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Social Media Marketing On YouTube Platform

Social Media Marketing On YouTube Platform


Look at the above figures, so have you gone through all the points got the stunning answers– Right!

for the question why to use “Youtube” as a one of the tools for your social media marketing?

so what basically the youtube is? It is the video sharing website which allows users to view, rate, share, comment on videos for free.The utmost contents on youtube are either uploaded by sole or by the reputed media companies like CBS, the BBC, Vevo, Hulu and other organizations.Earlier in 2015, YouTube announced the shoot of a new app especially for kids, called “YouTube Kids” which  is accessible from both Android and ios platform. The later part of 2015 encounters another impressive app launch which is said to be a stage for video gaming maniac-“YouTube Gaming“.> click this link to start playing your favorite games.

so do you know anyone in this world-Don’t want to play? I guess the answer is big NOOOO! that’s why youtube created this app to top the parent company.

Anyhow, we got another two compelling reasons to choose Youtube as a part of  our social media marketing.

$  Video marketing  is blooming

According to a 2013 Content Marketing Benchmarks report, over 70% of businesses use video marketing  to attract customers which harvest unique customers to your site also increase the brand visibility in mere time.The report is also presenting the fact that leads generated by watching videos effortlessly become customers on an average of 90%. Ewww! such a figures to crack! If you want to get it cracked by our classic content, it may haul a long time.when it comes to videos, there is no doubt youtube will be our ultimate destination to look out it is the high time for any business to start with making videos and publishing it on youtube so as to fascinate a number of unique consumers.

when it comes to videos, there is no doubt youtube will be our ultimate destination to look out it is the high time for any business to start with making videos and publishing it on youtube so as to fascinate a number of unique consumers.


$ Testimonials- The  big game changer in today’s world

” Testimonial”- plays a vital role in any e-commerce sites.Say if you want to buy a product via any online sites won’t you check out for the testimonials(user reviews)  and say if it is a plain text won’t you think for a while? Is that really commented by any user? or the site created it for a fake to sell out the product.I am sure many of us will encounter this kind of situation in a day-to-day basis.So how can we overcome this? It is simple! By creating video testimonials and displaying  it in your site and uploading it in youtube along with some more details about your site and products and I am sure it can generate more confidence for the viewers which in turn increase the sales. Next comes the tutorial, this again an interesting part and a boon for software sellers online-By creating a quality tutorial of your product, you can end up with more visitors buying your product.

Even in today’s world people started with video interviews, video introduction, video pre-launch through the option called sneak peak in Youtube [A sneak peak video is a method of  presenting a preview for the upcoming products or services to  the customers and fans to make them aroused for the releases]

we do have many options to do that magic with the videos.


$ For all reasons-It is a flipside of Google

Though  YouTube claims itself as video website, it is basically a social networking website.It gives you all freedom to engage customers with your brand and  building interactions, getting feedback and comments for your work and very vital aspect of building fans for your brand in the form of subscribers.*Recently Youtube has come up with some paid options for subscribers* And what else missing out “Ads”? that is another big trait available in Youtube.One can see N no of ads in Youtube and you can even opt for paid ads for your brand to get a better visibility in a short span.*We all know the fact the other social media giants like facebook and Google charging  so much to put up our ads so let’s get started with youtube ASAP* Another good thing in YouTube it gives a variety of  choices for customizing your channel so that you can integrate your branding with your YouTube profile.

Youtube also do some smart job in order to retain the audience, it will showcase your videos on the related videos if you sell related products/service  by placing the right tags and titles on YouTube with respect to user search terms.


$    some more in  youtube??? yes, still we have some!!

Here is the list of few more reasons to opt for youtube –

  • “Youtube’s XL” program now allows YouTube videos to stream through Netflix, Google TV, Apple TV, and Boxee TV.thery by  providing content to your audience on their terms
  • YouTube permits for cross-platform interactivity. In other words, you can link your YouTube account to Facebook, Twitter,  Tumblr, Blogger, StumbleUpon, and Google Buzz.
  • The YouTube Audio Library feature of youtube offers over 150 royalty-free instrumental backing tracks for you to use in video* Music is the soul of any video- you getting it for free*
  • YouTube afford free ad space on its website, directed at people who are likely to enjoy your content through Youtube Fan finder.
  •  Now  you can embed a clickable link to a website of your choice to your videos using annotation feature of Youtube.
  • Do we need to entertain your visitors throughout with all our videos so Youtube has got the feature for that too “in video programming” allows  adding  a thumbnail of  a logo /video for your brand  to all your videos in  Youtube channel
  • Another good one is the Overlay  which is a simple banner ad that sits on the lower third of your video which allowing  you  to add a 5-6 word call to action (CTA).
  • Tired of audience finding? You can also grow your audience by partnering with Youtube influencers and following  them.  what other ways? At the end of  your video- post  a question,  cuddle other YouTube, stimulate video replies
  • YouTube’s Audience Retention and Youtube analytics  are the two fabulous tools that no other video platform sites offers.
  •  SEO -key for many businesses can be done via certain parameters of Youtube channel such as
    • Title tag information
    • Audience retention
    • Keywords in description tag
    • Tags
    • Video length
    • Number of subscribers after watching
    • Comments
    • Likes and dislikes


To crack certain things it really takes time! for few it is a matter of days, but  For most, it may take more than a month but then if you strict to a practice you can achieve your destiny. so to start out begin with a couple of videos start growing your subscribers. make use of tips and tools available for Youtube. Implement one by one or as a whole set the track to analyze the effect using YouTube and Google Analytics.YOU GOT IT! –“YOUTUBE”- a good start to  redefine the marketing strategy for your social media marketing.

image credits:Google

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