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Webinar Recording: Social Media For Indian Businesses

Webinar Recording: Social Media For Indian Businesses

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An interesting and informative Webinar from Chirantan Ghosh which discusses various strategic social media aspects that Indian businesses need to grow. Loaded with insightful information, this Webinar engaged the interest of the attendees from the very beginning. From brand reputation management in social media to effective usage of social media in product verticals, he discusses almost all the major aspects of social media in this Webinar. Some of the questions that were discussed during the Webinar were:

Q. How to start with formulating a Social Media Policy? This especially targets organizations that haven’t done much in this space right now. Can you suggest some guidelines?

A. Initially, it is important for you to figure out what is it that you want from social media? Once you have decided those pillars, then you evaluate where your target audience is. Is it in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos or a more professional network such as LinkedIn? To sum it up, find the right channels that work for your business and where you can find your target audience. It would also be better to just pick up 2 channels initially and plan out all activities in an impeccable manner. Your content really needs to be the king here which further helps you in giving the desired outcome.

Q.  How effective is Facebook in B2B space?

A. To this question Chirantan answered, ‘we have lot of our channel and alliance partners working with us. We want them to be energized about our product service offerings and even our events. So, Facebook is a place where you can view that. We recognize our partners, which is a YouTube video that has been cross populated into Facebook. But if I went ahead and shared my collateral brochure, nobody would either look at it. But if I m recognizing Mr. XYZ on this social media platform, which is Facebook, he is going to be more than happy to share this with his friends because you are celebrating him and not my company. So, in a B2B space, it is very important to understand who your influencers are.

Q. Are you aware of some case studies on people producing some real good results? Or in your case, have you seen social bookmarking really working?

A. Here, Chirantan Ghosh gave 2 examples, one in service industry and other is product industry. A specific jingle from idea created a lot of buzz. What they had done was taken a TV commercial’s jingle and then uploaded it on YouTube. Then they even bookmarked in a couple of leading websites, which helped you to make caller tunes out of that jingle. So, when you are looking towards that single jingle and if your cell phone itunes doesn’t offer that particular jingle, you usually search it for in Google. Here the bookmarking comes in use, not necessarily the video and the jingle. So when a bookmark is shared from a service prospective and in the product industry.

Q. My company is going to be launching a digital product in mobile space, which is a completely new concept and not many people have heard about it before. So, how can I use social media to promote the product and concept selling?

A. To this question Chirantan answered that if you are creating unique application or concept in the mobile space, according to me, you have two target audiences. People who are going to be the end users and network service providers who are into buying your product or subscribe to your product. Therefore, you have two kinds of people that you have to engage.

Here you simply need to follow that most of the marketers do. So, you give them some content that is completely a brain teaser. In forms of engaging them, it might be LinkedIn, Twitter as there are many people that do not prefer any kind of professional questions in their Facebook account. Essentially, LinkedIn and Twitter are considered to be the relevant platforms to engage your audience. Additionally, since this is also a unique concept, creating engaging content would not be very difficult. Once you have done that, you get some amount of return.

Now comes the next part about end users. First of all, you have to think how would it create maximum benefit for you and then think about how is going to benefit them? Based on this create a material and promote it.


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