number of Snaps/Story helps you in setting an effective brand voice over Snapchat

8. Use Face Swap with some Random Things

Snapchat Trends

Face Swap with some Random Things

  • Face Swaps are the latest Snapchat Trends that is being quite popular these days
  • Face swap lenses are pretty great and when you use it with random objects that incorporate pictures of human being on them or resemble human faces, it can instantly become a rage
  • Using Starbucks lady on your coffee cup or the Spiderman of your kid’s T-shirt, or other things that have human faces, you can make Snapchat Marketing highly interesting and fun-full

9. Take Individuals behind the Scenes

  • Taking individuals behind the scenes with Snapchat helps you give the background content to your audiences which is being one of the most popular Snapchat Trends these days
  • This helps you get a lot of new followers, plus, it also aids you in engaging your followers
  • Letting your audiences get the glimpse of some company trips, special evenings or birthday parties would help you boost your Snapchat branding

10. Do Snap What You are Reading or Watching

Snapchat Trends

Snap What You are Reading or Watching

  • Either you are reading a chapter of your textbook for school or watching something edgy on Amazon Prime, snapping those moments and adding your captivating thoughts on the content in your caption is one of the latest Snapchat Trends
  • You can enhance those images via Snapchat lenses, emojis, and drawings
  • This lets your audiences know what you are up to now and hence influences them as well

11. Use Snapchat Influencers

  • You can also opt for Snapchat Influencer and use them to widen your audience base
  • Influencers on Snapchat are quite effective in increasing brand awareness and knowledge and that is why influencers are the new Snapchat Trends that brands look for
  • Snapchat Influencers can help you spread attention to a demographic group that you could not target on your own

12. Use ‘Try It with a Friend’ Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat Trends

‘Try It with a Friend’ Snapchat Lenses

  • You can use “Try It with a Friend” Snapchat lenses that detect two faces and put quirky masks or effects on both to make your Snapchat Campaign mutually engaging
  • One of the latest Snapchat Trends is creating videos that have members interacting while their faces are covered by some silly ‘Try it with a Friend’ lenses
  • You can use such lenses with your BFF, Friends, Partners, or anyone else in such campaigns

13. Create a “Geofilter”

  • Creating a ‘Geofilter’ on Snapchat is one of the Snapchat Trends that will ensure effective Social Media Branding for your brand
  • Your audiences will add your filter to their picture and then they would share that directly with their friends or they may use that on their “Story” that everyone can see
  • This is a quite easy promotion on Snapchat, which is also fun, and highly result oriented. You can use Snapchat Metrics to see how many people saw your Geofilter and how many of them used it

14. Snap Videos with Moving Emoji

Snapchat Trends

Moving Emoji-source-TechCrunch

  • Using Moving Emoji is one of the latest Snapchat Trends that help you make your Snapchat Marketing more interesting
  • When you snap a video, by adding an emoji or dragging it to the spot where you want to put that Emoji, you can use it on any moving object, animal or person in the video
  • With the motion of that object, animal or person, the attached emoji will also move and make your Snapchat campaign a real fun

15. Use Emojis and Bitmojis

  • You can put any emoji on the snap that will give you the opportunity to enhance imagery with even more imagery
  • You can use cry-laughing emoji or beautify your cat with more pink lips or can put a giant coffee mug on your head or any crazy thing that awestruck person and influence them to follow you to see your crazy creativities
  • Doing Snapchat Bitmoji integration is also one of the important Snapchat Trends that you and your friends both can use
  • According to Bitmoji-

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. Create an expressive cartoon avatar; choose from a growing library of moods and stickers – featuring YOU! Put them into any text message, chat or status update

16. Use Pets in your Snaps

Snapchat Trends

Use Pets in your Snaps

  • Creating Snaps by using pets is another trend that is quite loved by Snapchat audiences
  • Pets give the most natural reactions when you use Snapchat on them, plus, their cuteness becomes a driving factor amongst the pet lovers who start following your Snapchat stories
  • Pets in Snaps are quite helpful in setting a brand voice that how compassionate you are- that would help in touching the emotional quotient of your target audiences

Become a Snapchat Trendsetter Now!

Aforestated Snapchat Trends would guide you understand how successful Snapchat brands and influencers increase their numbers of followers on this platform.

Incorporating these Snapchat Trends would help you optimize your Snapchat Marketing in the most efficacious way possible. You should also be aware of the Snapchat tools to optimally use Snapchat as an advertising platform.

You can learn and execute best Snapchat Marketing Trends and related Practices via a Social Media Course that would also help you become a certified Snapchat Marketer.

What Snapchat Trends you find most interesting for your kind of business- Share in comments below.

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