8 Social Media Marketing Practices Top Brands Use

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Online businesses are constantly advancing. The social media marketing practices have been embraced as the fundamental component in the business world. Different social media channels have been around for over 10 years, with a more grounded presence now than at any other time. We see a great expansion in social media use and viability, as with its help, individuals are interconnected on a worldwide scale, making it one of the best marketing platforms.

Social media is the platform that the world has acknowledged as the most powerful means of modern days’ communication. Today, businesses can expand brand awareness and cooperation to build conversion-oriented connections, produce new opportunities, find out about new kinds of prospects, or target audiences by using different kinds of social media marketing practices. Here the list of the key reasons every business has a requirement of SMM-

  • Build relationships
  • Influence
  • Communicate the brand
  • Thinking ahead
  • Generate leads
  • Innovation

At this point, it is must that social networking is critical for the B2B and B2C businesses. Whether you are offering exceedingly complex B2B software or B2B product, your clients are the individuals who are investing most of their time on social media channels these days, than anywhere else.

“Social media has made our consumers visible to us, such as buyers of soap.”- Aneesh Chaudhry, Hindustan Unilever

The two vital stats about the web-based social networking scene:

  • Social media represents 33% of the time ever spent on the web.
  • Nearly 80% of time, spent on social networking media is spent on cell phones.

Regardless of whether you have a group of ten individuals or hundred, we are all searching for ways that we can get the most out of social media channels. What’s more, regardless of what you have in your mind for the New Year, your every social media marketing strategy ought to have the touch-points on mobiles, since most by far of the individuals you are associating with on social are conversing with you from their cell phones.

The influence of web-based social networking platform to impact purchasing choices of prospect has surged in recent years.

In a standout amongst the most complete studies to date, McKinsey as of late surveyed 20,000 customers in Europe and found that social suggestions are behind more than a fourth of all the sales. Furthermore, in the larger part of cases, the McKinsey report found that the social updates directly affected purchasing choices.

Web-based social networking has never been more persuasive. To avoid Facebook and different social channels by and large is to disregard more than 2 billion clients around the world who depend via web-based social media for different updates and news. Be that as it may, to embrace them as customers requires some of the most powerful social media marketing practices that top brands prefer. I have enlisted 8 such social media marketing practices below; let us delve in them-

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8 Social Media Marketing Practices top Brands use

1. Choosing the best Social Media Platform and spreading the social responsibility via tools

What is your motivation for using web-based social networking? Do you utilize social media marketing for business-to-business advertising, constructing an association with buyers or both? -There are numerous social platforms to browse, and all are helpful in some or other way. Top brands choose the best social media platforms that ensure results for their kinds of businesses.

  • For instance: If you have a fashion store, your business would better profit by utilizing Instagram or Facebook than LinkedIn or Twitter. Instagram or Facebook social stages are ideal for sharing photographs and for advertising to higher traffics of consumers.
  • Spreading social responsibility is another important SMM practice that top brands follow. There are social media tools for connecting to customers, and brands rely on them to connect with subject matter experts across, to help themselves be successful in social media marketing.
  • Social media tools help brands centralize their social media campaigns for international expansion that ensure effective brand awareness and alignment across multiple social media channels.

2. Paid Advertising is the next big thing of Social Media Marketing

According to a new report of Gartner’s industry analysts-

“Sustained success in social marketing now requires paid advertising.”

It is completely evident that pay-to-play is turning into the establishment of successful social marketing strategies, with over 80% of organizations purportedly wanting to convey a social marketing advertisement campaign.

  • All the significant social media channels now have their own “local ads”, ‘promoted posts and updates’ that look simply like the genuine articles, rarely distinguished by modest disclaimers. The uplifting news is that once you get over the initial difficulties of tweets and Facebook posts, paid online networking really exhibits some of the great benefits.
  • Social media marketing channels that are compelling businesses to pay for reaching prospects still need to keep them happy in return, which is kind of creating win-win situations for businesses. Therefore, as opposed to creating many updates, brands can now target both supporters and non-followers with a high level of precision.
  • With paid advertising, the related information provided by the social network now gives you a chance to zero in not simply on particular set of audiences but rather on “same kind of audiences,” like those targeted by your competitors. Advertisements can then be optimized relying upon a campaign’s goals.
  • Advertising on social media is viable, scalable, and increasingly DIY (Do it yourself). Paid social media analytics tools also offer real-time results along with instant feedback regarding cost per view, click, kinds of metrics, which help the social media marketing be more conversion-oriented.

3. Understanding where each social media channel can excel

Concerning social media best practices for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it depends on situational strategies.

  • Facebook is better for you in an upper-channel situation where you are attempting to create brand awareness or drive site traffic.
  • LinkedIn is better for lower channels where we have moved past the awareness and we are currently into the consideration and decisions making.
  • Twitter assumes a novel part. It helps top brands find social media discussions. It is considered best social media channel for offering triage customer services in real time.
  • Since B2B, buyers are getting more youthful, and they are also using some rising social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, which are also considered as best social media marketing practices by top brands.

4. Having a social media army on payroll

Another critical and generally overlooked way to broadcast your message with no extra cost is using your own employee and making them a part of social media army on payroll.

  • Inviting colleagues to share brand messages on their own social media pages can have a scope of advantages.
  • For one thing, you extend your scope and brand, frequently exponentially in the case of large organizations. Furthermore, because messages are being shared from individual accounts (as opposed to the company’s), they for the most part achieve a higher rate of followers.
  • In addition, that content shared by workers apparently gets 10 times greater engagement, overall, than content shared by brand channels–and is re-shared 30 times more.

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5. Understanding that social media marketing is an investment that should be measured

Web-based social networking is an investment that needs time and recourses. The greatest resource you need is people to actually be social

  • On the off chance that you do not have individuals who are accessible in real time to connect with, react, or give the detailed answer that somebody is searching for, your prospects will leave the social media-marketing channel that they began a discussion in and go elsewhere.
  • These days, you cannot just leave social media marketing practices to the assistant — or leave the greater part of your successful campaign to organic means. You will likely need to put resources into headcount and publicizing by genuinely associating 1-to-1 and develop your audiences.
  • Another important aspect that brands pay quite a lot heeds these days is measuring effectiveness of their social media marketing practices. Social media analytics tools help them in doing so

6. Inspiring customers to create user-generated content (UGC)

User generated content has been a popular expression for some time now, however it merits understanding why despite everything it bodes well on social media. On one level, it takes advantage of clients’ fundamental impulse, the one at the heart of online media’s appeal in the primary place- to make and connect with, as opposed to sit on the sidelines latently. Big brands are paying great attention on user-generated content as for them; it is an approach to assemble ties with clients while inclining clients towards crowd-sourced motivation and imagination in the meantime.

  • There are online tools that make it easy to plan and deploy contests to create user-generated content; however, some judgment skill is always advisable.
  • Asking for user-generated content always includes some risk; however, it likewise lends a critical layer of genuineness and energy that is frequently lost from branded endeavors.

7. Knowing right use of social media for B2B too

According to Caitlin Angeloff, Head of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign-

“Social media as a behavior has normalized. The technology and the platforms just enable the behavior. I wasn’t surprised that social did more in B2C spaces, but now it’s normalized, and it’s part of the marketing mix as a whole. We’re sitting on a mountain of data, and I find that a number of B2B brands are not leveraging the data to their fullest potential,”

She further asks social media marketers to have data at their disposals-

“Use the data at your disposal. That includes connecting your CRM database, your email database, and your website visits and bringing it together so you can be smarter about going out on these social media channels and be hyper-relevant to very specific target audiences,” says Caitlin.

8. Practicing CEII on regular basis and using social media tools to automate the process

Brands prefer using CEII- Connect, Engage, Integrate, and Influence.  As a social media marketer, you need to know where your prospects are and what kind of results you want to get by targeting them. Top brands pay their attention on those points, as they understand that ROI is how they are hitting the mark, engaging with prospects, integrating and influencing them to convert.

  • Use of Social Media Management tool to automate the social media processes is another popular social media marketing practice that top brands use.
  • In case you have more than one account or have a lot of content to share, a social media marketing tools will alleviate the load. Different social media tools that top brands use let them have the ability to find proven content, monitor engagement, create posting plans, and keep a record of all the published content in a well-organized manner.


Social media marketing has turned into a tremendous piece of all business’ internet marketing system and it will keep on playing such a necessary part. As a result of the expanding and reasonable utilization of web-based social networking for advertising, it is essential for organizations to keep on adapting to the steadily developing industry and take after all social media marketing top practices.

The new online networking request that is coming to fruition guarantees organizations the sort of accuracy and quantifiable outcomes, which has been expected from traditional marketing channels like print and broadcast since long. Online networking via social media channels had a regular year, yet things are turning upward, it is topping the charts and being one of the most prominent internet marketing practices.

The aforestated 8 social media marketing practices that top brands use also include strategies for:

  • Social listening to quantify achievement and optimize marketing campaigns
  • Interacting with fans, followers and spoilers to reinforce the connections
  • Creating pertinent and convincing ad and content

Social Media can do a lot for your business growth if used the right way. To understand the complete manner in which Social Media can help you grow, enroll in our Social Media Marketing Course.

Want to share your thoughts on best social media practices- Share in comments.

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