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Speaking On Copywriting For Success At NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015

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NASSCOM Product Conclave is a completely exclusive event that gathers industry experts, leaders and start-ups together under a single roof. This opportunity enables the product ecosystems to create a buzz in the same. All the companies who are a part of this conclave showcase several brands and their products and services. This not only serves to be a platform to grab complete understanding on product ecosystem but also serves the purpose of building markets, doing networking, meeting customers and peers.

NASSCOM is all geared-up to conduct its 3-day long workshop on product management at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015, on 13th- 15th October in Bangalore. Entrepreneurs from different walks of life shall grace the conclave by sharing their views and opinions on several topics as stated in the agenda.

The prime objective of conducting this upcoming event is to endorse the products, the solutions along with the associated services. Besides this, the prime focus will also be to offer such a platform to all the participants that allows them to enhance their work avenue which shall be useful not only to the product entrepreneurs but, also to the start-ups for their network.

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015 logo

Several eminent and influential speakers who are going to grace the occasion with their presence are Nikesh Arora, President & COO, SoftBank Corp, John Wood Founder, Room to Read, Jeremy King CTO & SVP@WalmartLabs, Sandy CarterGeneral Manager, IBM, Shashank NDCo-founder & CEO, Practo and many more industry leaders and experts.

Amongst other speakers Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya along with Dr. Som Singh, Chief Marketing Advisor, Unspun Consulting Group. 

Pradeep who hails from a digital marketing background with over 15 years of experience in this fraternity, will be speaking along with Dr. Som on ‘Copywriting In The World Of Shrinking Screen Sizes’ at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015. Pradeep will majorly focus on precisely how to write different content for different digital media channels. Pradeep will also be sharing certain Case Studies and real life examples to substantiate upon the topic on which he is going to speak on. Besides this, to make it all the more engaging & interactive, there will be worksheets for the attendees, post session.

On asking about his anticipation from the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015, Pradeep stated:

Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra

I led a workshop on Social Media for Customer Acquisition at NPC2014. The audience was really intelligent & engaging. Looking forward to even better engagement this time and I am myself excited to learn while preparing for this session on Copywriting for Success.

So, this is undoubtedly going to be an event for all professionals be it Entrepreneurs, CXOs, customers, investors etc. who are looking forward to gain understanding on different industry’s products ecosystem.

Meet Digital Vidya to gain knowledge about precisely how can content marketing on different digital media can help to generate leads and help in enhancing the sales. To participate and become a part of this insightful event, apply now!

Update After Session:

Pradeep Chopra share the following deck during the session on ‘Copywriting for Success’ at the NASSCOM Product Conclave.

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A content passionate, Jasleen handles content writing & marketing activities. Also, she leads Digital Marketing Internship Program. She is in the content writing and marketing fraternity for 6+ years now & is proficient in writing content for blogs, articles, books, brochures and social media. She embraces practical knowledge of WordPress CMS.

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    • 4 years ago

      Nida   /   Reply

      Dear Jasleen / DV Team,

      I have been following your blogs since 2 years (approx.) now. But from a couple of months, I have lost interest in your blogs. The reason for this is the diminishing quality of your content. DV is a Digital Marketing training company who claims to be a Google training partner, Microsoft training partner and is also associated with many renowned brands. But I am shocked to see that you are not aware of the difference between ‘Copyright’ and ‘Copywrite’.

      NPC is a huge event and many digital lovers are following it. Mr. Pradeep Chopra is an inspiration to many and when he speak in some event like this then people take him seriously. However, I wonder how his own company made fun of him. He is speaking on ‘Copywriting in the world of Shrinking Screen Sizes’ in NPC15. You have already shared agenda link in your blog but wasn’t bothered to see the topic? Or were not aware of the difference between the two words?

      In fact, you have shared it all over your social media channels and ironically, Mr Chopra shared it further with the same mistake. I mean you are teaching social media marketing and ain’t you aware of it? I just hope that you publish my comment and reply me here itself because I am sure you must be moderating it. Also, thank you so much for giving an example of bad content by digital training company. 😀

      Dear DV Team, Just a piece of advise from your follower. Hire good content people because digital starts from content. It is the soul and if you miss it then I doubt about your caliber of training people. I am sorry but today I am doubtful about it.

      Your follower who lost interest and trust in you

    • 4 years ago

      Pradeep Chopra   /   Reply

      Thanks Nida for your valuable feedback. I truly appreciate your commitment in contributing to Digital Vidya. Apologies for delayed response and for disappointing you. Yes, as you’ve mentioned, I mistakenly mentioned ‘Copyrighting’ instead of Copywriting on Social Media and here as well.

      We are working on multiple content ideas/themes to raise the quality level at our end. Here’s an example:

      Do share specific content inputs so that we can make our blog relevant and useful.

    • 4 years ago

      Nida   /   Reply

      Thank you for reverting Pradeep! You are an amazing influencer who is full of knowledge and experience in Digital media. I really appreciate your response here. I checked the blog which you shared in your comment. It is definitely better than the blogs which I read in past. But a few things which I feel is missing in DV’s blogs these days are:

      1) Less outbound links. I mean whenever there is a blog about/around digital vidya or any event on your blog page then there are outbound links. But when I read an informative blog on DV I don’t find any outbound link. It becomes difficult for me to gain understanding in detail. I believe 1 or 2 links are good to add relevancy. If you are not adding it then at least put a hyperlink on the credits which you give.

      2) First glance of content always leave an impression on readers like me. I have noticed that from last few months DV blogs’ quality is degraded in terms of very simple things. For example, in this blog itself we can see there are so many bold letters, no spacing, and words are going here and there. I mean I know Pradeep Chopra is CEO of DV, I know Dr. Som is from Unspun. I can read all this. Why there is a need to bold it. I lose interest because I can see only such bold words in first look and I understand it’s a blog about an event so I will simply visit that event page. It do not engage with me. Infact, you can even see that a few words font size is small while a few have big font size in the same sentence. It can be because of some kind of final pasting of your created content on your blog’s cpanel from some text editor may be.

      3) It is essential to double check the content quality before publishing which is missing these days in DV blogs. For example, the link which you shared in your comment. I was reading it and found it useful also. But I think content person missed on image under ‘Google Analytics Account’ heading. I think it’s just the caption. It is a small thing in this blog but I have noticed it majorly in a lot of other blogs of DV.

      4) I have also noticed a lot of grammatical errors in a few blogs. I left reading it from last few months because of this.

      I know you people are too good with SEO stuff so whenever I am searching something about digital I get you in results. So I really wanted to share my experience with you people. You are the leaders of this industry and we love Digital Vidya for sharing so much knowledge with us every day. So someone like me who is following you from heart want to see you growing. You have already set a benchmark. Please maintain it. 🙂

      Also, Thank you Pradeep and DV team once again for reverting here. You people rock. You just need to see it from our eyes once again. 🙂

    • 3 years ago

      Pradeep Chopra   /   Reply

      Thanks Nida. Really appreciate your detailed inputs. Keep sharing your valuable feedback!

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