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Social Media for SEO

Social Media for SEO

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Navneet Kaushal  is an Entrepreneur and Search Evangelist. Currently he is the Founder CEO of Page Traffic, New Delhi. Additionally, he has held other portfolios, such as Editor at Page Traffic Buzz, Member, Advisory Board at DMAi.

He is a renowned and trusted authority in the search engine marketing industry. His expertise and advisory capacity adds value to his clients, in terms of building site traffic, increasing their user base, and boosting web sales and ensuring customer satisfaction. He has been able to establish ‘PageTraffic’ as one of the most awarded and successful search marketing agencies in the world.

He is well acclaimed as one of the leading authority in SEO and search engines in India. He believes, ‘sometimes nonsense can make sense’. His blogs and columns are read by thousands of readers across the globe. He is also featured on Social Media Today, Search Engine Journal, Digital Journal, Web Pro News, Promotion World, Search Newz, Business 2 Community and ClickZ among many others.

He is a much sought after speaker and regularly conducts corporate workshops. A few of his recent engagements were Global Youth Marketing Forum, SEMPO, Adtech, TFM&A India. Also, he regularly delivers at SES, SMX, Pubcon and many industry events in the US, Europe and Asia.

What did he deliver at the webinar?

He shared his knowledge, operational experience in his domain. He spoke on the following sub-topics.

  • Search Engine Optimization through creating optimized impact on social media platforms and web.
  • Effective handling of content on social media
  • The viral chemistry between Social Media and Search Engine
  • Optimizing the rankings as Authors and Publishers
  • Importance of Content, Key words, Blog posts, Profile, participation, sharing, joining groups and other activities and their impact on Search Engine Outcomes.
  • The comparative importance and growing influence of Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • The delicate difference between ‘tactics’ and ‘strategies’ in social media marketing.
  • Common mistakes on social media
  • Fundamentals for small, medium and big companies for content development, handling and management.

Outcomes of the webinar:

The session had phenomenal learning tips and guidelines for individuals and business organizations, who are willing to explore and establish their professional and business fortune on the digital and social media platforms. The conversations, communications and contents in the webinar were potential to sharpen the knowledge and skills related to Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc. The main learning outcomes of the webinar were as follows:

  • Content should be ‘conversational’, ‘engaging’ and ‘operational’.
  • On any Social Media Space, we should not try to sell any product in the first 4-5 months. We need to devote more on increasing the user base and traffic.
  • Regular participation in Social Media Space is essential.
  • Success sutra: ‘Social rises and search dominates’ (He used this statement in the context of the growing influence of Social Media and its influence on search engines)
  • For small enterprises: He says, ‘don’t wait, just start your own in creating content and participating in social media conversations’. Later, depending on your budget, you may take the external help.
  • “For medium and large enterprises”, He cautions and says, don’t blindly depend on external helps. Keep coordinating with the external help and contribute from your own passion.
  • Be serious and sincere in your ‘Profile’ management. Update your profile regularly.
  • Concentrate on keywords, optimize sharing and always use high resolution images in social media.
  • Follow  ‘need based strategy’ not any ‘tactics’ for optimization of the content.

Loaded with information and some interesting facts, Navneet Kaushal seemed to engage the interest of the attendees from the very beginning of the Webinar. This Webinar was quite insightful and introduced viewers to some of the best practices for social media optimization and how to optimize its impact towards improving your rankings.

Some of the questions that were addressed during the Webinar were:

Q.   The way content is handled in social media is very different than the way we have been handling content so far when it comes to using it for enhancing search engine ranking. Also since its brand oriented, you also need to make it conversational, engaging and operationalize it in a different manner. Therefore, companies do face problems in managing their content when it comes to taking care of social media content requirements as well as search engine. So, how do you think should companies be handing such requirements. Should they outsource it completely? So what are the best practices in handling content in this platform?

A. To this question, Navneet answered that as such there are not any best practices and it entirely depends upon the kind of needs you have. So, if you see from the point of view where you are a small business definitely it depends upon your budget. In the next few years, outsourcing rich content is going to be one of the most fundamental and valuable thing when it comes to social and search. Additionally, if you are a small organization, I would like to suggest that if you can spend some of your time in managing your own content requirements; it would be a great idea to do it yourself. However, if you are a brand, you would still require a lot of ideas and should have a separate department or people trained for this particular task. If you are a medium size business who can afford to outsource, you should do it as it will help your organization but depends on how regular you are going to be. It purely depends upon the kind of business you are engaged in.

Q. When it comes to Social Media Marketing, do tactics play a more critical role or the strategies? Is having a solid plan before entering social media more important or are there any tips or tricks that you can share around LinkedIn marketing or Facebook Marketing that would help us to have a better visibility.

A. Navneet answered that most of the times it is better to get started with Facebook and even on LinkedIn. Even if you start with devoting 10 mins of your time on social networks would be better than doing nothing. Strategies usually help when you are looking for more number of conversions from Facebook or LinkedIn. For instance, strategies for any new business for using Facebook would be to increase their fans list and then get those fans to engage and then probably buy or take some action which specifically you are wanting. So, these are the strategies that any business initiates on social media, which brings in more people and further increase sales. Additionally, while starting any new campaign, it is also essential to keep an eye on your competitors and in fact also adopt some of their strategies, which you think can help you in generating results.

Q. While managing our company’s Social Promotion, we have noticed that Facebook and LinkedIn work quite well for us, but not LinkedIn. Can you give some information on LinkedIn marketing Strategies that we should implement?

A. When it comes to LinkedIn Marketing, the things are little different as usually you can find profiles of professionals here. Therefore, it becomes difficult to sell, but by joining groups and participating in discussions, you can even sell and generate leads through LinkedIn. It is also recommended that during the first 4-5 months on LinkedIn, do not try to sell any product and just increase your user base and visibility by participating in groups and discussions. This will further help you in automatically bringing in more leads and sales.


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