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Digital Vidya Conducts Digital Marketing Workshop In Malaysia With IBN

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Digital media is simply the transmission of digitized content viz. text, graphics, videos, audio etc. via internet and computer networks. Digital media a wide term in itself entails a lot of concepts which are crucial to determine the success of any business or industry that has marked its presence on the online platforms.

Undoubtedly, digital media has become an extremely indispensable part of any business or industry and it has been noted that it is the most easiest, effective and result-oriented platform to reach out to the masses at large and that too in real-time.

Digital Marketing workshops, seminars, events and sessions serve as a great platform for the aspiring digital marketers to flourish in the ever-growing sectors. One of the upcoming workshops is going to be held at Malaysia on the 9th and 10th February, 2015. Digital Marketing Workshop in association with IBN will be a completely interactive workshop wherein the attendees will benefit from the hands-on experience of the session moderators and influential speakers.

The prime objective of conducting this workshop is to enlighten and empower the digital marketing professionals so that they can apply their Digital Marketing knowledge for greater customer engagement and profitability.


At this workshop, a social media strategist and pioneer in digital marketing fraternity, Kapil Nakra who is the co-founder of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company -Digital Vidya will be sharing the details on how to evolve the existing digital marketing strategy.

In this interactive session, Kapil will be questing as to what is the current digital scenario, how to analyze the digital opportunity and the ways in which integrating social media and digital media will turn out to be in the favour of the marketers. Moreover, in this workshop, emphasis will be led on how to plan, create and deliver such a digital marketing strategy that will enable to improve the level of marketing thereby increasing the level of profitability and decreasing the costs incurred.

Listed below are the key promises of the workshop that the attendees and participants of this workshop will take along with them after attending this workshop.

The key promises of the workshop are enlisted as follows:

  • Strategic Overview of Various Digital Marketing Avenues- SEO, SEM and Social Media
  • Review and Refine Your Digital Strategy and Channel Governance
  • Learn How to leverage on Online Advertising and Various Social Media Channels
  • Understand the Impact of Digital (including mobile) on Buying Behaviour and Purchasing Habits
  • Insights into How Other Businesses are Succeeding (as well failing) Using Social Media
  • Understand the Scope and Roles for Content, Mobile, Email, Social, Search, Display and Emerging Channels and Tools
  • Learn How to Develop and Execute a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Develop a Framework for Planning a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Learn How to Create Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

Thus, being an interactive session, it will be a win-win situation for the participants as well the sessions hosts as both will reap the benefits on different domains of how to alter the digital marketing strategy such that there is a better scope for customer acquisition which will in turn lead to increased productivity and profitability of the business.

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